Below is an alternate view on the time frame of the Reappearance, presented as an analysis based on interpretations of ancient prophecies and dreams/visions of devotees. While STKC is happy to discuss different viewpoints regarding Swami’s Reappearance, we would like to leave it to the reader’s discretion and interpretation as to what he/she will take away from these articles.

By Karthikeyan

Sairam to all fellow SKTCians, I request all to take the below article only as an analysis and not as a prediction on the date of Swami’s Reappearance. Only Bhagawan knows His plans and His day of Reappearance.

The Day of Ashura falls on the tenth day of Muharram as per the Islamic calendar and marks the climax of the Remembrance of Muharram. Based on certain dream/vision interpretations of recent times, we presume that Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba returned on the day of Vaikunta Ekadesi (December 31, 2014 - January 1, 2015). Now the question is when the Reappearance will be made known. Will that happen on the day of Ashura? (which falls on Friday, October 23, 2015 or Saturday, October 24, 2015). In this article, we will discuss such a possibility, taking references from certain Islamic traditions and the Sacred Nadis, and drawing a parallel between these sources.


From Islamic Traditions ( Point supporting October 23, 2015 - Friday )

Imam as-Sadiq (‘a) said: “The Qa’im of ours, the Ahl al-Bayt, will appear on Friday”.


From Islamic Traditions ( Points supporting October 24, 2015 - Saturday )


1 “The Qa’im will appear on the day of Ashura.” (the name Qa’im means ‘One who rises’).

2 “The Qa’im will reappear on a Saturday, Ashura Day, day of the martyrdom of Imam Husain”.

3 Imam al-Baqir (‘a) also said: “Do you know what day—’Ashura’—is? It is the day when God accepted the repentance of Adam and Eve; the day when God split the sea for the Children of Israel, drowned Pharaoh and his legion and made Musa (Moses) triumphant over Pharaoh; the day when Ibrahim (Abraham) was born; the day when God accepted the repentance of the people of Yunus (Jonah); the day when Hadrat ‘Isa was born; and the day when Hadrat Qa’im will stage the uprising".

4 “As if I can see the Qa’im (a.s.) on the day of Ashura, on Saturday standing between the Rukn and Maqam and Jibraeel is announcing before him: Allegiance is for Allah”.

5 “Our Qa’im shall reappear in an odd numbered year, like one, three, five, seven or nine, on the day of Ashura and (it would be) a Saturday”. (The Corresponding Islamic New year in October 24, 2015 is AH 1437 which is an odd numbered year). 

(This year, the Islamic New Year starts around October 15, 2015. Before the month of October 2015, the Islamic year is 1436 which is an even number year. But October 24, 2015 which falls on the Islamic year 1437 is an odd number year and matches the traditions)


Hints from Sri Vasantha Sai’s Sacred Nadi Readings

“……According to what is written, Swami will descend between October and November. This is the Reason for what He has drawn……”
(Page 90 – 5th Para).


Another interesting factor!

“How long would Qa’im (a.s.) rule?” 

He replied: “Seven years, the days and the nights would be prolonged so much that a year would be as long as ten years of yours. Thus his rule would be equal to Seventy Years (!!!!!!) according to your standards”.

While this is highly unimaginable, anything may happen in the future as Swami Himself hints at the mind-boggling nature of the Golden Age in a message received by Charles Penn in 1979:

“…..That time will be here sooner than one expects. Before it arrives be prepared for whatever is needed to reveal to every living thing the true purpose of existence. It is not what anyone alive can imagine. It is not something that one can try to aspire to. It is beyond all comprehension. I can say that its beauty is magnificent beyond all dreams…”.


The Day of Ashura and the Day of Reappearance (Friday or Saturday?)

Some traditions speak of certain days on which there is a possibility of Mahdi reappearing. It would mean that one can hope and expect the reappearance to happen on one of these days. Some verses mention Friday. Some speak of Ashura and some others mention Saturday.

If all these traditions are reconciled broadly, we may assume that Ashura and Friday could be the day on which reappearance takes place while Saturday could be the day of the announcement.


Some more points about Ashura (Friday or Saturday?)

Ashura in 2015 falls on a Friday, i.e. 23rd of October 2015. Based on the sightability (of the moon) in North America, in 2015, Ashura will start in North America a day later -i.e. on Saturday, the 24th of October 2015. Note that in the Islamic calendar, a holiday begins on the sunset of the previous day, so the observing Muslims will celebrate Ashura on the sunset of Thursday, the 22nd of October 2015.

Although Ashura always falls the same day every year as per the Islamic calendar, the corresponding date on the Gregorian calendar varies from year to year, since the Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar and the Islamic calendar follows the lunar cycle. This difference would mean that the Ashura moves in the Gregorian calendar approximately 11 days every year. The date of Ashura may also vary from country to country depending on whether the moon has been sighted or not.


