"Swami will surely come in few more days, do not worry!"

Shared by: Apurva Iyengar

Loving SaiRam and Divine Birthday Greetings to you, Brother Sreejith!

I am overwhelmed with happiness and delight, to share with you and all of my brothers and sisters worldwide, a prophetic, divine, delightful vision that I was blessed with this celebrated morning.

23rd November, 2014 - Sunday:

I had a vision in the early hours of this beautiful auspicious morning. A vision that woke me up from an eternal sleep and shook me, stunned me, made me happy and thoughtful all at the same time.

I saw Swami asleep initially. I could see His face very clearly and His lips were bent to the right side a little and He was sleeping. In an instant, while I was still seeing Him asleep, He woke up with both His hands outstretched. He did not move to His sides and woke up straight and sat down. I was shocked and stunned and could not express my happiness.

Swami: Your Swami Returned!   

Me: (Speechless! Just crying with happiness)

Swami: Are you Happy?

Though I was spellbound to see Swami, I mumbled a few words and said, “No words to explain my happiness, Swami!”

Swami smiled and asked me to write down all that He had to say. I grabbed my laptop quickly as Swami tenderly watched me type.

Swami said, “Bangaru, truly every self is yourself, yet you cannot get to seek the ultimate knowledge from every self, rather only God can give you that guidance. Until you realize yourself, you are the Jivatma by stature and I am the Paramatma and God by stature. You can change this by choosing Me as your consciousness. So do not just be mere energy with no direction. Get merged with divinity, leaving limited identity (ego) and be God from then on...”

Though I was immersed in absorbing His words, out of anxiousness I very softly asked Him, (Telugu) “Public lo eppudu kanipistaaru, Swami? (Meaning: When will you be visible to all, Swami?)   

Swami said, “Even if hundred more forms of Avatars come, you would be engaged with their forms and status, but never be bothered to connect with the Stature. Why? So what is the use of an Avatar in your life? Man has to make the Golden World! When will you make it? Don’t go by status, crave for stature.”

Perturbed and feeling guilty, I said, "I am feeling very bad Swami, I am a fool, my decisions in the world vary depending on Swami’s physical presence or absence?  I am sorry Swami, I feel ashamed. But tell me how can I make a Golden World? We are all struggling with so many dimensions of facts in various densities in the worst forms.

And here came the prophetic words - :
Swami said, “When each one of you follows TRUTH with BELIEF, SATHYAM VADA (Truthful Heart), DHARMAMA CHERA (Righteous Life) - Then Dharma, Shanti, Prema, Ahimsa, the byproducts of TRUTH will take birth in  your heart,  then fact  in your life will just become righteous by newly born ability of Truthful Discrimination and you will become the True Truth Aspirants and will one day transit into truth by Feeling.  It means that Earth is going to be changed as a University for only True Truth Aspirants, from being the Realm of Evil people (as this is how the Earth is now). Now the CHOICE you make matters, the CHOICE you make decides each one, whether one is going to be part of this New Golden World,  to avail the Golden Opportunity to realize the Self  by aspiring Truth or depart from Earth and continue to be evil.”

I had been hearing the human values so far, but never understood it this way. I felt that His words were tearing my ignorance and with conviction I said, “Okay Swami, but how to understand Truth? Is it speaking the fact?”

Swami answered,

Then you need to become the ‘True Truth Aspirant’ by relinquishing the limited identity. Maya gives you mentality, where as the Truth gives you Humanity.”

Then referring to Himself Swami said, “Swami will surely come in few more days, do not worry! I am giving opportunity to many to choose Truth. It means that before I and Gayatri come into light, by that time Evil would have been evacuated from the Earth by natural law and by the demand of upcoming Golden Era! PASSED are those who are TRUTH ASPIRANTS and failed are those who could not be inspired by TRUTH. So choice matters! Universal Law goes unbiased by eligibility only and NOT by BONDAGE and would choose only Truth Aspirants.”

Later, I saw that Swami walked up to the bed and sat on it, then Gayatri Maa told Him, “Come on, let us get on to stage, It is time to evoke Truth in every self”.

