An evening with Dr.Rakesh Kumar (Interview and Transcription)

STKC interviews Dr.Rakesh Kumar of ISHWAR Center, New York.

In this interview, Dr.Kumar talks in length about with his experiences with Bhagawan and stuns one and all with his candid prognostication on the imminent Reappearance of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Dr.Rakesh Kumar is the founder and chairman of ISHWAR (International Society for Human Welfare and Astral Research - Center in New York. He is a renowned Vedic Astrologer, Healer and Spiritual Counselor who has many successful astrological predictions to his credit. Dr.Kumar has been a devotee of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba since 1968.

This interview was recorded on February 1st, 2014 in Jackson Heights, New York.


Sreejith Narayan: Om Sri Sai Ram! Sai Ram Dr. Rakesh! We are here today at the Ishwar center in New York, the beautiful Sai temple here. I am so happy to meet you finally. 

Dr Rakesh Kumar: Likewise it’s a pleasure of ours to have a Sai devotee here. 

Sreejith Narayan: So let me start by asking how did you come to Bhagwan? When was your first encounter with Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba? 

Dr Rakesh Kumar: Actually I didn’t get to Bhagwan, Bhagwan got to us. This is way back in 1968. My father was in the Army and he was also connected to the Port commissioners there in Calcutta. And my mother was a Krishna Devotee right from the beginning. And my father was totally materialistic and the hard kind of a person and people who knew him said he is most probably Hitler reborn because of his habits.  

And once, on Janmashtami day my mother was doing the pooja, and my father came and he was angry and he threw out the Thali and he said, “What non sense, stop all this, I don’t believe in all this”. And so my mother was very upset and she prayed to God. She said to Krishna, “If you are really there, so please do something today otherwise I will also give up doing the pooja because it is creating a lot of disharmony and unhappiness in the house.  

So, that day my father went to the Army unit and suddenly out of the blue without notice there was a new commanding officer Colonel S M Lal who came and who took over the unit. A big tough guy, who was known to be quite righteous and strict. So he called my father, because my father was in charge of the 113 infantry battalion there, and he [father] says “Yes Sir.” First thing he [Colonel S M Lal] says “Find out where there is a Sai Baba Centre over here.” So my father said, “Sir, that guy with the fuzzy hair, I believe he is a CIA agent or something…!” He said, “Shut up. Follow orders.”  

So, my father went, in the Port commissioners’ he remembered a guy, Robin Banerjee, who used to talk about Sai baba to him. And my father, you know, as usual, is critical of listening to these kinds of things and all. But this time he was forced to. Boss’s orders.  So he came and asked Robin Banerjee “Can you tell me where there is the Sai Baba Bhajan or something being held?” He said “Yeah, in Park Circle, Mr Chopra’s place. And Nalini Bose, Sri Subhash Chandra Bose’s niece, she will be coming to sing Bhajans also. So come over there.” 

And so my Father went, took Colonel Lal over there, and he said, “You know, I have heard so many stories. When bhajans are going on, suddenly vibhuti will come or Amrit will come from somewhere. I don’t believe. They must be all Sai Baba’s agents, you know, to do his cheap publicity and all that. So if it comes in front of me, I will believe.” 

He hardly said that, and from a big photo [of Baba], Amrit started falling out. And that gave him a shake up and he said “There is something here.” 

So then of course he started talking to other people. Nalini Bose, Suhash Chandra Bose’s niece, was there. And she was singing that Bhajan, “Baba tomai ek bar aasthe hobey, Baba tomai ek bar aasthe hobey”, (In Bengali) meaning “Baba, you have to come once, you have to come once”. And she cried from her heart in singing, so Baba had to come. And Baba came, and He showed His presence.  

So then of course we got into various Sai Circle, heard miracles and stories and all. Then the whole drawing room went upside down. All the weekly parties of the Port and army, they all stopped. It all became a mandir, everyday bhajans and then Nagar Sankirtan, Narayan Seva. And everyday day and night we were doing nothing but Sai, Sai, Sai. Practicing bhajans, or today so and so’s bhajans, tomorrow is so and so bhajans.  

Totally life went topsy turvy. In fact it became the most righteous way of life that we ever had. And then my brother also attended three summer courses there. So that’s how…I had never met Baba, but somehow the connection about Sai Baba is God, it was like an instant faith you know, it somehow connected from inside. I suppose the Karmic connection, or the call of God. 