Additional  analysis from a different angle (Based on the Nadis)

Based on the below Nadi reading, I strongly believe that Swami “Joined His New Body” on Tuesday, August 19, 2014.

“He will once again return and join the body which He has prepared before He has left the body. On the day of Rohini star, the day of Krishna’s birth, He will unite with that body. After three months He will show a vision of Himself”.

Last year (in 2014), there was a certain confusion regarding the date of Lord Krishna’s birth, because of two Rohini stars occurring in the same month.

However, according to the scripture “Sri Sannidhi Ahnika Grantha” and 13th Chapter Of “Easwara Samhita” in section “Jayanthi Nirnaya prakarana”:

“The Rohini Nakshatra for celebration of Lord Krishna’s Birth should not be impure with Saptami thithi or Krittika star even for a second, on the Same Day. If it happens so, pure Rohini Star with Navami Tithi should be taken as Lord Krishna’s birthday”

That day falls on Tuesday, August 19, 2014.

So the day of Swami’s “Joining with the New Body” could be the above mentioned date. (It should be noted that last year in most of the temples, Lord Krishna’s birthday was observed on August 19th).

This could also be the reason why Sacred Nadis mention only Rohini star and Lord Krishna’s birthday as the day of Swami “Joining the New Body”. It is interesting to note that the Nadis never referred to Ashtami (Gokulashtami) which is usually associated with Lord Krishna’s birthday, as in 2014, it falls on Navami and not on Ashtami.

Therefore, I believe that Swami joined His New body on Lord Krishna’s birthday, i.e. August 19, 2014 and not on the Vaikunta Ekadesi day (January 1, 2015). The Nadis clearly say that day will be Lord Krishna’s Birthday and the star of Rohini. January 1, 2015 was not Lord Krishna’s birthday and there was no Rohini star on that day as well.


Now this brings us to another question. What then really could have happened on the Vaikunta Ekadesi day (January 1, 2015)?

I believe Swami made an entry into this world in His new body (that He assumed on August 19, 2014) on January 1, 2015 (the Vaikunta Ekadesi Day). Then, immediately after that He gave His vision to a few devotees (like Sister Apurva, Sister Sophia and few others). This also corresponds to the Nadi prediction “After Three months (of joining the new body) He will show Vision of Himself”. However, this vision should not be confused with the public appearance. Vision is a darshan to few specific devotees. Public appearance would be a darshan to the masses which may happen on the Day of Ashura (October 23-24, 2015).



1 Date of Swami assuming a New Body - Lord Krishna’s Birthday - August 19, 2014

Reference from Nadis - “On the day of Rohini star, the day of Krishna’s birth, He will unite with that body”

2 Date of Swami’s entry into the world in the newly assumed body - On Vaikunta Ekadesi Day (between December 31, 2014 and January 1, 2015)

Reference from Nadis - After January 1, 2015, Swami showed His Vision to a few devotees as prophesied by the Nadis “After three months He will show Vision of Himself”

3 Date of Swami’s Public Appearance - On the day of Ashura (October 23- 24, 2015)

Reference from Nadis - “According To what is written, Swami will Descend between October and November”


His Divine Names

1. Al -Mahdi - one rightly guided (The Guided One)

2. Al-Qa’im - One who rises (for truth) 

3. Al-Muntazar - The Awaited one (As the believers are patiently waiting for his reappearance)

4. Hujjat - Proof of God (This is because he is the Proof of Almighty God upon His creatures and servants)

5. Khalaf-e-Salih - The best and the righteous Successor

6. Sahib Al-Zaman - The Lord of the Age

7. Imam-i ’Asr - The Imam of the "Period"


 By Allah…he will not go from the world until he appears and fills the earth with equity and justice, as it will be replete with injustice and oppression.

 Blessed be you if you see his time! Blessed be anyone who sees his time! 

 And the earth will shine with the illumination of its Lord, and his rule will extend from east to west. (Bihar-ul-Anwar)

For more on the Islamic prophecies on the Reappearance, please refer to Sai Thy Kingdom Come Chapter 7 -  “The Disappearance of Mahdi”


Vijaya Rajagopal
Vijaya Rajagopal2015-03-18 03:55#
Indeed! The earth will shine with the illumination of its Lord, and his rule will extend from east to west.
Sai Dev
Sai Dev2015-03-18 09:21#





S.Nagarajan2015-03-18 12:51#
Sairam! Many interesting conclusions. No doubt we are all the more anxious. I thought Swami's mention of "Chitrai" to a devotee recently gave me the impression of April 15. Any way we can never predict or even request Swami in all these matters. It is purely His Will which is already planned even while incarnated on earth. Sairam.
Suneesh2015-03-20 15:59#
Sairam. Swami had appeared in my dream (before 31st December 2014). He was in his orange robe. Smiling (playfully!) and said a date. He didn't mentioned anything about his reappearance. It was just a date. When I woke up, all I could remember was a month 'Chaitra'. I didn't recognized this month because these is no such month in Malayalam (my mother tongue)calendar. After some search I realized it as a Telugu month. Chaitra month has started on March 14th or 15th and it will end in April 14th or 15th.
Sai Dev
Sai Dev2015-03-18 14:54#

ON 15/04/2014 SWAMI came to me in a VSION and said " I am coming this FRIDAY" - maybe 23/10/2015 is that "THIS FRIDAY" SWAMI was referring to ........

