That time is fast approaching



By Aanchal Sai Sharma

Sairam to all STKCians. While with a rare and wonderful opportunity of working with STKC, I was already ennobled, Swami again added on to it by Gracing me with a beautiful dream.  

The Dream 

August 19, 2015 (Morning).

My mother, Sneha (sister) and I were having a healthy argument about something. We were standing near a window in my mother's room. I was looking up at the clear blue skies through the window when I noticed a few tiny horizontal S-shaped white clouds (like the tilde symbol) that were fast approaching from the left and the right sides, to meet at the center (within my view) only to form thick clouds all over. This was followed by a crash of thunder. However, it was not our usual loud rumbling or crashing noise that we hear during a normal thunder roll. It had a certain kind of vibration and shudder in the sound. No vibration could be felt though, it was only in the sound. 

Ordinarily, such kind of an ear-splitting and clamorous thunder would scare anyone. However, to my amazement, not even for a second did any of us get scared or worried. In fact, our very first and immediate reaction was looking at each other, and without uttering a word we just passed each other a confident smile that in itself said, "Yes, we know exactly what this is about." The day we anticipated and awaited the most was finally here. It was finally happening! The entire gamut of feelings were running through us; feeling of bliss, joy, ecstasy, euphoria, relief, etc.

However, after a little while I did break that flow, closed my eyes and prayed innocently to Swami that "If these thunders do cause some things falling apart here and there, please don't let anything happen to Mummy and Papa, okay?". Then I immediately rebuked myself for worrying even for a second, as any kind of worry or doubt would stand as a hindrance in my firm faith on Swami. So I decided to bow down to whatever He willed because you can either worry, or you can trust Swami; you just can't do both! 

Meanwhile, my father was in the kitchen making us our evening tea like always. I ask my mother "You think dad would have understood? Shall I go and tell him?" to which she smiled and replied, "I am sure he knows too, but go and tell him anyway." As I went to him and was about to say it, I noticed his face; he had two tears rolling down his cheeks. He was still carrying on with his work with a very relieving and calm look, like someone had just reassured him that everything was finally going to be okay. I asked him, "So you know what is happening right?" and he said, "Yes, I think I do. I have never heard such kind of a thunder before. This is something else."

I came back near that window in my mother's room and looked up at the thick clouds again. Then I noticed some shoe-prints being formed; like someone was walking straight on the clouds. I just knew it was Swami. And this part is a little complex to explain, but as the prints formed, I could clearly see the blue sky hidden behind the thick clouds, through the shape of those prints. I also remember seeing many colors in the sky after those prints were formed. But that part, I only vaguely remember.

Next, I found myself on the top floor of a mall where there were these alien dolls in a stall that was completely crowded by people who were so excited to get them. The idea I got from this was that people were assuming these unusual thunders to be alien-related. I found this funny and at the same time I was a little disappointed, wondering that people would know what those really were.

I then saw our young-looking Swami walking from behind that stall, His face lit up with glee. He passed me by and I was happy and relieved, thinking to myself: "Oh Thank God You're here, Swami!" I felt that now the misconception that people might have (that this was extraterrestrial) would be cleared and they would know that this was actually Swami's return and the commencement of the Golden Age.

Dream ended there.

It's time that we get ready to fasten our seat belts as this ride to the Golden Age may or may not have a few bumps in the start, but it is certainly going to be the most memorable, ecstatic and rapturous ride all along, with the accompaniment of the Almighty - our beloved Swami.

And that time, I feel, is fast approaching!

Jay Sai Ram!


Ben2015-09-02 22:51#
Sai Ram,

What a wonderful dream!!

World condition is almost ripe for our beloved Lord to return and fulfil His advent. The last five years of His most important mission, unity of all faiths, is almost upon us. His reappearance to me is never in doubt. May all beings soon rejoice. Ben
KARTHIKEYAN2015-09-03 05:38#
Nice Dream. May Swami Come Soon. Sairam
radha2015-09-03 06:18#
Sairam, thanks for sharing your dream.heart filled with hope.waiting for the inevitable to happen.jsr
S.A Rajen Naicker
S.A Rajen Naicker2015-09-03 16:49#
Om Sri Sai Ram, Om Sri Sai Ram, Om Sri Sai Ram............................................... ..............
Jim Martrineau
Jim Martrineau2015-09-04 04:26#
I am very very happy about this Divine Vision/Dream.