Sreejith Narayan: Very Good! Beautiful story. So your father was transformed just in matter of a second I guess. 

Dr Rakesh Kumar: Yes, yes. I was just that moment and then that’s it. 

Sreejith Narayan: So after that did you join the Balvikas classes? 

Dr Rakesh Kumar: Yes, we had balvikas classes. We did everything else you know that Sai Organizations were doing, the Sai Samithi. We did everything of that. And then in the later part of our life, of course went off on our careers, you know. So everyone went out. But then obviously we could not pursue the Sai activity because we had to leave the city, we had to leave the country. 

But Swami never left us. He never left us. And time and again, I remember there once I was in the top deck somewhere, and I slipped and fell down. This was in 1977. And I fell down and down and down. I knew that either I am going to be dead or else multiple fractures which are going to keep me in the hospital for at least 6 months or one year. I knew it was gone. And everybody saw this and said “Oh my God. This guy is gone.” 

And then I said “Okay, Sai Ram, let me see what happened.” And then I lifted one hand with the other hand. It lifted alright. The second one alright; my leg and back; I was in one piece. Not a scratch on my body. And that only Swami could do; nobody else. 

And another time also, I was choked to death I couldn’t breathe. He saved me then. And then once I was walking on the streets of South America somewhere. Suddenly vibhuti smell. Such a strong vibhuti smell. So I am walking, and Baba is walking by me. And of course, numerous dreams, when He came. And it is not one of those dreams where you think of Baba. It was realistic dreams where I felt Baba, where I could touch Baba, and Baba gave me messages, and actual messages. And the last message of course… He said “Write down. ‘I am coming back.’” 

Sreejith Narayan: “I am coming back” to that again. But you know, before that I want to capture some of your background for the benefit of the viewers. 

Dr Rakesh Kumar: Right!

Sreejith Narayan: You are a renowned astrologer. You have quite a good following, from Americans and as well as Indians. A lot of customers visit you here. Could you please tell me a little bit about your astrology background? 

Dr Rakesh Kumar: Well, let me say again. I was a science student, and even in childhood when we came to know about Sathya Sai Baba I was about five years old. And then we also had a guru, Saidas Baba, an enlightened soul. We had association of many God realized. We were fortunate that way. 

And you know, we hear the upadesh the pravachan, and it says everything is the law of Karma. Whatever happens is due to karmas. So just pray and do this. But that thing never satisfied me. I said “It’s alright for a common man to give some consolation and say that ‘Alright, this is the law of Karma.’ There has to be something more to it.” 

I had a deep quest to do something for people who were suffering, whether physically or mentally. I used to tell my mother when I was young, I remember, “You know, I don’t belong to this planet. I am from some other planet.” But somehow a voice inside used to tell me… 

I was very naughty, but I was very creative. I was a science student and everything I needed to do. I mean, if there is a motor car, I used to break it up to see how it works. Even the winding and everything, the commutator, the winding, the armature… I used to do everything myself. Just to know! So it was that sense of curiosity to know. 

So while the spiritual faith, the following was there, the great intense faith, that curiosity to… I knew there is something out there by which people can be helped, to know the unknown. And that all sent me on the quest for it in 1979. And of course I used to ask these gurus and they said “Beta (son), in the time to come you will know.” They thought he is too little, like a kid, to know these things and all. And this Guru of mine, Sai Das Baba, he said “In time to come you will come to it.” 

Then in 1979 I started studying all these books on numerology and palmistry and whatever I could get hold on. And then people you know, like beggars on the street, I gave them one rupee, “Here is for you, but let me read your palm.” So I saw a long fate line, but he is a beggar. And then there were people who have got basic crude lines and they were millionaires. The things didn’t make sense. Same thing with numerology. So something that is true has to be true ten out of ten times, not seven out of ten. 

So I kept searching deeper, and I used to get intuitions. I remember sometimes I used to say something, off hand, and that used to happen. Then in 1985 I started studying Jyotish Vidya – Bhrigu Parashara Hora Shastra, Varahamihir, Brihad Jaatak, Bhavarth Ratanakar, all the ancient Rishi Munis who wrote these things. So that started making sense to me. I said “This is what it is.” 

But then again, you know me, being of science and the age of today, I said “Many things that were written there, they were all written in Shlokas and they are all in Sanskrit which had been translated into English.” I said, “A lot of things have changed.” 