Karthikeyan2015-03-19 17:02#
23/10/2015 IS Also (76-77) BirthDay Of Sri Vasantha Sai !
KARTHIKEYAN2015-03-18 17:19#
1) "I asked Imam Ja'far Sadiq (a.s.) about the duration of the rule of Imam Qaim (a.s.).

He replied: He will rule for seven years but these seven years will be equal to seventy years of your reckoning."

2) It is narrated through his chains from Imam Ja'far Sadiq (a.s.) that he said:

"The kingdom of Imam Qaim (a.s.) would last for seven years, which
would be equivalent to seventy years by your count."

3) It is narrated from Abdul Kareem Khathami that he said: I asked His Eminence, Abu Abdullah Sadiq (a.s.):

"How long would Qaim (a.s.) rule?" He said: He replied: "Seven years, the days and the nights would be prolonged so much that a year would be as long as ten years of yours. Thus his rule would be equal to seventy years according to your standards"
Paul2015-03-19 10:22#
Thanks for posting. An idea that occurred to me was that since Baba is likely to have come back in the physical on 12/31/2014 or 1/01/2015 and considering the quote "after 3 months He will show himself". This might point to a return for the public on Easter which falls on Sunday April 5th 2015. This would also be timed to match with Baba's departure on Easter in 2011. Just a possibility. In Sreejith's words regarding Baba's return, "Come May It Soon" Sairam!
Karthikeyan2015-03-20 12:32#
Dear Brother Paul,

If He Comes On April 5 as you said , Really I am more happy (for he comes soon) even if my anlaysis may go wrong !

But what I think is you should Carefully note that Nadi says “After three months From the Date of Joining his new body (August 19 2014) He will show Vision of Himself”. Date of Baba joining his new body as mentioned in Nadi is Krishnas birthday (August 19 2014).(See the article for details). It is not Jan1 . On Jan1 Baba made an entry in to this world in his new body. And as said in Nadi, after three months from the date of August 19 2014, he has showed his Vision to Few Devotees like Sister Apurva, Sister Sophia in the January month 2015.

But Public Darshan is Different from Vision. Vision means a special darshan to few peoples. But Public darshan is darshan to mass peoples. That will Happen on The Day of Ashura (October 23-24 2015) as per this article.

April 5 Does not Coincide with the “Bihar Ul Anwar” – Islam traditions Saying that ““Our Qa’im shall reappear in an odd numbered year, like one, three, five, seven or nine, on the day of Ashura” , Because Islam new year AH 1437 which is a Odd Number starts only from the English Date of October 15,2015. Any dates Before October 15 2015, will fall under the Islamic Year AH 1436 which is an even number and will not match the Scriptures.
Paul2015-03-21 02:27#
Sairam Karthikeyan, Thanks for looking into all of this. You have studied it more than I. It would seem too that world events may get a little more bumpy before the public appearance happens. What might have to happen for a full mountain range to be lifted up? So I hear your points. Still it would be a nice reference for Christians were it to occur on Easter. Whatever happens and whenever it happens I'm eager for a major planetary transition with Baba righting the world. I am curious about one thing. Some of the nadis seem to say different things. What would you say about that? Sairam
Karthikeyan2015-03-21 15:27#
Sairam Brother

I am not defintetly saying He will reappear on October 23 or 24 ,2015. It is based on said Facts and analysis. Who knows He may come on April 5 Too on Easter day !

And Moreover Which Nadi are you Referring?
Paul2015-03-24 04:47#
Sairam Brother, I want to say that there may be many logical explanations behind discrepancies in Nadis. They are written by different authors who may have different ways of interpreting the information that was revealed to them. There could have been errors in translations. And there may be subtle meanings which are not conveyed in the statements themselves. So I don't discount any Nadi. I am more asking out of curiosity. But as an example: In Agasthya Maha Siva Nadi it is stated, "At the age of 84/85 even the wicked will accept (Sathya Sai Baba as Avatar), thereafter the world will be free from the clutches of evil." I guess this is dependent upon how you view Baba's age and how much time "thereafter" implies but the last birthday was His 89th. It seems that according to this nadi there should already have been a great recognition of Swami's reality. In the Raja Rishi Vishwamitra Nadi the following statement is made regarding Baba: When age 86 ends and 87 begins, He will announce that she (Vasantha Sai) is His consort. At that time, all in the world will accept it and there will be no obstacles or blemish. Here again Baba's most recent birthday is 89th. It is hard to see how these statements are accurate considering Baba's age of 89 now. In addition these statements, each from a different nadi, are slightly different in their implication of the timing for the wider recognition of who Baba is. Sairam and Thanks for your comments.
KARTHIKEYAN2015-03-25 06:11#
Dear Brother

As you said Nadis are correct. But there are some discrepancies due to

1) Misinterpretation by the translator regarding age and other facts

2)Each Saint may have followed different Time formats, which were written before 10000 years, but those formats may be wrongly misinterpretated or translated by the translator who belongs to this modern age !