In the next scene, I saw both Swami and Gayatri Maa together. They both called me to Them very lovingly. With tears of joy and inexplicable happiness I went and sat near Them.
Swami and Gayatri Maa once again repeated Their message. I was busily noting down all the messages on the screen and literally onto my laptop too. While noting down everything I suddenly looked up and asked both of them nervously, “Can I remember everything, Sai Maa?”  (I always address Swami as just Swami, but to my surprise, in the dream, I addressed Him/Them as Sai Maa)

Then both Swami and Gayatri Maa placed Their hands on my head together at the same time and said in unison, “Yes! write down.”

What a blessed moment it was for me! Tears rolled down my eyes and my heart was immersed with Their divine love and I felt like holding onto that moment forever. What an ecstatic enchanting vision it was! As I continued to write, the vision ended.

I was overwhelmed and just looked onto my side and I see Swami’s calendar showing the date and message as:  November 23rd -  “My real birthday is the day when Divinity blossoms in your heart”.

What a vision! I immediately logged onto STKC to share this Important Message from our beloved Sai Maa, with all of you.  Brothers and Sisters, Golden Age is Heralding! Let us all understand the divine Truth and become Truth Aspirants to be a part of the Golden Age!

Jai Sai Ram!!!

(I also found this link interesting that talks about a Sai Brother’s dream about Swami and Gayatri Maa: https://beta.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/saibabaofindia/conversations/messages/27776 )


Posted by: Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma


Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2014-11-23 12:13#
Feeling Blissful. Jai Sairam!
P.Nataraj, Tirupur
P.Nataraj, Tirupur2014-12-25 14:46#
sairam. I expect your information reg. swamy"s appearance every day. Thank you very much
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2014-12-25 16:46#
Sairam, Thank You. It is my duty to spread His message of Resurrection.
Susan Fay
Susan Fay2014-11-23 16:00#
Blessed, blessed MAGNIFICENT Message!! Thank you for sharing it, as He/She clearly intended, with us all!

Let us all choose to identify with (surrender to and merge with) Divine Consciousness - Swami Paramatma Sai Gayatri Him- Herself - rather than be directionless energy as Swami urges us so beautifully here. And let us all choose to graduate to the University of Truth that this beautiful Earth is soon to become or even already IS, one where souls that choose a denser, more separation-based mindset will no longer be enrolled! Let us choose and focus upon Truth and Oneness and the Five TRUE Human Values, and help others to if they are interested and willing.

How blessed we are. Thank you Swami -- Beloved Sai Gayatri, Lalitaambika Sai -- for this Greatest Wonder as You raise us up into the Heart of Prema and Truth! And guide us as we make this new Golden World through Your Grace! Thank You Swami also as You make explicit the choice that every human being now is given.

Jai Divine Sathya Om
Naren2014-11-23 16:49#

Perhaps this is the message that Swami mentioned to Bro. Sreejith referenced in his previous article?

Avinash2014-11-25 06:06#

It's wonderful, I also believe its the message that Swami mentionned in Bro Sreejit's dream.
Gunasagaran Ramanathan
Gunasagaran Ramanathan2014-11-23 21:05#
Om Sri Sai Ram
Praise to Lord Sai Mata, Peace be to all mankind.
Chant the Sai Gayathri. The Golden age will dawn.
Rajesh Pai
Rajesh Pai2014-11-23 21:06#
Thank you very much sister Apurva for bringing this Divine message. This message has special significance and is the message awaited by many Sai Devotees. You are blessed as the vehicle chosen by Lord Sai and Gayatri Ma to deliver this message to all humanity. Thank you and Sai Ram.
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-11-24 02:34#
Really Beautiful. Thank you for this very insightful message.
Reni Persad
Reni Persad2014-11-24 23:49#
I strongly feel that this is THE message that relates to Brother Sreejit's dream .....praise to the light
Caroline Proctor
Caroline Proctor2014-11-28 10:30#
This is truely wonderful....I was waiting for Baba's birthday message ,and this is divinely amazing.
As a very new age person also,I had just read the Telos Australia,Mount Shasta website about ascension,that also reinterated Baba's glorious message of a golden age of divine aspirants.It confirmed my faith in the unknown process we are experiencing,and the trust and faith in all that is goodness.Sai Ram ,and lots of inner strength to all to go foward with everlasting faith....in the process
Naren2014-11-29 08:46#
Sairam Caroline

Could you please throw some more light on the ascension you are referring to? For the benefit of all...