Now, as per the ancient scriptures, let’s say Pancha Maha Purush Yog, Gajkesri Yog, Ruchaka Yog, this person will have horses and camels and elephants and cows. So the people who were considered wealthy in those times, you know, he owns land and owns cattle and all these things. Now you can’t have cows and elephants and horses walking down Manhattan. So you got to translate that as BMWs and Mercedes or a private Jet. Same thing, in those days there were fourteen fifteen children people used to have. Nowadays, thanks to family planning, you can’t afford it, one or two. And forty years ago there were no such things as computers. Today it is the biggest industry. Again that many years ago there was no such thing as AIDS, today it is the biggest killer. 

So with the new age, with the Kali Yuga, a lot of things have changed. Now the same grahas - the nine planets, the twenty seven nakshatras and the twelve rashis or zodiac signs, their permutation and combination, that means something new has evolved; a new invention, a new creation, a new direction, a new dimension, a new projection. 

So these things have to be described in today’s times, like I said, the IT industry or the new diseases that came, the new sankalp [thinking], technology. Those days, when there were ancient combinations showing this fellow will be having such a bad luck that he will have to leave his mother land and go away, it used to be called desh nikala, that means thrown out of the country. Today people pay lakhs of rupees to get a visa to get thrown out of the country to go to a foreign country! 

So the whole concept, even the concept of sukh [happiness], dukh [sorrow], paap [sin], punya [merit] and also laabh, gain, has changed now. So I started applying those principles and then along the line I heard of the Nadi, the Nadi Jyotisham. So I went to the village there in Vaideeswaran in South India, and there I found my leaf. And everything about me was written; Father’s name, Mother’s name and family and about my degree and about double degree. It was also written that you are doing research on the Nadi.

Sreejith Narayan: I had a similar experience too and am really interested to hear more about yours…

Dr Rakesh Kumar: And then it said that you will be a great astrologer and you have Vakya Siddhi. Whatever you say will come true and people will follow you, you will show the right path to people. And you will also do some Ayurvedic medicine. Whatever you give to people they will get healed of it.

Sreejith Narayan: Which you are doing right now already.

Dr Rakesh Kumar: Which fortunately by Baba’s grace I am. Because whatever I am doing, believe me, I never tried. I never tried to come to America, I never tried to stay over here, get a Green Card. I said alright if it happens it happens, and it just happened like that. Even the green card story how it happened is a miracle, unbelievable, how quickly it happened and how it happened. So it was all HIS plan. HIS divine plan. And then of course after doing all my research and all, I came to my own understanding of things and I wrote the first book ‘The Cosmic Law and Astral Healing’, understanding the Kaarak tattwa [significator of planets], the Griha awastha [position and aspect of planets]. 

There are no fixed rules, as per books and all, whether Vastu Shastra or Jyotish or even Ayurveda for example. I found by my own research, new kind of a thing. Even with the Ayurvedic formulas I came out, I call it Astro-Ayurveda.  

You know the entire creation is a projection of the seven colors that you see in the rainbow. The whole thing is the spectrum of seven colours; you, me matter everything is a spectrum of light. And because of the effect of Maya it appears to be matter, it appears to be material.

It all emanates from the seven colours that you see in the rainbow, all emit from the seven planets. Like the sun, the moon, Mercury gives green colour rays, moon gives orange colour rays, sun gives red colour rays. So the whole creation is a matrix of the seven colours. It’s only through the prism you will be able see, the naked eye cannot see. Like, if you put a drop of water through the prism experiment, you see the seven colours. That is the truth. That is what the whole thing is about.  

Now there are certain plants and certain roots they also have the high cosmic concentrated energy of those planets, which I did my research on, and found out. Like for example Anantamool is for Mars, like Bharangi is for Jupiter, like Bichhoomool is for Shani, Saturn, Vidhaaramool is for Budh or Mercury. So I put those plants, those planets being certain symbolics or responsible for certain health conditions, I put those roots and plants, those herbs with some traditional Ayurvedic thing, and mixed it together. And that works like magic because it is double effect. 

So my concept, being a scientist, being a researcher, I am an Astro scientist, so I do constant research. Every day is a research. I have been doing this for about twenty five years now and I am still learning and the last day that I breath on Earth I would probably die with the wish that there is lot of more learning to do yet. May be another time. 

