Milee Premjith (Translation: Malayalam)

Translator: Milee Premjith 
Translation Language: Malayalam
Dedicated at His Divine Lotus Feet on: November 2012

I hail from a small village called Parakkad in Kerala, India and now working as a Software professional in Albany, New York, USA. Even though I come from a family who were not Sai devotees, I knew about Swami. We had a beautiful picture of Swami in Anantha Shayanam (sleeping) pose in our Pooja room which was kept in our home by my late uncle Mr.K.M.Mohandas who had seen Swami in His early years in Juhu beach (Mumbai) Darshans. My grandmother Mrs.Gauri used to explain to me that people believed Sai Baba was God, He can heal people and has so many powers like materializing vibhuthi and other things. Listening to this, a thought crossed that little eight year old girl's mind as a prayer. "If He is really God, He will take me to see Him". For me, Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh was a far away place since I never had travelled outside of my small town.

I believe, from that point on wards I have been in Swami's fold even though it took many more years before I could realize that. Later I married a Sai devotee and my husband took me to Puttaparthi for Swami's Darshan.

When Swami left His body earlier than expected, I was really in shock and the agony was unbearable. Then one day my brother-in-law (Sreejith Narayan) mentioned to me that he was writing a book on Swami's Reappearance. Within three months that book was completed and he released the electronic version of the book which he sent us to read. I could not stop reading and finished the whole book in one go. I did my schooling in a Malayalam School and did not even understand the meaning of many English words in the book. However I thought to myself that at any time if this book was going to be translated into Malayalam, I would like to undertake that Seva. When I expressed my wish to my brother-in-law, without any hesitation he entrusted that work to me.

I had no prior experience in translation. Swami was guiding and helping me in the translation work. As I was doing this, my family was going through a difficult period. My mother was ill with a terminal decease. Later she passed away plunging my family into deep sorrow. A few days after that I restarted the translation work again which helped me immensely to take my mind away from distress and allowed me to focus on Swami. Swami gave me the mental strength to get through this difficult period and the translation was completed in three months time. Swami also gave me a few dreams which kept me going and elevated my spirits.

In one of the dreams Swami mentioned "That book is the wisdom I gifted to Sreejith Narayan". Initially I misinterpreted the word "gifted" as "granted". A few days later Swami corrected me in another dream saying "I did not say I granted the wisdom, I gifted it". In another dream I saw Swami's body was under the mud and with only head outside and the impression I got in the dream was that His "new" body was under preparation. 

After the Malayalam book was published, I felt very happy when even scholars appreciated the translation work. I silently expressed my gratitude to Swami. I am convinced that He alone did the translation work and allowed me to be a humble instrument in bringing out this special book for the sake of the Malayalam readers. I humbly offer myself at the Divine Lotus Feet of my dear Lord Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.


Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar2015-03-03 10:40#
Dear Sister,
I had read the English version of this book, but just out of curiosity I downloaded the malayalam version today and went through. The translation is amazing and nobody would say that you are doing it for the first time. Its all Swami's blessings and my prayers to Him to shower His love in abundance to you and your family.
Best regards and Sairam
Mark2015-03-07 04:58#
Wonderful story and so nice that Swami used your devotion in this way Milee so that many more could be Blessed to read the gift ! :-D

Prof Anil Kumar ? If that is you it is wonderful to see you post on this site, I hope you are keeping mind open as you only too well know the true Omniscience and Omnipotence of Swami ... one should never discount any possibility when it comes to the unfoldment of our Beloved Sai's grand mission !
shehana2015-03-05 16:09#
Dear sister Milee,
Like you ,your name and your work is also beautiful.Like Sreejith Narayan you are also chosen and entrusted by Swami to unite people and help them to stay in faith.To me the book was really the door to loving baba again, I woke up from darkness of sorrow of losing the precious time if He was there in the physical form ..while He was inthe hospital, I had written a prayer ,pleading Him not to go and I cried that I will also leave my body if He leaves His own, But Swami kept me alive till now to love Him ,Thank you Sreejith and Milee

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