3) There is also a great chance that, While translating the sacred Nadi texts, the translator may have added few extra points which are not in the Nadi texts.(It happens many times that while translating the translator gives some additional points apart from what is said in nadis , on basis of his thinking.)
Suneesh2015-03-24 16:14#
Bihar Ul Anwar also mentions about the rise of Sufyani and Dajjal before the reappearance of Imam Mehdi. Sufyani will rule for 8 months. He will travel on all cities of the world except Mecca and Madina. It will be a disastrous time. It is said to be the tribulation time before the Mehdi's arrival. Sufyani is yet to appear and Dajjal too. If all these things must happen before Swami's reappearance, then Swami's reappearance will not happen in this year for sure. Or maybe Imam Mehdi is not our Swami. I see many people believe that our Swami is the Kalki avatar. Yes, Swami is Kalki avatar in a sense that He was Rama, Krishna etc. It is the same god manifesting in different forms. But if you read Kalki Purana, you can easily understand that it has no connection with our Swami's life story. I think we are wrong about understanding Swami as Imam Mehdi.

To me Swami must reappear before the Samadhi day in this April. This month is Chaitra month. Although Swami didn't mentioned about his reappearance to me, I'm very optimistic about Chaitra month. At least I expect something significant in my personal life to happen.

Swami, You are back in your physical form and almost three months passed without any major events. Light up our hopes please :)
Satrughna2015-03-25 07:22#
Many old prophecies about doom and gloom and end times, such as in the book of Revelations in the Bible, were a distinct possibiliy in the day, but have now been cancelled. Our Swamiji has changed lots of the negative probabilities into peaceful changes. Just look at how he saved Japan in the last days in his body.
S.Nagarajan2015-03-19 10:52#
Sairam! Why 23/10/2014 was not reckoned? or a corresponding date in2014 for Ashura? Is there a specific reason of choosing 2015? This is one doubt I had!
KARTHIKEYAN2015-03-19 16:57#
Surprisingly October 23, 2015 Friday is also Sri Vasantha Sais (76- 77th) Birthday.

Some predictions from Nadi around this age of Sri Vasantha Sai

1) Around the age of 76 Mayava Will give Vision like a full moon…..

2)Around the the age of 76 all mothers worries will be removed ….It is the time when God comes……

3)When Swami comes again He will not be in an aged body or young body But middle aged……This great good fortune will happen within three years, it will happen around the age of 76...
Prajna2015-03-20 01:54#
After observing just a glimpse of what Baba in His Subtle Form is accomplishing, we have no doubt whatsoever on the glory of reappearance-the seven-year mission of post-reappearance will be definitely more than seventy-year mission in its impact on global scale.
S.Nagarajan2015-03-20 02:51#
Sairam! All this are our wishful thinking. It is His Will which will manifest at the appropriate time. Our prayers and desires are no doubt good in the direction of his memory and rememberence. Even in some Islamic prophesies, it is very clear that "He alone knows and none else. Still these speculations and anxious waiting makes us remember Him always. Somewhere I read that God loves both the devotee and distractor. The distractor often takes His name to refute while the devotee takes the name with love!
s.nagarajan2015-03-20 03:21#
Sairam! I read the post once again to get more clarifications. For us, we are trying to ponder over imponderables. Yet, this seems to be an interesting exercise for devotees in this forum. During my primitive years after believing Saibaba of Shirdi and later came to the presence of Bagawan, I always wondered why many of the Shirdi Sai devotees are not in a favourable disposition with our Swami? I even argued with a few in futility. Now I understand, each is destined to worship one as his dear form. Though there is no difference fundamentally, yet outward differences are galore. Even within Swami's devotees, many do not think or believe about his reappearance. Strange are the ways of people!
KARTHIKEYAN2015-03-21 17:29#
On 15th October, 2013, Yamadharma Raja told Sree Vasantha Amma during her morning meditation, this - "An Event will happen on the 20th and all the people in the world will know. Swami will come on the 23rd (3 days later)". He did not mention which 23rd.
KARTHIKEYAN2015-03-21 18:12#
A Dream to Brother Sri. S . Bala Sai From the Posting “Experiences of Sri S.BalaSai”

Dream 8:

12th November, 2013:

Last night I had a dream where Swami was sitting on a bench surrounded by devotees and I was assisting Him. Swami asked me to convey all the devotees that He will give interview only after 23rd (no detail about month or year).