Sreejith Narayan: So your Doctorate is in the same subject? 

Dr Rakesh Kumar: My doctorate is in the field of Vedic sciences which includes Jyotisham, Ayurveda, Mantra upadesham and various other things. Like I have my book [which] contains chapters on Meditation, on Yoga, on Rudraksha, on Yantra, on Mantras on the Mani, the astrological gemstones, and of course various other subjects, you know, it’s almost three hundred and fifty page book. It contains various subjects. So I did my PhD from the University of Netherlands. 

Sreejith Narayan: Wonderful! Your office you have made it like a real temple of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The vibrations are so great here. So do you also introduce about Bhagwan to the people that come to visit you here?

Dr Rakesh Kumar: Of course, of course I always do. Because the first thing when people come and see, Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba everywhere, you know, like a Sai Madness over here. Anywhere you go whether you see here, there, bedroom, in the working room, in the kitchen, Baba…to remind you by your indriyas [sense perceptions], you know, what you see. Shabda [sound], Sparsh [touch], Rasa [taste], Roopa [vision/sight], Gandha [smell], should be all full of Sai, all full of Swami. 

So hear of Swami, this agarbatti smell you smell you are reminded of Swami in Prashanthi. You see the picture, Dhwani [sound], you hear the bhajans of Swami. So even the taste of vibhuti or Amrit which I will give you once we finish this. I have amrit from Sri Ranga Patnam. 

So Baba is to be reminded all time. There is no other thing. People say that they sit in meditation. I think, no. You should be in a constant state of meditation and that meditation is not sitting cross eyed and cross legged. Meditation is to do with manan. To have Swami in your mind and heart all the time. So that’s the reason that in this whole place you see Swami’s picture. 

And then when people come, I tell them about Swami. And some people come and ask me “Who is this Gentleman?” and I tell them “This is a Gentle God.” And I tell them the whole story about Swami and then they know. And then they search for more, because everybody is searching.  

In my opinion, we have a Sai organization, Sai centres all over the world. But I see that it is just the Sai devotees who gather, they do the Bhajan, Kirtan, Satsang and come back.

But there are many people out there who are true seekers, who are looking for truth, who are looking for God and Godliness, who are looking for a path, who are looking for a way and a direction and source and they are helpless. 

And unfortunately there are so many fakes out there, fake gurus and fake teachers who mislead them and extract money out of them for their own selfish purposes. So I think it is the duty of every devotee, every Sai devotee to inform people about Swami and to take them, not to increase the group power or not to make them members, there is no membership fee or anything you know. But I think even sharing knowledge; Baba has said that it is the duty for everyone to share your wealth and knowledge, wealth and everything with others. This is not doing publicity of Swami. This is sharing the news about God on Earth and about his message on Earth. 

There are people, like I am a speaker on the National radio here, WBAI FM  99.5. I have spoken one whole program for one hour; I did on Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Not the Holy Man from India, not the Spiritual Leader of India, but God on Earth. God Incarnate on Earth. 

So you should proudly say. If you have faith, you must have no fear, because truth should not fear. So if you faith, if He is Sathyam you should be Sathyam also. You should speak like Him, be like Him. But you should not fear. There is nothing to hide. If you are hiding, “Oh, what will people think and all”, then you have a false ego, then you have no truth and you have no heart. That means Baba is only in your mind, not in your heart, not in your Atma. Because Atma is indestructible, Atma is true and Atma is strength.

So we should all speak even to other people, whether Americans. I have my clients who are Americans, they are Whites, they are Chinese, they are Blacks, from all over, and they all take to it and they follow me. When I tell them to be vegetarian, they become vegetarian. When I tell them pray to God whoever you believe in, and with this purpose, they do it, and they get benefited from it also.

Sreejith Narayan: I heard many people went to Puttaparthi after coming here and talking to you. 

Dr Rakesh Kumar: Yes. Yes. That is true. Many people have gone and their lives have changed. And one of them is an actress, Pawny Seles. When she first came to me many years ago, almost twelve to fourteen years… obviously anyone will ask when I will get married and settle and all. I said, “Not for you.” I said “You will never get married. You will never have children. You will never have a home.” She said “Oh my God.” And I said, “Don’t you know how fortunate you are?! You are so lucky. The doors of heaven are open for you. No Maya. All relationships, husband children etc are all Maya. It keeps pulling you down. ANANTH, [meaning] Endless.”  