Thank you and SAI RAM!!!!!!!!!!!!
S.NAGARAJAN2015-09-04 10:53#
Sairam! After a long silence, Swami stirs the sky once again. Thank you for sharing!
P C NAYAK, Hyderabad,India
P C NAYAK, Hyderabad,India2015-09-05 09:55#
Dear Sai Ram to all.
I am follower of this website for long time. One interesting thing i have observed that Swami in Suskhma / Subtle form in Mudenhalli is visiting so many countries and giving future dates till November 25th. Why He is not giving any date of foreign visit after November? I have a feeling that he may re-appear that is why there is no programme after November from Mudenhalli. Swami has told one Sai student that 90th birthday will be turning point of human history. Mey be Swami may show some miracle.
Anita Narain
Anita Narain2015-09-05 12:43#
Yet once again Swami saved us from a major catastrophe. I and my husband were involved in a major accident today where our car was completely smashed while both of us were unhurt except for some slight injuries. A cab driver hit us from behind while we were taking a U turn on the main road. Our car went out of control and we were thrown from one end to another as the car whirled round and hit the divider of the road. The cab hit us thrice from behind and side of the car. Our seatbelts saved us or we would have hit the windscreen. The behind of car fully caved in and the front of the car is totally smashed after hitting the divider still both of us are alive and in one piece by Swami's grace.

Thanks Swami for giving us a second chance of serving you. He has a plan for all of us. We just need to wait and watch.
Sai Ram
Rita2015-09-07 05:31#
"OM SRI SAI RAM". It is a wonderful dream. Can we hope for His Return soon ? Yes, I think, it is another good hint from Him ! But, how many dreams He wants to give to us for getting prepared for His Reappearance ? It is getting too lengthy a time for the devotees like us ! Isn't it so ? I pray to Swami/Baba : " Please, do not delay anymore, we are just getting impatient for Your Darshan now" ! Please, come soon and please do not keep us waiting forever ! We all LOVE YOU and want YOUR LOVE as it was there during Your Advent time from 1926 to 2011 ! It should continue now to fulfil Your Sankalpa. BABA, please give us the second chance to make our 'belief' come TRUE ! We, your chosen devotees/children are waiting for YOU !
Please do not disappoint us ! We all are waiting for Your Reappearance ! Especially the STKCians ! JAI SAI RAM, SRI SAI RAM, OM SAI RAM, SATHYA SAI RAM. YOU ARE TRUTH !!!!
radha2015-09-07 06:40#
aum sri sai ram !!

sairam to all... need help... are there any videos about our swami s reappearance other than brother srijith and sumeet tappu s ? if so can u let me know? thank u !
Evaristo forcen fernandez
Evaristo forcen fernandez2015-09-07 16:38#
Thank you for sharing...Love and light GOD BLESS
Savita2015-09-09 08:34#
So many devotees are continuously having almost similar dreams (Swami appearing on the sky). What does this indicate? What is the conclusion to be drawn??- not mere coincidence but Swami is sending his message and convincing us about his coming back. Blessed are all those Sai brothers and sisters whom Swami has chosen as His harbingers and channels of communication. I would like to address to Sai sister Karuna (if you are reading this) from Saiblog"Dreams About Immanent Return..". You are most blessed to have such a wonderful dream showing " a Cross in the sky" and hats off to you and all sai brothers and sisters who are being truthful to come forward and convey Swami's message. Sai sister Karuna you might be amazed to know that your dream conveys the same message as the 3rd secret of Lady of Fatima (1917), which has been suppressed until now. It's so unfortunate that the whole truth about the 3rd secret of Lady of Fatima has not been told to the world. Thank you for being truthful in conveying Swami's message for Swami is "TRUTH" himself. thank you
Vidya2015-10-28 08:52#
Sai ram savita,
Thank you so much for your reply,
sundy2015-09-10 23:10#
Oh dear Baba, how long will you make us wait. The longer you take the shorter the time we will have to savour your your physical presence..we are getting anxious Baba. Please rise o dear sweet Lord, like a thousand suns and let your divine rays light up the dark shadows that linger deep in the being (Earth) and are hard to be rid. Only your grace can bring about complete transformation..just one ray will purify my very existence and lead me from ignorance to bliss. Help me tune into you, help me clear the debris of issues and ego so that the door of my heart can fly wide open for you and let you in, in all your divine grandeur. Let me hear you say...

