My Mother has finally come back!

Shared by Aloka Deane on 31st July, 2014

I have read your book, 'Sai, Thy Kingdom Come', and I think it is brilliant. Its almost like every word in the book was divinely inspired. A message that Bhagawan Himself wanted to spread through the one who had the courage to do so. There are a lot of people who harbor the feeling of His return as Bhagawan Shri Sathya Sai Baba, however, they fail to express it; with the fear of how it would be interpreted and accepted in society.

I personally think that all that you have mentioned in the book has been collated in the most appropriate manner, with a logical explanation to every statement; leaving no room for doubt or debate. No matter who says what, the book is A Perfect Master Piece. Hats off to you bhaiyya (Brother). 

I have had some dreams of Swami with reference to certain incidents that have taken place in the past, and thought of sharing them with you:

Dream 1:

Date not known some time in 2003, before Swami had His fall.

I had a strange dream that I do not remember much of. All I remember is that Swami was to go for Darshan and He was about to sit in a wheelchair to do so. I was very upset with the sight of our Beloved Bhagawan wanting to grant Darshan in a wheelchair. The thought crossed my mind as to how we all adored the sight of our Beloved Swami’s grand and graceful entry during every Darshan. His random stops every now and then to inquire about a few, to be in close proximity of the ones waiting to see the beloved Lord pass by, with the hope of Him stopping close enough to grant Padanamaskar or collect letters from the crowd. The very sight sent shivers down my spine and my heart ached to ask Him why He opted for such a thing. But I didn't have the courage to do so, all I knew was that this is what He has chosen to do, and I woke up with a start.

Shortly after this dream I heard that Swami no longer walked for Darshan but had been confined to a wheelchair ever since.

Dream 2:

January 2011:

In my dream I saw myself in the Darshan hall, which was full to its capacity. I was standing right next to Bhagawan when suddenly I saw our Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba was about to collapse. He was to breathe His last few breaths. I held Him in my arms trying to lift Him, but I knew in my heart that it was indeed the end. I felt helpless, shattered and knew that there was nothing that I could do. All I could do at that point was hold Him up with all my strength, as if trying to lift His upper body upwards to let all the people present there get one last glimpse of Him. Then all of a sudden I realized that He was breathing His last breaths and I woke up with tears rolling down my eyes.

I narrated this dream to my near and dear ones, only to hear interpretations that never really made me feel any better. Later in the month of April 2011, when I heard that Swami was in the hospital in a critical condition; I hoped against hopes and prayed with all my heart, my body, mind and soul; only wanting His recovery at any cost. But Alas!! On the 24th of April arrived the dreadful news.

Dream 3:

29th February, 2012:

My first dream of Bhagawan after the one where I saw Him dying in my very arms.
I saw myself on the second floor of a building that was unknown to me; standing on the balcony. I could see an arch like structure made of cement with some carvings on and around it; which was part of the main gate right in front of me. There was a sense of thrill and excitement within me that words cannot explain.
I suddenly saw a beautiful red/maroon car at a distance (a lot like an old jaguar with an open top; a lot like a sports car), approach the gate. It came speeding in and there He was in all magnificence; our Swami sitting in the front seat. He looked divinely vibrant, youthful, with the most blissful expression on His face. As the car approached, the beautiful breeze made His hair fly backwards in the most enchanting way that I have ever seen or even remotely imagined. The car entered the premises and stopped at the entrance. I was far too excited, ecstatic if I may say, so much so that I started jumping around and screaming repeatedly, “My Mother has come back! My Mother has finally come back!”.
Next, I saw myself in a room very similar to that of the old bungalow that I used to live in as a child. There was a 3 seater sofa set kept, and Swami walked in and chose to sit on it, right in the center. I was in tears as I saw Him. Not knowing what to do, I bent down to touch and place my head near His feet, as my head was about to touch His feet He moved them away, lifted His hand and blessed me from a distance.

Dream 4:

6th March, 2012:

In my dream I saw myself outside a small room; which I knew to be an interview room; in a place/house that I understood was that of the  Mr. Jadhav’s; like at Hadshi-Pune. I was pacing up and down outside the room; all the while asking the people present outside that room - if Swami was ready to come out. In my dream it was time for Him to come out for Darshan, and was worried as to why He wasn't out yet.
There were a few people around; waiting outside the room as well; they assured me that He would, all the while saying, “He is getting ready to come out and will do so soon.”


Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-09-23 04:07#
Splendid stories and dreams!!!! Delightful!!!!! Amen! Amen! Amen!
Satrughna2018-02-05 15:20#

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