So in order to get Mukti we all are like the gas filled balloons with threads. They all are bubbling out there, but tied with thread. Cut off the threads and it goes up there. So I told her, “You don’t know how fortunate you are.” And that session really transformed her mind and heart so much, and then she went to Puttaparthi. Till this day she is a happy soul. She never ever wanted marriage or children any more. She is just happy to connect to Baba and surely Baba will take her. 

There is another lady, Vivian. Also another African American lady. She had come to me many years ago. She passed away recently. And then, after that [coming to me], she had been in the Brooklyn Baba centre. And when she left, Baba was sitting by her bed. Baba came to take her away. 

So there are people who have never been there, but just telling them of Baba, they connected to Baba and Baba connected to them. So don’t you think we should do that for other people? Why just stick to our own ritualistic group. Why not do something for others? Who knows?! Maybe hundreds of people together who are doing this may not have it in their karma. But maybe in the thousand, one may have it in their karma. So if you tell them, [and] because of telling them about Sai they can connect. (To Baba). That is also your Dharma. That is also your duty. 

Sreejith Narayan: Very good. Now let us come to the most interesting part. What I am really curious to know from you is how did you get this idea that Swami is going to come back in the same physical form as Sathya Sai Baba. But before going to that I just want to narrate a small incident that happened early in this year. I sat down to write this article about the possibility of Bhagawan coming back in the year of 2014. 

And then, I was building up this article and I was trying to say, “There is something missing here. There is something missing that I want to add here.” And that’s exactly during that time that I got an email from you with your predictions for 2014. I was really amazed at the way, at how bluntly you put it out there, that Swami is coming back in his physical form this year. So, what was your inspiration to write that prediction? And what do you think about this idea of Swami coming back in the same physical form? 

Dr Rakesh Kumar: See, being a Jyotish, astrologer is not the right kind of word. Jyotish is the one, Jyoti is light, the one who can shed light upon subjects, upon people, upon lives. And the whole purpose of this is to help people, guide people. The true Jyotish is the one who looks for Manav Kalyan [benefit of mankind]. To help people; not for his selfish purposes. Not customer; the wrong word! Business; wrong word! No, that’s not it! So it is [for] whoever seeks. And sometimes you also have to give it to those who don’t seek, because you know, they also need help. Even if someone doesn’t like you, it is your duty to help them also. So that is the Sathya Dharma, the True Dharma [Righteousness]. 

So you should be able to see. So I see like that. I see the skies. I see the stars and I get the message. I read the signs; what is going to happen in the coming times. I see all that, and that’s how I make world predictions, what’s going to happen, whether earthquakes…, even for countries, and for individuals. 

So, I could see. I could see in this coming time, in this year now, 2014, from June - July onwards, a great transformation is going to come, because there are some planets that move very slow. Like Shani [Saturn], one cycle in thirty years, two and half years for each [Zodiac sign]. So Shani coming into Tula Rashi [Libra] is something great. A great significance with Rahu and Ketu, which are karmic controlling planets. So Shani and Rahu and Ketu coming in the same alignment and Guru, Jupiter, coming into Karka Rashi [Cancer] and another Chara Rashi [moveable signs- Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn]; so the aspect of these planets indicate a great change to come. 

Earlier also I had predicted that there will be a shift of the Earth’s axis, there will be great storms, there will be earthquakes, there will be floods. All those things happened because of certain phenomena. And even now I see that some great spiritual wave is going to come on the entire Earth, like a wave of a God’s hand, and some great spiritual transformation, or the process of spiritual transformation HAS to happen. 

Now of course, see my thing is plain and simple. We’ve heard Mythology, Shiv Mahapuran, Vishnu Mahapuran…  I have not seen Shiva. I have not seen Vishnu. Krishna avatar was there. Rama Avatar was there. But in my opinion Lord Rama, okay he did great for Ahalya, even for Sita or for his kingdom. He gave the message of the righteous way, how people should be, for the kings, for the people. Same thing in the time of Lord Krishna; the fight between Kauravas and Pandavas, Righteousness, Dharma. The great message of Gita we got from there. But then that was limited to Kauravas or Pandavas [i.e. Lord Krishna]. It was limited to Lanka or Ayodhya [i.e. Lord Rama], and so on and so forth. 

