Behold! The Glorious Return

By Anand Rupakula

On 20th February (2016) early morning, I had back-to-back dreams.

In the first, I was at the temple town of Tirupati/Tirumala and the clouds were dark and pieces of cloth which I thought were belonging to Swami, were falling down from sky. I could know that Swami has returned as predicted and, lo and behold, an edifice similar to the Sathya Sai University Administrative building illuminated atop a hill afar with Swami standing in the open veranda.

The crowd was there nevertheless and some started scrambling and occupied places on the ledges of the hill looking eagerly at Swami. I said God has returned and is at Parthi and somebody in the crowd exclaimed the Sanskrit verse "Poorna madah Poorna midam". As much as there is God in Puttaparthi, so much He is at Tirupati too. And the dream ended, though I wanted it to continue.

In the next dream, I was at Parthi and saw young Swami with strong legs, walking up a ramp to reach a place. A few Sai Organisation members were also seen with Him along with a couple of policemen. I passed by Swami from near, saw His chubby face, felt, must be of 45 years old. I went straight into a Mandir and was desperately seeking out the contact number of Brother Sreejith in my mobile to tell him that Swami returned and public declaration is yet to be made. A few volunteers were also asking me to help them out in distributing packets of turmeric and vermillion. The Mandir for some strange reason was called MATA, and the dream ended.

The dreams were so vivid and impacting that after waking up I really thought for a while "Swami truly returned".


Rita2016-02-21 06:14#
"OM SRI SAI RAM". Thanks a lot to 'STKC' for publishing such BEAUTIFUL DREAMS of the devotees ! I am so HAPPY that BABA is still giving such dreams to so many people who are
not directly or totally involved with the SAI Organisation as far as I can assume ! That is something remarkable ! What is HIS PLAN we do not know yet ! MUST BE A WONDERFUL ONE !
Thank you, brother Anand and brother Sreejith. 'OUR FAITH is the ONLY PATH for all the STKCians', I THINK and BELIEVE SO !! 'Shraddha & Saburi' !! " SAI THY KINGDOM COME "
KARTHIKEYAN2016-02-21 07:29#
“Mata” in this Vision means “Abode of Light“. Baba is the Source of Light of Universe. So in this Vision, the “Mandir” where Baba, who is the source of light, resides in it (in future), and therefore the Mandir can be rightly Called as “Mata”-“Abode of Light”.

Thanks to Brother Anandh Rupakula for sharing this glorious dream !
KARTHIKEYAN2016-02-21 08:12#
Here are the Two verses of the meaning of the Sanskrit Verse "Poorna madah Poorna midam" –

Absolute is that, Absolute is this,
From Absolute, Absolute comes forth.
Absolute from Absolute taken away,
Absolute to Absolute added,
Absolute alone remains.
Om Peace! Peace! Peace!


Brahman is limitless,
Infinite number of universes come out
and go into the infinite Brahman,
Brahman remains unchanged.
Om Peace! Peace! Peace!
shehana2016-02-21 08:23#
Sai Ram, Very Sweet picture, Very sweet dreams. Madhur-adipater akhilam madhuram. Everything is completely sweet about the Lord of sweetness. We pray it to happen very soon.
KARTHIKEYAN2016-02-21 08:57#
Oh, the joy to see Thee reigning,
Thee, my own beloved Lord.
Every tongue Thy name confessing,
Worship, honor, glory, blessing,
Brought to Thee with glad accord.
Thee, my Master and my Friend,
Vindicated and enthroned
Unto earth’s remotest end,
Glorified, adored, and owned.
Evaristo forcen fernandez
Evaristo forcen fernandez2016-02-21 17:55#
Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful dream. You are very fortunate. SWAMI -GOD bless you
Rita2016-02-21 20:39#
"OM SAI RAM". What a beautiful experience to have such wonderful dreams from Baba ! We, who were not fortunate enough to have such dreams of Swami are very Blessed indeed to
read these posts on STKC ! Thank you our Beloved BABA and Brother Sreejith for this Wonderful Website ! We, the STKCians are getting more and more patient day by day and waiting
with lots of Faith for the Grand and the Ultimate Revelations by SWAMI to our suspicious World ! NOW, it is the TIME for 'SATHYA' or 'TRUTH' to REIGN the World ! We got enough of politics, religions, wars, terrorism, racism, social exploitation and the killing of the animals & birds in last few thousands years !
sophia sai
sophia sai2016-02-22 05:32#
The word " Mata " indicates directly without any confusion as the Divine Mother of Cosmos !! Mother The Supreme Consciousness / Mother Gayathri / Light, who is going to come into light after Swami's Public Darshan! In the Gnostic Scriptures, Divine Mother/ Shakti is addressed as " Light " !! Henceforth the Shiva Shakti Swarupa is going to preach the Ultimate Truth to all the pure to herald the Golden era. This is proclaimed by our Beloved Swami in many Divine visions graced and blessed by Him to many of His pure, staunch devotees! There is no confusion left in this dream.. that in the Abode of the Divine in future, the Turmeric and Vermillion will be distributed as Prasadam in the name of MATA the Mother Gayathri/ Shakti and Vibhuti will be distributed in the name of Maha Shiva our Beloved Bhagawan!! Hail the Divine mission of Shiva Shakti Swarupa / The TRIO (God in the three forms... the Boon of Golden age ) will herald the Golden age ! We are blessed to be born in these Golden times. May we all without fail seek the Truthful guidance directly from the Supreme Consciousness and realize ourselves!! May we all aspire to be True Truth Aspirants from now on atleast. May we all without deterring, Choice the Path of Truth proposed by our own Innate Divinity / Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba without any further delay!!
saisarannaga2016-02-22 10:55#
Sairam! To keep the spirits of many devotees high, Swami displays bits of future scenario. Blessed are those who become eligible now to receive such lofty dreams. We too are blessed to read such dream episodes. Let us await for the holy period soon!
Anand Rupakula
Anand Rupakula2016-02-22 13:07#
"MATA" is the Sanskrit word for Mother, connoting perhaps SAIMA. When I woke up i was busily jotting down the details of the dream in a hurry to post it for STKC, I failed to add a point at the end of dream II wherein "I came out of the Mandir to only see
Swami, scooting down the ramp, turn a bend and vanish".
Anand Rupakula
Anand Rupakula2016-02-22 13:16#
A wonderfully conceived image by Brother Karthikeyan adds that much lustre to the description. Thank you brother.
Joy2016-02-26 04:06#
"As much as there is God in Puttaparthi, so much He is at Tirupati too."

Sai Baba is not Kaliyuga Avatar:

".... the saint suddenly asked, "Who do you think is Sai Baba?"
"He is Kaliyuga Avatar! He is God! I believe in Him!" Anant replied.
"Who says that? He is not Kaliyuga Avatar!" The saint shot back with equal zeal.
Anant was taken aback. He insisted: "For me, He is God! I have enjoyed His darshan and love at Puttaparthi."

"He is not Kaliyuga Avatar," the saint reiterated and then continued in a tone resonating deep-rooted conviction, "He is beyond that!... Arrey, if He wants He can create any number of Kaliyug Avatars! He can create a Rama, a Krishna... whatever He wants! Whenever He wants! just go back to Puttaparthi!"...."

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