Dipa2014-11-24 04:47#
It is so amazing .Thank you so much Srieejith.
Nirmal2014-11-24 04:47#
"...It means that before I and Gayatri come into light, by that time Evil would have been evacuated from the Earth by natural law and by the demand of upcoming Golden Era....".. How long we have to wait for this?... wondering is this all real? or hallucinations as they say...
Kalinga Raut
Kalinga Raut2014-11-24 08:20#
this seems to be an endless loop: predictions followed by dreams/visions followed by more predictions followed by yet more dreams/visions....till kingdom come
Lee Praphai
Lee Praphai2014-11-24 08:47#
How timely is this great message! Love, Love, Love as one of the Truth aspirants... Thank you, my dearest true guru, Sathya Sai Baba!
aravind2014-11-24 09:47#
Each and every seconds waiting for swami, Sairam.
steve pearce
steve pearce2014-11-24 12:06#
OM SRI SAI RAM , Thankyou so much for sharing your wonderful experience, Very interesting that swami was with Gayatri maa in your vision, it reminds me to chant gayatri mantra more frequently throughout the day, Sai Ram.
raghuveera2014-11-24 13:01#
Sairam sister,thankyou very much for sharing this message. This message exactly suits to me and most of sai devotes.we have to run this life with the help of swami each and every second, with this message and swami's grace I will allow myself to swami to lead this life i.e. Towards truth.
Reni Persad
Reni Persad2014-11-24 23:02#
I strongly feel that this is the message relating to Brother Sreejith's dream ...praise to Allah .....
Susan I. Fay
Susan I. Fay2014-11-25 04:32#
In a recent interview (with Paul Kelly), Brother Sreejith states his conviction that Swami's Subtle Body appearances are not what Swami referred to when speaking about how long His Body would live on Earth. I agree completely with him that the Subtle Body appearances are not the arriving point, though they are wonderful!

Instead, I feel (along with Sreejith) that there will be an event or series of events intertwined with His Return (visible to all) such that His Resurrection will have an energetically explosive effect on the CONSCIOUS minds of everyone embodied on earth. I believe these Kodaikanai and Muddenahalli Subtle Body "appearances/Presences" are designed to stretch the minds and hearts of DEVOTEES, because Swami will be VERY different when He Returns. He will no longer be just for devotees (but He will be for the whole of humankind) and He will no longer agree to play along with the old world and conceptual paradigms that many devotees haven't had the opportunity to begin loosening and expanding from.

For one, we will have to expand our acceptance of the many levels of existence beyond the physical -- and Swami appearing in Subtle Body Form gives many the chance to begin re-adjusting what we expect from Swami (and from the nature of what it is for each of us to be an embodied soul). Those who cannot accept that Swami can speak to us from a Subtle Body level and that such discourses are indeed credible, may struggle harder further on down the road.

Here's how I imagine the big picture of what is happening, for whatever it is worth: Swami left His Body in 2011. Before then but more intensely since then, He has been, with lots of aid from untellable numbers of higher beings at His service, miraculously changing the energetic environment that surrounds our Earth, raising it to higher and higher frequencies in preparation. Even our inner cellular makeup is undergoing change. (This is spoken of by Baba Himself in Irene M Watson's book SHIVA LINGAM and in His channeled messages through Valeria Barrow on www.cosmicsaibaba.com.) Some few embodied souls have already been allowed to perceive this, but in order to Shift our Gaia and Humanity upwards into a whole New Earth, a Golden Age of Truth, the MAJORITY of embodied souls need to be conscious of (or at least confronted with) the reality of the divinity of the spirit within each heart and the reality of God. To bring these basic concepts into the collective CONSCIOUSNESS seems necessary to shake off the spent but still spinning materialism of humankind. Such an awakening will allow humanity to choose (or reject) entering a whole new way of being.

That is how Swami's Sublime Leela will fit so beautifully into the picture, just as Brother Sreejith says. That Resurrection Event will come when Swami knows the environments within and without have risen to just the right heights to give the greatest opportunity for the most souls to choose to move forward into the Golden Age.