Even the spiritual gurus that came, be it Prophet Mohammed, or be it Jesus Christ or so many others who are limited to certain things. Of course due regard has to be given to those times when it was not the age of internet and everything. So they did their own purpose in the avatar. 

But our Sathya Sai Avatar, the greatest Avatar that mankind has ever seen, or heard, or known, or will ever know, who did things for the entire world irrespective of country, caste, creed, and who established institutions for health and for personal transformation. People all over the world are his devotees not because he did magic or miracles and all that, but because he transformed their heart, and everyone around the world. So this is what I call ‘The Ishwar’, ‘The Parameshwar’, ‘The God’. 

Never ever I have seen, I have not been so impressed with any other Avatar than the Sathya Sai Avatar, because it is a great magnitude of things that he has done for common man all over the world, not related to any corner or any religion, not Sikhism, not Islam not this thing, everywhere, the Sarvadharma [all religions]. So that is His greatness. 

And then, we all know this is the end of Kali Yuga [Dark Age]. As per the calculations the end of Kali Yuga is coming now, or has come already, and Sat Yuga [Golden Age] has to start. How will the Sat Yuga start with all these crimes, these wars, these tragedies, this corruption and all these things in the whole world, be it India, or be it America, Germany, or Russia? Everywhere it is still going on. Where is Sat Yuga? How can it come? 

There has to be some great change, some Earth shattering experience that the whole world should experience in order for the consciousness and the heart and mind to transform. Something great has to happen. It is not going to be a slow process, because this slow process has been going on for so many years. You know, with many Sant and Mahatmas, their teachings and preachings have been going on. So people go in the Satsang and when they come back, they are back to their devil ways. So they are not totally into it. They still do their own things. So I don’t see…

The only way that Sat Yuga can come, and we are on the threshold of it, is when Bhagawan comes and does something great that the whole world will witness like for example suddenly appearing on the Moon, or appearing on the mountains, or multiple appearances in America and India, or even the appearing on all TV channels at the same time. Something to that effect I imagine should happen. 

And something to that effect can only happen if our Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba comes back after being “dead” in the physical body, and that too not in a couple of days. [Because otherwise] People might say, “Oh...” you know, people always will criticize. It is the habit of people; they always want to believe in a dead God. They don’t want to believe in a Live God, because they are happy. “God you are dead. Please be dead, we will worship you. You come alive, we will criticize you.” This is how humans are…. 

So HE is coming back and astrologically also, with this planetary combination, like I explained, is such a very powerful combination, it will bring lot of climatic changes around the earth, and of course spiritual changes. And it has to happen in this way that Baba is going to come back, because that’s when the transformation will happen. 

People will get goose pimples, they will shake out of their skins and say “Oh My God.” They will literally say, “Oh my God! Is this what it is?” And that is the only way the Golden Age will come, in some great change. And I could foresee this earlier. In 2009 I wrote it my newsletter that this is going to happen. And then again now I am saying that from this July onwards that great change has to come. And the only way I can possibly foresee, is by Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba coming back. There is no other way anything can change. 

Sreejith Narayan: So how can? Like you are saying that this whole world change will happen, and that something miraculous will happen. But why can’t Swami come in some other form? Why do you believe it has to be the return of Sathya Sai Baba in the same form that we have seen before?

Dr Rakesh Kumar: Okay, for one thing, in my opinion Prema Sai has already taken birth. He is one year old now. He is still a baby. He needs time to groom, he needs time to grow, to be able to reach out to people. So he is there stand by, being groomed. God is one. He is Ananth, infinite, powerful. He can come in multiple forms at the same time. It’s not like one Avatar has got a quota; He can only have these powers and the other body he cannot have. He can be anywhere in ten times, in ten folds. 

So while that is there, and now that our Swami has left in the body, this gap in between from the time he left till now, in my opinion if he lets go like this and he waits for Prema Sai to take [birth, and] until He is ten years old when He declares to the world, I think a lot of time would have been lost. People would slip down again from their spirituality. That momentum of Sai message is going to stop. 

All the Sai devotees like you and me and many others who believe, they would still believe. But we are not worried about you and me. We are worried about all those people who are not any devotees, forget about Swami devotees. [We are worried about those people] who are corrupt people, who are evil people, wrong people, wrong doers who may press a button and a nuclear bomb will go. Swami has already saved the planet Earth from collapsing twice taking it on his body, so the Earth doesn’t break. 

