Jody Cleary and Ted Henry

Without giving away its thesis, I will say that "Sai, Thy Kingdom Come" by Sreejith Narayan is a great read. And that is certainly the least of it.

The author's calm, measured, irrefutably logical and impeccably  researched presentation is beyond reproach. If one follows carefully to its conclusion, this book's premise is something one cannot easily ignore or forget, no matter what one's biases are.

As for myself and my husband, Ted Henry, Sri Sathya Sai Baba has not skipped a beat in His interaction with us. His amusing leelas, lessons and dreams and Divine Presence remain as constant after the Mahasamadhi as before. Our Souljourns Seva and love for Him are redoubled, if anything.  He has done for us and given to us more than we could or would have ever imagined or  asked. We are permanently submerged in overwhelming gratitude.

And yet...though Ted and I could ask for nothing more, what about those who did not have the opportunity to enjoy Him and benefit? 

And yet...the world situation seems to require some even more drastic shock to arrest its current trajectory and to transform this world into "One vast loving kin" as our Swami once predicted.

And  was a relief to have "Sai, Thy Kingdom Come" put words put to many of our hidden thoughts, questions, unvoiced secret suspicions.

And we have learned from experience that we surely must love His "uncertainty".

And above all, nothing is beyond Him!

We would all  only  rejoice  if  graced to witness the individual and  world transformation that  would inevitably ensue if what Sreejith Narayan so carefully and courageously suggests in "Sai, Thy Kingdom Come" is part of The Golden Age, the Sathya Yuga. 

[Jody Cleary and her husband Ted Henry from USA, are long-time devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Ted Henry has been a Television journalist for more than 40 years. He recently retired from WEWS-TV, the ABC affiliate in Cleveland, Ohio, USA where among his many duties, he presented a weekly news report on spirituality called, "Heart and Soul". Ted and Jody have traveled extensively for the past 15 years conducting video interviews with Sai devotees and other spiritual aspirants. These videos are made available to all through their Souljourns websites:,,


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Om Jai Sai Ram

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