It's like He has been tilling and enhancing the soil for this new Golden Age Garden, and only when He Returns and thereby forces the MAJORITY of people (by no means just us lucky devotees) to consciously acknowledge the spiritual component of the human being and the cosmos, will He actually toss the seeds of all our souls into the fertile soil. Most will take root and flourish, and some will not. But something needs to catalyze and then tend like a Gardener the consciousness of all people, explicitly teaching them, once the 'environmental' preparation is complete. I believe, like Sreejith, that Swami's Return will be that catalyst. Afterwards, the 'Cloak of Invisibility' that Swami has thrown over the world's ability to perceive His Greatness and Magnitude will FINALLY be cast aside and much of the world will open in awe and wonder to the teachings and heart-to-Heart guidance from Earth's Presiding Deity and Greatest Teacher, Who will then guide us all to build a Golden World. Jaya Jaya Jaya Sathya Sai Gayatri! Jai Sai Ma.
Sai Das
Sai Das2014-11-29 15:06#
How do we know the supposed subtle body manifestations are real? Swami has said many times over many years that He does not speak through anyone at any time. That seems pretty clear to me.
Susan I. Fay
Susan I. Fay2014-11-30 20:55#
You ask an excellent question Sai Das, and I certainly do not know the answer. Perhaps we are being called to expand our idea of what the most authoritative mode of receiving Swami's teachings and messages is. Maybe communications through the physical senses will be joined by other modes that bangarus may discern as credible or not credible - maybe we will begin trying to discern whether or not we will, as an individual, accept a manifestation (for example at Muddenahalli, or in a devotee's vision) as authoritative by turning inward and seeing if the message lines up with our indwelling Sai Self. I do not know. This is all new territory! But I suspect that some of the things Swami said in the past may no longer apply as we metamorphose into the New Golden Age of Truth.
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-02 04:49#
Susan, Sreejith and others,

Thank you Susan for your insightful comments.

I'd like to add a few of my own insights, though I am clear that they may be "off the mark." .....

I am tending to agree that Sathya Sai will return in some rather "potent" way very very soon....

I agree that everyone on earth is going to have to make a "choice" ...one way or the other....for Good (God).... or.... for Bad (which might be viewed as "the fittest will survive through force.")

I have been studying the different "camps" that God seems to be preparing for this final 7 year "showdown" of "choice."....

Within Christianity alone, there seem to be many "camps" that are being guided very directly....and differently.

One of them involves Catholics via "Mary of Medjugorje." Another is....the Mormons......the Born agains Christians are another.

I have personally joined each of these three groups, and am still and active member in each of them. And it seems clear to me that they are each being very directly guided by God to "handle" this "choice situation," each in its own way.

It seems that there are many such camps in each of the major world religions. And many many camps outside of any traditional religions (New Age camps, for example) that seem to be receiving very real guidance from God....and very specific guidance, tailored to their own "camp".

My feeling is that when Sai Baba "Re-emerges" all of the people from these camps are NOT going to all of a sudden "see the light" about Sathya Sai Baba's form being Divinity.

I see things unfolding in a more organic way. I think at first, as Sai starts revealing Himself, I think God, in various other forms and ways, will start revealing Himself more directly to each of the different camps....each in it's own way.

All of them in their own unique way....in a way that will not necessarily "match up" with each other at first.

I notice that in many of these camps, Spirit seems to be guiding them to "stick" tight to what is being taught in their own camp. They are being prepared to not "wonder off" or "chase" after the "claims" of "other camps." It seems it will be more important for them to simply focus on their own camps guidelines and make sure they actually follow them faithfully.

My feeling is that not everyone needs to accept Sathya Sai Baba in "his form".....at least at first.

At first, many good-willed people will be very frightened by all the commotion, and they will need to stick to their current "camps" guidance. Maybe even at first, many of these good people will reject Sai Baba's form at first.....that seems natural.....at first. So long as they don't get violent about their views.

To me this is to be expected and accepted at first. The way I see it unfolding, only later in these next seven years, will Spirit start showing all the "good people" in all the different camps that, in essence, they are all ONE and on the same side.