Now it’s time to change that. Time to change the whole Maya of Evil. That’s the only way. And that’s why He said “I have not come to destroy. I have come to transform.” Out of love giving them wisdom and understanding. So He has to come in the form that people know Him. In the form that He gave us the message. In the form that we love Him. And the other form of course when it comes, it comes. But I have been given message in many ways. And Baba, He also gave me the message, [to] many others were also been given the message, “Wait, I am coming.”

Sreejith Narayan: So did you have any dreams or visions about Swami’s return?

Dr Rakesh Kumar: Yes I have had many dreams and visions. And the last being that I had when Swami came to me in a dream and he says, “Write down.” And I say “Okay Swami, what to write?” He says, “I am coming soon.” So He is quoting the words I AM COMING SOON. He says to write down. So first I thought OK Swami is saying write down. But then I am thinking  maybe it has a parallel message to it: ‘Write about Me coming soon. Not just write down.’

Sreejith Narayan: I see.

Dr Rakesh Kumar: Not just write down. Write about me coming soon. And in a way it also means write down means it’s written. Written in Stone, “I AM COMING SOON.” So Write down means ‘Pakka – For Sure.

Sreejith Narayan: So is that when you had the inspiration to write this article about truths, God coming back in the same name as Truth and form as Love.

Dr Rakesh Kumar: No, it’s was not because of that. You see, most of the time when I write, believe me, it is all message from the cosmos, it’s not something that happened, it’s a voice from inside. When I write my newsletters about anything, it’s just that the words keep coming and I keep writing. So it’s one of those things that I know it is from Him.

Sreejith Narayan: Very good. So what are we Sai devotees, how do we prepare for this big event that’s going to come? In your opinion is there anything that we have to do in special while we are waiting for this big event as you mentioned? And what is the preparation that we need to do?

Dr Rakesh Kumar: Very good question. I think first of all we should all prepare for us seriously. You know, there are different levels I tell some spiritual seekers also. There are levels that Swami leads people to. There are some people who will only do Bhajans and Kirtans. You know, their weekly thing; okay come back, be good, do you bhajan, kirtan, which is good for them. You know, instead of wasting time here and there, instead of doing bad things at least they are doing this whether on Sunday or Thursday. 

There are people who are doing other means of propagation to send the message, like Heart2Heart [from] comes. And there are people who are writing books and all that. There are people who are doing seva in the hospitals. There are people who are serving the homeless in the shelters. There are people who are doctors. 

There are people who also like me, and many others like me, whom Baba has chosen to work for Him in another category which is going to be revealed now in time to come. As my Nadi said, it said that “He will be coming this time, and He will come and give you some direct instructions. Thereafter for the rest of your life you will be working as per the Divine Will.” That means my life is no more mine. He will be giving me direct instructions every day, every day, what to do. 

So for common devotees I would say first have faith that, yes He is there, and He is coming even in the physical form. And then prepare, because you are all his messengers. You are all his instruments. Since we are in the world, each one of us will be given some task; whether to spread the message, or to help the homeless, or by food, or the various other ways. 

I think the main thing why there is so much of hate, why there are crimes, why there is hatred why there are wars, [is] because people have lost faith in spirituality, because people have lost faith in God. You see even in India people do some wrongs and all, but sometimes “Oh no! No! God will see. Better not to do this.” Sometime even that momentary instinct, they withdraw from doing something wrong, [thinking] “Oh, God is watching.” Or some people in North India, [thinking] “Oh today is Tuesday I won’t eat chicken, or Saturday I won’t eat chicken.” Other days they keep slaughtering, so…. That is also wrong! 

Every day is a day of God, you know and of course Ahimsa, non-violence. You must have compassion and care even for those animals. They are there for their own karma and purpose, not for you to chop them and eat. God says “Give up, sacrifice the animal.” the animal inside you not the animals, goats and sheep and chicken and all. So the message is misinterpreted and applied. 

So I think to spread even this part of it. The true meaning of the message of what the spiritual path is. To make people spiritual again, to think of God again, to connect to God again. They can start doing the ground work. I think it is like students sitting in a class. Okay, waiting for the teacher to come, everybody on their desks. Okay silence! Take out your notebooks! Take out your pencils, and wait! So we should be doing that! 