After conveying this to the devotees, like a subordinate military officer, I asked Swami boldly,"Swami as such You are available here. Why are You not giving interview?" Swami replied that, “People don’t have commitment now. They should have commitment, then I will give.”
KARTHIKEYAN2015-03-21 19:10#
Dream to Sister Latha Sairam's kid posting from 22 May 2014

My son asked, “Swami, When will you be visible to all?”

Swami said, “I will come on a Friday!”
Satrughna2015-03-22 18:25#
This year, only (February, March and) October have a Friday the 23rd. whereas November has a Friday the 20th, which would make Baba's birthday on the 23rd 3 days later a day of festivities...
Hamsa2015-03-22 06:16#
The reason and circumstances He will come back will have something to do with the reason why He left in the first place. We have to find that out.
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-03-23 03:58#
In June 2012, a Sai devotee who has been in Swami's fold for many years, was making Pradakshina (Circumambulation) around the Arunachala hill. She was crying and praying to Swami, pleading Him to come back soon in the same Sathya Sai form. All of a sudden, a man who looked like a Saint, whom she had never met or seen before and who was absolutely unknown to her, appeared right in front of her. He looked at her intensely and declared:”YOUR SWAMI IS SURE TO COME BACK SOON. DO FASTING ON THE 23rd!” Saying this, he just walked away and disappeared leaving the devotee dumbfounded. How could that man who looked like a Saint know what she had been thinking about and praying for? Where did he come from and where did he go?!!!
KARTHIKEYAN2015-03-23 12:21#
10000 Years Of Golden age !?

As Islamic Traditions say “ When Seven Years of Gods Rule is Equal to Seventy Years" which means that Each Year in the Golden age refers to 10 Years of Normal Standards. Then If it is So, whether 1000 Years Of Golden age will be Equal to 10000 Years Of Normal Standards ?” !!!!!!!!!
S.Nagarajan2015-03-23 13:29#
Sairam! Saints and prophets mostly talk in parables and even the religious scriptures contain such details. It is very difficult to diciphor such prophesies. Even Swami will not give the complete clue. Here I remember that when Swami was in Kamalapuram or Uravakonda, whenever somebody loses some items, Swami will give the first few letters of the names of persons. It is upto the wits of the people to find out the answer! Hence, the above posts and the comments are mostly our ideas. Everyone wants Swami appear soon since the atrocities around the world are growing day by day. I don't think we can wait in patience until later this year. Om Sri Sai Ram.-
KARTHIKEYAN2015-03-23 15:18#
Prediction For 10000 Years Golden age from Ancient Scriptures

The "Brahma Vaivarta Puranam" mentions a Ten Thousand Years( 10000 years ) period Of Golden age to start 5,000 years after Kali Yuga

- From Brahma Vaivarta Puranam 4.129.59,

"|kaler daśa-sahasrāṇi madbhaktāḥ saṃti bhū-tale


4.129.50, "|kaleḥ pañcasahasrāni"
S.Nagarajan2015-03-24 02:33#
Sairam! The period of Kaliyuga that started on the exit of Krishna(3027 years BC and the present Kaliyuga 2014 years) gives the emphasis of passing of 5000 years of Kaliyuga. Every thing points out to the great Truth of the Manifestation of Divine in Full glory to tackle the atrocities of "Antichrist". Every one is aware what is happening everywhere around the globe. We can wait with bated breath for the Golden Age! Om Sri Sai Ram.
s.nagarajan2015-03-25 07:34#
Sairam! The more we try to understand the mystry scripts of Nadis as well as prophesies contained in major religious scriptures, we are bound to get confused. Swami has very clearly stated, "I have fulfilled my words when he appeared in dreams and visions of few devotees on 1st January 2015, Vaikunta Ekadasi day. The Public appearance is the great riddle since everyone tries to rely on some source! The mention of Chaitra to one devotee reconfirm my assumption that it will be anytime during April 2015 after the eclipse of moon that is about to occur on 4th April. In one dream, Swami has maintained the full moon too and this clearly points out anytime between 4th April to New Years day 14th April or Chitra Pournami that will happen during Chitra full moon day. Hence the sooner, it would be nice. Somebody here has mentioned "it may not happen during this year". Sorry to read such discouraging comments! Om Sri Sai Ram.
S.Nagarajan2015-03-26 12:20#
Sairam! I too feel that the many mishaps foretold in the scriptures may not occur in the scale we fear. It may be one here and one there. No doubt, even for those storms, people will start praying only to the saviour. The earth has witnessed many mishaps and those mishaps which were mentioned presupposes the annihilation of human race. But in all probablity, Swami will not subject good people and ordinary citizens to such eventualities. But some region on earth will have to bear some huge holocaust and not all regions in the same scale. Swami will definitely prevent such mishaps as he had done during his illness in 2011. Since Swami will come in His full glory, there won't be even such scenes. By His mere will, evil will be annihilated from the earth to the astonishment of pious and good people. Even now we witness some huge accidents in air travel. Also floods are the news in some portion of earth. To obliterate devastation, it will be played down to a great extent by His Will and reappearance!
KARTHIKEYAN2015-03-26 17:48#
From Bihar Ul Anwar

“It will rain twenty-four times in the year in which Imam Mahdi (a.s.)will reappear; and its effects and bounties would be clear.”