I think at first, Spirit is going to test everyone according to the good guidelines of their own "camps." .....to see if they choose peace or violence in the way they react to other "good camps" that they see as "bad."

In other words, I don't personally think that Sathya Sai Baba, at first, upon his reappearance, is going to necessarily attract all people who make the "choice for Good and God" to his particular form. I think the game is going to "play out" for seven years in a way that urges all good people to turn to the name and form and "camp" that they are meant to go to. Then, as the seven years comes more to a close, it will begin to be shown to everyone that all the good camps share the same essence of love.

Even during the Golden Age....I think the idea "let the different religions flourish" will continue. It will all be done in a spirit of Diversity within the essence of Unity.

Anyway...this simple idea is all i wanted to convey.

I would love other opinions.
Roy2014-12-03 19:37#
Sai Baba Discourse 31st May 2008
October Issue – Sanathana Sarathi Page 306

“Believe it or not, in the next 25 – 30 years, the entire human race will become one. People of all religions like Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc., will be united. There will be complete unity in the world. It is from Bharat (India) that the spirit of devotion for God will spread to all parts of the world.
Treasure this truth in your heart.”


Sai Baba Discourse 22nd November 2008
January 2009 Issue – Sanathana Sarathi Page 7

“Very soon the entire world will be united and Bharat will have a great name and fame. After 28 years from now the entire world will become one. Everyone will feel proud to call himself a Bharatiya. Nobody will say I am from Karnataka, I am, from Tamil Nadu, I am from Kerala etc. Wherever you go, you should say I have come from Bharat. Karnataka and all other States are parts of Bharat.”


Sai Baba Discourse 14th February 2009
March 2009 Issue – Sanathana Sarathi Page 81

“Many overseas devotees are also getting transformed by following the teaching of Swami. I declare before all of you that the whole world will become like one family within the next 18 years. Soon Bharat will have a great name as spiritual leader of the world, and Bharatiya culture and spirituality will spread to all corners of the world.”

Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-04 04:23#
Roy (and Susan and others),

Thank you for these beautiful Sai Quotes.....and thank you for sourcing them.

This all makes sense to me......from 2008, maybe it will take another 28 years for everyone to see the total UNITY in the diversity (different "camps" ....so to speak).

My studies of the various "camps," leads me to believe that the diversity will continue to flourish.....but they will flourish with a clear understanding that the essence of all the diversity is ONENESS.

My opinion is that there will still be spiritual growth during the next 1000 years of peace on earth. Diversity helps individual souls to grow.

There are groups of people who are at different stages of development. Having different faiths (camps) allows groups of people who are at a similar stage of development to work together on their own path (a path that is recognized as within the oneness of Humanity).

Another related thought....

Looking at some huge groups (with many sub groups within them) ....namely the Jews, Christians and Muslims....they are imbued with thousands of years of a "shared" spiritual heritage or culture, which starts from 6 or 7 thousand years ago (Old Testament of the Bible).

My feeling is that this culture (along with the so many other cultures that have long histories, like Buddhism, etc), will continue throughout the 1000 years of peace.

In the same way that Rama's and Krishna's names and forms are still remembered and adored to this day, I think, also, Abraham and Noah and Moses and Jesus and Mary and Mohammad (and Buddha) will be remembered and cherished in the coming 1000 years.

Sai has said that God can and does take whatever form is dear to the devotee. I feel sure that God will take many different forms during this 1000 years.

Again, Sai Baba has said......."let the different religions flourish" (sorry, I don't know where he said this...but I remember it pretty clearly)

The main thing, I think, as Sai has stated (thanks Roy...for the quotes), is that in the next few decades, the whole human race will become one (in spirit, not in form).

In other words, I think everyone will be able to see the beauty of all the different paths.....even though there will still be preferences to which path one focuses on.

And yes, It makes sense that humanity will see that the Sathya Sai Form and India (Bharat) will be seen as a leading Light.