'Baangaru I am waiting for you, why fear when I am always here'
mark2015-09-11 04:15#
Since many years I have had vivid dreams of strange or peculiar lights & space craft appearing suddenly in the night sky in a prelude to a life/world changing event, or series of events, for the upliftment & evolution of all living beings in this world and beyond. Some of those experiences have included Swami in them and cyclonic disturbance in the atmosphere. The important dreams were so vivid, as if in a fully awake or conscious state and in a few I saw Swami on board or with flying space craft and in company with "people", whom I have experienced as angelic beings (though others have experienced them as demons or aliens). This topic is usually too far out or controversial to mention but after reading so many references to similar things here I feel it must be right to speak.

A recent dream I had showed me a black night sky in which an opening appeared and very bright lights appeared and I was filled with a mix of exhileration, hope and relief. I know I am not alone in having always held a strong belief, since a small child, that God, our Beloved Baba, would restore Heaven ~ Sathya, Dharma, Santhi, Prema ~ in our lifetime. This is all only my personal interpretation of course and I have no real certainty as to how or when this may come to pass. It was only this year when I first read accounts of the 3rd Fatima secret and some writings of Padre Pio and Sister Faustina, and it does seem more than coincidental that so many others have seen events in dream or vision that have striking similarity. My own early experiences were long ago & I was quite young, preceding any written accounts available and were before I did my own research into these matters. Actually I am far from a perfect devotee and wonder why I have seen such things, some people say it is due to karmic connections and that seems plausible - of course we do not know fully what happened in previous births. What I do know is that seeing the recent images of the mass exodus of displaced people & families from Syria, Iraq and other places, plus the extreme suffering and anguish they are enduring it feels like an arrow piercing through one's heart and I almost despair at how cruel and hard we collectively have become as a species, upon this beautiful planet. Then I cry out to Swami, pleading for His mercy upon all of us, that we may soon defeat and leave behind, this terrible dark cloud that threatens us so we may truly live in a New Age, Satyuga. My Love & thoughts & prayers also go out to the thousands in Japan now homeless due to extreme flooding. Hari Om ~ Sai Ram.
P. C. NAYAK, HYDERABAD, INDIA2015-09-11 08:56#
Sai Ram to All,
Today early morning, I got up at 02.40 am after a beautiful dream of Swami. In the dream, I saw that the sky was full with black clouds and there were loud thunders and people were scared. Then I saw at one point, there were lightening so that the spot was looking brighter compared to other dark spots. Then I told people that our Swami, Sri Satya Sai Baba will be seen in that bright spot. Immediately, I saw Swami's beautiful face looking downward and the bright spot with the Face was moving faster. So I ran below towards my family shouting "see our Swami in the sky"and the dream ended.
Vidya2015-09-11 15:49#
Sairam, I thought the 3rd secret of Fatima was about the collapse of the Catholic Church which was why it was suppressed by the Vatican . Mark and savita, please do tell us about the 3rd secret. Also what has padre pio said about the future?please tell us
Sai ram,
Anita narain
Anita narain2015-09-12 15:41#
A sincere request to all Sai devotees. Today in the metro I met a couple with their 2yr old daughter. Somehow I was attracted to the child who had really bright eyes, but was skin and bones. I felt like enquiring why was she so thin. When the mother admonished her "why are u eating so much." I at once intervened and said she is so thin why are you stopping her. Her father then said she is just returning from Apollo hospital after chemo therapy. She has cancer in her right eye, doctors have advised to remove her eye within 14 days. They have shown her to all good docs but no hope of saving her eye and then also not sure of complete cure. He said there was a time when she was the brightest good natured child with lovely hair who has been transformed to the present state. I prayed to Swami and then advised to take her to Baba's hospital in Bangalore. I also gave Swami's photo to keep under her pillow. Since then I have been praying hard for that lovely girl "chavvi". Then I thought maybe in this forum we can all pray for her and ask Swami to help the little girl. Our joint prayers might reach Swami and maybe her Karma of past life diminish to give her a new lease. Please all pray for her. My heartfelt thanks to all in advance. love all serve all.
Sai Ram
KARTHIKEYAN2015-09-13 06:01#
I will pray for her.
Yaani2015-09-13 20:02#
Baba please bless your child. Aum Jai Sai Ram!!!!
Aanchal Sai Sharma
Aanchal Sai Sharma2015-09-21 04:19#
Aum Saieeshwaraya Vidmahe
Sathya Devaaya Dheemahi
Tannah Sarva Prachodayaat ||