The year after the reappearance of Imam Qaim (a.s.) will be so verdant that dates will rot on the trees and there will be no one to pick them.Have no doubt about it.”
KARTHIKEYAN2015-04-03 08:18#
From Islamic Traditions

When the Qaim Rises-

"The earth will expose its treasures, so that the people will see them on its surface. Men will search for someone among you to receive their money and to take their alms (Zakat), but they will find no one to accept that from them. The people will not need it, because of what Allah has provided for them out of His beneficence”.
KARTHIKEYAN2015-04-04 13:14#
“The Mahdi (a.s.) will have prominent eyes, curly hair and there will be a
mole on his cheek. He will appear from the east".
Christian2015-04-06 04:27#
When it comes to prophecy, it is best to ignore it. God transcends any knowledge Man can come up with, and we don't need prophecy to support our beliefs. Besides, what prophecy is put forward is often shaped to suit beliefs. For instance, people neglect to mention that the mole on the Mahdi's cheek is actually on his right cheek, not the left. Do your research properly Mr Karthikeyan! How can we trust, therefore, anything put forward about the Mahdi?
KARTHIKEYAN2015-04-06 15:48#
From Islamic Traditions

Mahdi will be of advanced age, but look young !
KARTHIKEYAN2015-04-06 16:04#
From Islamic Traditons

“Those who believe in the unseen.”

“That is regarding those who believe that the uprising of the Qaim is
KARTHIKEYAN2015-04-06 16:21#
From Sacred Kural (No.5) By ThiruValluvar,

"The men, who on the 'King's' true praised delight to dwell,

Affects not them the fruit of deeds done ill or well."

Kural Explanation-

The two-fold deeds that spring from darkness shall not adhere to those who delight in the True praise of God.
KARTHIKEYAN2015-07-20 08:18#
This “Swamis Assurance letter” gives us hope that he will surely give public Reappearance on some day.

This Was "Swamis Assurance letter" which was materialized on 26/4/2011 and already posted in our saikingdom Website.

Swamis letter ......

Dear Children,

What is holier? Temple? Holy rivers? – heart of a devotee who is having love and devotion, this heart is holier than anything else. God resides and will always like to reside in that holy heart of a holy devotee.

Children, you all are witnessing a crucial part of history. Swami wants you all to maintain peace. With patient heart see what is happening. Your Swami has not left you. He is within you and he is also in prashanthi. This is an assurance and with this wait for that miraculous moment. After that moment! the entire world - will be at my feet. There will be none who will not believe in this Sathyam - Sai.

You all out of your devotion want Swami to write about that miraculous time. But Swami cannot reveal that now. Swami wants my dearest children that is you all to wait and see that moment. If future is told / revealed there will be no taste in life.

All your Prema tears! Your cry from your heart!, Your nama japam that you all are doing from hridayam will not go waste.

Like how Swami rose in the previous avatar the same will occur. Remember one thing, you all are dear to me. Dear and Near than my own eye. It is my duty to fulfill your wishes. Which I will do. You will not be deserted for your Sai Ma is anatha rakshaki.

Will write to you again. Continue your prayers. Swami is very happy with the unconditional love that you give. Swami can never go away from you. Your prayers will pull Me in to this form again.

Continue your chants! Continue! My dearest dears!

With Love and Blessings,

Your Sai Ma, Your Antharyami - Hridayavasi Sai

• anatha rakshaki - The One who protects those who have no one else
• Antharyami - Indweller
• hridayam - Heart
• Hridayavasi - The One who lives in the heart
• nama japam - Repetition of God’s name
KARTHIKEYAN2015-10-25 07:04#
Sairam Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I had an expectation on this date based on certain facts. So I also believed in this date. That’s is why I shared my analysis with Fellow SKTCians and to keep the hopes live. However, this analysis which I have made had not happened as analyzed. I sincerely apologize if it has raised much of Your expectations.I thank all of you for your love, understanding, patience and support.
Anand2015-10-25 17:51#
Swami is gently pulling the cord of STKC by allowing us to interpret his day of reappearance based on a certain literature available to us. I, for one would appreciate the effort put in thereby by Brother Karthikeyan to arrive at a logical date.I truly believe that Swami being an avatar,an universal mind, would not allow anybody to unravel the divine secret, i.e., exact date of his reappearance, Having said that, i really enjoyed the analysis of Sai brother and wouldn't feel the necessity of tendering and apology on this front.
Meera2015-10-26 07:52#
Sai Ram dear Karthikeyan,

