He is the Eternal Truth, Universal Mother and Father

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December 13, 2014


This early morning I had a beautiful dream,

I was visiting what seemed to be Parthi to have the darshan of The Lord, after His return. The crowd was massive. I saw two familiar faces from my center there. Usually in this circumstance i.e. meeting people from your own center in Dallas in an extremely crowded place like Parthi means you stop and talk to them for sometime.But we just had to say a simple "Hi" as if we will meet again in Dallas later. Also, whenever you go to Parthi, you get introduced to new people and develop a spiritual bond.

But even that didn't happen. The accommodations were only makeshift. With every second the influx of the people from around the world increased and there was only a limited time for each person to stay there. 

There was a bhajan session and I was singing right outside Swami's room. Swami later came out and spoke to a person behind me in that person's mother tongue. As He was speaking He held out His hand to me and it was implicit I have to extend mine. Swami then took out my right hand in His right palm and softly patted it with His left. I really felt it and it meant something to me. Some kind of cure or assurance of an impending danger, perhaps on a personal level.

It looked like the very near future to me. But dear friends, I don't have a date in mind and in fact I don't even follow certain conversations in STKC platforms whenever the object of attention turns away from Swami into something else that shouldn't matter or is redundant. I look at concrete things to inspect e.g. a dream, news, a revelation by a guru, or scriptures etc., just the way Swami looks for concrete faith and behavior in His devotees. Of course, when I am asked what the possible date for Swami's return is by believers who don't have the time to follow STKC, I tell them, 'based on post X, the date seems to be Y'. I look only at the events because Swami's promise is based on events and not timelines.

The dream made me very happy. But I will be happiest when my people get Swami's darshan and it changes their lives for the better, forever. By my people I mean all names and all forms. 

Last night's dream was unforgettable. The look on Swami's face showed why Sathya Sai Baba assumed such a name. Because He is the eternal Truth, Universal Mother and Father.

Jai SaiRam

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Posted by Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma


SAMY2014-12-16 15:06#
Rama2014-12-17 03:17#
christmas or shortly after it is!

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