Sreejith Narayan: Wonderful! So in this we have only a few months left, as per your calculation, astrological calculations, and everything. You also mentioned that some destruction, some destructive force is going to come.

Dr Rakesh Kumar: Yes! 

Sreejith Narayan: Then what is that we need to do apart from praying to Bhagwan to save this world, and Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu? Apart from that what is that we need to do to prepare for this, like if there is destruction. Or is there anything that we need to plan or prepare physically?

Dr Rakesh Kumar: Well, I think many people have written many things. End of the world in 2012. About some great things coming and New York City going to come crashing down, and this is going to happen…, that is going to happen… And I tell people, “Don’t worry. Nothing will happen.” 

First of all you have to have that faith that you belong to Sai. So don’t worry about it and all times reside in Sai, have Him in your heart, in your mind and everything. And Baba has said, He has proved it that “My devotees will not get affected, no matter what.” 

Of course we have to apply our discrimination, our buddhi [intelligence] and practical sense for whatever we have to do. So then, there are times, even until the month of March now, Mars and Saturn coming in to conjunction in Tula Rashi and with Rahu and Ketu. That will also create some earthquakes, that is also going to create some difficult storm and things like that. And then [in the] later part of the year again in August - September again, the situation is going to come. It has also happened also in the recent past, where it’s going to have some great impact. 

And I have written in my earlier newsletters, it’s going to change the geography of Earth in some places. And, when last I had written “there is going to be huge storm,” Japan was shifted by nine miles with the Tsunami. So there are going to be those kinds of things. And amidst the thundershowers, and storms, and lightning and floods and all, that is when HE will appear. And that destruction, a lot of it is nature. And this disbalance of nature is created by man, by the way, not because of Shiva dancing or anything like that. It is because the earth has been dug out of minerals and oils and things like that, and so the earth has become hollow you know. The pressure is there on Earth, on any sphere. So the Earth is experiencing collapsing forces because inside is hollow. So obviously there are bound to be Earthquakes. There are bound to be volcanoes erupting. And the pressure level is going to change, which is the air goes from low pressure to high pressure, thereby a storm coming.

And so a lot of things have been changing on Earth, which is man-made. And Baba has as I said earlier, I’m repeating, emphasizing: “Twice the Earth would have been destroyed. Baba saved it.” 

And now, the third time, Baba is coming to save Earth itself, and Earthlings itself, humanity itself, to change all that. And then only the New Age, the Golden Age, will come when people will give up all the vices all the bad things and everything. 

Because you see, no matter how big you are, no matter how rich you are, no matter how powerful you are and what a great man you are. But when you come to a crisis time everybody will say, “Oh God! Oh God, please save me!” That will be the last word, and the first word that comes to you. You know when you are at the dead end, then you won’t say Bush, or Obama, or so and so. You will say “Oh, God” only. So, this is a human instinct.

Sreejith Narayan: Only such an event can make people turn around, and you know, pray to God and think of God.

Dr Rakesh Kumar: Yes! Because that is the true call of the soul. So far man lives in Ahankar [ego], in his mind and ego, and wrong judgement, wrong assessment, misplaced judgement. But this is the call of the soul. And soul, the Atma, always calls the Paramatma [Supreme God].

Sreejith Narayan: Wow! It was such a great experience talking to you Dr. Rakesh! I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for narrating your wonderful story and sharing your insights on the topic of the imminent reappearance of our dear Lord. Thank you so much! Is there anything that you would like to end this with? Any message that you would like to give to the viewers? Please go ahead!

Dr Rakesh Kumar: My message to viewers is this: have firm faith in Bhagwan! And yes, Baba says, “I look to you as you look to me.” So one thing I would like to add in this is, people say “Oh he is a Guru, he is Satguru, he is Holy Man.” No! If you look to Him as a guru He will be like a guru. If you look [to Him] like a holy man, He will be like a holy man. If you look to him like a God, then He will be God! So look to him as God and nothing else, and He will be God. 

Sreejith Narayan: Wow! Such a wonderful message! It is such a great pleasure to be with you Dr. Rakesh. Thank you so much once again. 

Dr Rakesh Kumar: Thank you. 

Sreejith Narayan: Jai Sai Ram! 

Dr Rakesh Kumar: Jai Sai Ram!

[STKC is grateful to Kavita Rajesh and Meera Saikumari for the transcription]


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This is true if you see the mirror its seem be see you not other image can be see. Jai sairam

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