I wish to express my gratitude to you for helping to keep up hope of Swamis reappearance. Even if the date does not fulfill our expectancy your comments gave me a lot of joy just imagining that this event is sure to be happening. In a way your comments made it already a reality. I am also sure, that something great happened on auspicious Friday 23, which maybe is not so obvious to us, but will be shown in future. I wish to share the following dream, I had on 7th of January 2015:
I was sitting in Mandir in front line and Swami suddenly was there. He looked very young and vigorous, but serious. He passed a few lines and gave me quick look from the side and disappeared behind a door on the right side (women side) The impression I had, that He was very busy, having a lot of things to organize. Suddenly I found myself outside, radiant and happy that Swami was again with us physically and wanted to share my joy with everybody, but nobody had seen Him and nobody believed me. I did not care about this and started crying for a long time out of sheer happiness and joy. This dream was very real and emotional.
Shantimaya Siri
Shantimaya Siri2015-10-27 06:41#
Dear Meera....this Divine Dream/Vision is very beautiful and truthful ....Sai Ram
Joy2015-10-26 09:38#
Many of us also sensed that the 23rd of October was to be a day of great significance for humanity and that continues to be my feeling about that day. We cannot understate or underestimate the mystery and magnificence of October 2015 and may never know how, where or when, the full effects will flow.

Sacred Yagnas in Muddenahalli and Puttaparthi with Navarathri Homas and Devi Pujas in so many locations around India and across the globe, were all generating Divine energy and heralding the beginning of the Golden Age! And, in an immediate sign of the new era's arrival, the most fierce Hurricane ever recorded was subdued, crossing Mexico with a lessened impact and no loss of life.

As to the anticipated Reappearance, in Form, of our Beloved: The general expectation has been that a significant 'world' event would be a necessary trigger to ignite a mass yearning of humanity for Divine intervention. That precipitating incident may yet occur and Swami's unpredictable and inscrutable plans were always a qualification when discussing a Reappearance.

Far from being a disappointment, 23rd October 2015 seemed to me as 'Setting the Stage' for the final scene in a dramatic play. The excitement has been building, the actors are in position, the lights have been dimmed, we expect the curtain to rise on the last thrilling act, the big finale. We "Just Keep Quiet and Watch the Show!"
Para Eighteen
Para Eighteen2015-10-26 18:20#
Sairam, With love

I feel if for no one else for STKCians our Swami will come back! For the sweetness of the faith, conviction, sincere analysis (Karthikeyan!!)and divinely charged love and energy we get here...Swami's heart must be melting...

Para 18
Naren2015-10-26 20:36#

You have been sincere in your work. You don't have to apologize.

To all those who criticize Karthikeyan or anybody else's efforts (not predictions):

Swami has said that if a person concentrates intensely for 11 seconds on the eternal Truth then that person is liberated right away. Say I do it, and yet am not liberated. Does it mean I don't know what the eternal Truth is? Everyone knows. Swami has told it a thousand times. Does it mean I didn't concentrate? Everyone concentrates on one thing or the other and that's how the world as we know came into being today. Does it mean I can never be liberated? All have to be liberated one day or the other. So what happened? It just means things didn't fall in place. Each child dreams about taking up a specific profession when it's a grown up. When an adult the profession maybe completely different. To succeed in that profession doesn't require apologizing for the dream that didn't manifest.

@K: The real treasure is the present and you keep making the best of it. Don't stop.

Shantimaya Siri
Shantimaya Siri2015-10-27 06:48#

Thank you and Sai Ram

I also feel that your efforts are very very helpful ....

Sathya Sai will reveal all very soon, I feel.
Joy2015-10-27 09:16#
Swami, the Divine Puppeteer, pulling the strings that make us dance!

From Sri Vasantha Sai, "The Sacred Nadis", Page 91:

"For the last two and a half years, Swami has told He will come on many different dates. He then gave many proofs for His coming. He asked me to write of His coming and I eagerly waited for Him. Yet, He did not come. He then gave many reasons for His not coming. Thus, His actions are beyond the criticism of the human mind. I only write whatever He tells me. Though it does not happen as He has told, there is a consequence for what he has said. How can it be known through human knowledge? If you believe, you read, otherwise leave it. If the Gods, Rishis, Saints and Siddhas cannot know the action of God, how then can ordinary man? Everything in my life is like this. Even the Devas and heavenly hosts cannot know these things. How can this 'I without i', know of Him."
Paul2015-10-28 12:28#
No worries Karthikeyan, You helped many of us to keep thinking of Baba.
VENKATA RAMANA POLA2015-10-25 15:40#
SAIRAM ..Romanians to the lotus feet ..
Dear STKC followers..