Prayers for the little angel. I am sure Swami will take care of everything. Little time left for her hard times; Golden Age will be free from these diseases/sadness etc.
Satrughna2015-09-13 04:30#
Dream of 13 September 2015 06:00

I dreamed that I went to Baba’s darshan, but Baba was asleep on a sofa on the stage. Most people went away believing there would be no darshan that day. But there was a small hall full of people waiting patiently, knowing it all was just Baba’s play (I think they represent STKC people). I went near to Him on the stage, took His hand and urged Him to stop pretending to be asleep. ‘Of course you are not asleep, Krishna, the whole universe is still turning, everything still works, and I still feel Your love inside me as vibrant as ever! So stop you play-acting and listen to us. We have come for You!” I said some more beautiful things about Love that I don’t remember. Then Baba sat up straight with a twinkle in His eyes. He was very young all through this dream. He said: ‘Everyone believed I was asleep, but you didn’t. So I had to stop pretending.
We all had the faith we would talk to our beloved Lord that day. He was So loving and sweet.

Please keep calling Him - He’ll stop hiding.
radha2015-09-14 05:44#
Sairam,,wonderful dream !!! Yes we have to keep on praying..Swami Himself has said..* pray,pray,till God relents *..
lets strengthen our prayers ..
pc nayak, india
pc nayak, india2015-09-21 16:37#
Sairam to all,
May our beloved Lord come quickly. But, whether any body has thought as to why there is no programme by our Swami after November 25th either at Mudenhalli or abroad? It appears to me that something big is coming.
Savita2015-10-27 08:51#
Sai Sister Vidya, I would like to answer to your questions about the 3rd secret of Fatima, though you can find plenty of information about it on the internet, but not with the whole truth. I want to share something also most particularly which I have noticed and discovered a few weeks ago while reading about the life of Shirdi Sai Baba and I was trying to connect it with the 3 secrets of Lady of Fatima that were revealed in 1917. This happened in Portugal in a region called Fatima. While taking their herds of to graze, 3 children named Jacinthe, Francisco and lucie aged of 7, 8, and 9 saw a beautiful Lady who appeared in the sky and introduced herself as Mother Mary and gave 3 envelopes with 3 secrets that had to be opened in the years as specified by her. The first two envelopes opened by the Popes(at that time) as instructed revealed (among others) about world wars in those years and Russia as a communist country, which proved to be true. But the third envelope opened in 1960 was concealed and kept in some unreachable archives, as the Pope at that time declared that it did not concern him. Lucie. one of the 3 children who was still alive was kept in seclision with noone having direct access to her. Upon the request of the Pope in those years, she wrote about the 3rd secret but even her original script written in her own handwriting was not shown or revealed to the world. Everything written by people at that time was part of the whole truth. Researchers have also proven it so. But to mention briefly, whatever Lucie had mentioned was about people not obeying t God etc, committing adultery, countries secretly making nuclear weapons etc and she was afraid about what people had done to the Son of God and for which the Father won't be happy and she also revealed that a"cross" would appear in the sky.When I read about Sai sister Karuna's dream on Dreams about Immanent return' mentioning a cross in the sky I realised that things that were concealed about the 3rd secret of fatima are now being revealed through dreams of Sai devotees around the world. What I realised a few weeks ago is that 1917 and 1918 were the last days of Shirdi Sai Baba.The 3 secrets of fatima were revealed in 1917 and most probably, this was the time (I think nearly) when Shirdi Sai Baba had left His physical body (to attend to a devotee in trouble) for 3 days. But in those days, Baba had precisely told His devotees about the exact time of His return ( that is within 3 days) but this time, we have been told that the time is known to HIM only, though we know it partly (that is a 23rd.....) Sairam
Rajesh2015-11-24 03:35#
Sai ram,

Prayers for baby chhavvi. Thanks brothers n sisters for sharing, love u.
Aum Sai RAM

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