The main purpose of this forum is to bring hopes in the heart of devotees as we all are waiting for our ultimate purpose I.e SWAMI'S appearance which will sure to optimistic persons we are there is no wrong in predicting dates as it gives us our hope live till the RIGHT TIME OF OUR LORD..and our loving brother Kartikeyan doing..though many of his analysis is accurate but not exact we can't blame him for non occurrence of incident which is suppose to happen in next month or coming days.The site is running because of brothers like KARTHIKEYAN,SREEJITH,NAGARAJAN,ANCHAL SAI,........So we be as followers of this site respect every person comments and posts and continue to predict dates till the GRAND EVENT..Sairam..lets love and peace remain forever in the hearts of every devotee ..
radha2015-10-26 06:05#
Sairam brother Karthikeyan!.. no need to apologise... we are fully aware that HIS ways are inscrutable. you are doing with a noble intention of keeping our hopes alive and kicking.. we read your analysis with this understanding only. so don't bother ..carry on Sairam..
Angela2015-10-26 14:40#
I just want to add my own love and expectations and I remember Swami saying -Sadhus prayed and I have come - so let us continue to pray to our Beloved for one more sight of Him in that beautiful form. Sai Ram
lrao2015-10-26 15:01#
Sairam everyone. As we read on STKC, and as many of us experienced in one way or another, we feel that Swami did arrive on the morning of Vaikunta Ekadasi on January 1, 2015 (this is for Meera, who wrote above). I continue to hold on to this experience. Whether and when we will be able to 'see' Swami in physical form, we will have to wait and see (and pray and do Sadhana). Between Hurricanes, earthquakes (today) and impending asteroid passage (newly discovered on Oct 10 to pass close to earth,, these are surely challenging times where we need divine intervention. And, I am not even adding to the list all the non-physical/environmental assaults on dharma for which we desperately need the Avatar to do something drastic. Sairam, and in gratitude to Swami for giving us this wonderful STKC community to have satsang with.
Aanchal Sai Sharma
Aanchal Sai Sharma2015-10-26 18:41#

If there will be more of such logical articles coming with such innocent and pure intentions, I would read it with a new hope all over again.

What do we have here to lose? Nothing! We don't even lose time, because what you write is not fiction.

And hey, you never know with Swami right? "LOVE MY UNCERTAINTY", like He says. So may be He is making us practice that.

Also, I had a feeling that Swami has already given us more than enough hints about His physical return itself, so He would not keep the most awaited day as an easily predictable one.

But your article brings logical explanations and knowledge.

So anyway chanting 'Shree Hari' on that day would have brought us blessings, right? Thanks to your article. :-)

Loving SaiRam!
Aanchal Sai Sharma
Aanchal Sai Sharma2015-10-26 19:01#
And they say, "Ummeed pe duniya kaayam hai."
Hope sustains life. Hope is what keeps the world going.

We will keep hoping and praying for His return with every single beat of the heart that passes, let alone hoping only on certain days.

And I definitely won't apologies to myself for keeping the hopes up on literally each moment passing. Nor should you. :-)
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-10-27 04:52#
Sairam Brother Karthikeyan, Truly your articles help us to intensify our prayers. Thank you so much. Moreover, each and every article/dream posted on STKC website/FB is HIS Will and HIS Will only!
Anita  Narain
Anita Narain2015-10-28 06:01#
The only Saswat truth is that Swami IS THERE. If we close our eyes we see him within us. If we open our eyes we feel HIM outside us. So how does it matter if we cannot see HIM with our limited vision. There is a visible positive change all around, we just need to be sensitive about it. All of us praying for His visibility in this forum has only made HIS presence all the more tangible, don't you all feel this is so?

KARTHIKEYAN2015-10-30 11:36#
Sairam Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It gives me Immense pleasure, by the way of all of Fellow SKTCians showering "Sai Love" on me. I Thank Everyone from Bottom of my Heart for your Kindness, Love, Goodness, Encouragement and Support.
KARTHIKEYAN2015-11-01 14:30#
I Also Wish to Express my Heartful Mountain of Gratitude to Brother Sreejith Narayan, Who had Provided a Wonderful, Magical, Splendid Platform of SKTC to come up with all articles and Spiritual Online Sathsangam.
Jay2015-10-30 17:41#
Sai Ram. I feel Karthikeyan's analysis came true partially if you consider Swami's (subtle body) announcement in Muddhenahalli that Sathya Yuga began on Oct.23.2015. Karthikeyan had no way of knowing this when he published those articles.
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2018-08-16 05:08#
Ashura in 2018 is on 21st of September, FRIDAY!!

Sai, Thy Kingdom Come...
...Come May it Soon!

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