What are your thoughts about this Roy and Susan and others?
Joy2014-12-04 08:43#
Thank you Roy for those wonderful quotes from Sanathana Sarathi.
Swami's Words thrill us because every heart vibrates in harmony with the Truth.
Susan Fay
Susan Fay2014-12-03 23:01#
Dear Jim Martineau,

What a helpful comment for me that you have shared! Thank you very much. I realize that I haven’t been thinking much about the other spiritually advanced “camps” as you call them, in part because I have so little traffic with them in my day-to-day life. By far the majority of the people I happen to know, living in the northeast of the US, are atheists.

But I love your insight into those camps and I love the idea of an Ascension process, a post-Resurrection process possibly, that honors the pathways and cherished Form of each type of spiritual group. That is so much in line with Swami’s teachings of reverence and tolerance for all faiths. And truly, I wouldn’t want to force people to embrace Swami as God (although there is a part of me that would be so gratified if His extreme powers of transformation could be enjoyed by many, many more than avail themselves now). I would, however, be very happy if the coming Golden Age somehow dawned into the awareness of many on earth. So your organic, respectful, and gradual picture of many other spiritual groups working within their own path and traditions, but being explicitly guided into the newness of what we are approaching, is very beautiful, and makes sense, and stretches how I have been thinking up till now.

I am so curious, though, about 2 points you make and wonder if you might be willing to say more about them. 

First, in what ways are these “camps” that you are familiar with being specifically, “directly guided”? And how are they being “differently” guided, and what commonalities can you see between their received guidance, if there are any?

And secondly, you mentioned the next seven years a few times, which of course lines up with STKC’s ideas (and Swami's Words) on how long Swami may remain on earth if He Returns shortly. Are the other camps that you know of getting messages about a seven year bottleneck of transition, as well?

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I have been enhanced by them and I bet others have too.

Jai God! Jai Self! Jai Sai! Jai Gayatri! Jai Jesus Christ! Jai our blossoming Loving Humanity!

In Divine Love,

Susan Fay
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-04 07:03#

What a lovely soul you are!!!!! So clear minded. Good manners. Insightful. Loving. Sai Ram to you!!!!

Susan, It might be helpful to read my comment which is just below Roy's comment (a little ways above this comment). I think some of my writing there might give some more insight into the thoughts I am trying to share.

I also want to ask you to read the comment I made to you and Apurva below. I wrote that and sent it in prior to having seen your reply to Apurva. It looks like you and I are very much "on the same page" regarding that topic. I am eager to see if Apurva writes us again to clarify anything that she feels is still being misunderstood {this is fun!}.

Now, regarding a direct reply to your last comment to me.....

This writing is going to be very "choppy" sorry.....I'm not yet very sorted out on all of it myself!!!!!

Let me start with your second inquiry. For various reasons, various people in the New Age Community have been mentioning that the next 7 years are going to be very transformational. I am not able to quote any source offhand regarding the New Agers.....but this is what I have been hearing.

Also, although this is also not at all "official," I have heard from some followers of Mary of Medjugorje that from now until 7 years from now......this will be the time....maybe.....that her "10 secrets" will be revealed, which involve the eradication of evil on earth.

I also remember reading a prominent Muslim prophecy somewhere (sorry...no source again) that mentioned that All Muslim groups will recognize the Oneness of all faiths by the year 2021. (in other words, all the "terrorist" activity by those claiming to be Muslim will cease.

Susan.....sorry I can not give more concrete information about this 7 year period. It just seems to me that this timing seems to be making sense to quite a few people in different groups that I have "tapped into."

Okay.....regarding your first inquiry.....

You ask "in what ways" are these different groups being "directly guided?"
You ask "how" are they being "differently guided?"
You ask "what commonalities" are there in these different guidances?


When I say "directly guided" I am simply referring to situations in different groups where I think God is "appearing" and giving "direct" guidance to the leaders (and followers) of the many "camps" that I am referring to.



Joseph Smith received a vision of Jesus and His Father in 1805. Since then, Jesus, John the Baptist, several of the Apostles, several enlightened Beings (eg, Moroni) have been either appearing to or internally guiding the Mormon Church. To this day, much miraculous activity and direct Divine guidance seems to be happening in this group. This is my personal witness.

I joined the Mormon church in about 2007. It is clear to me the "the Book of Mormon" is a "True Scripture." Meaning that it contains many great truths and histories that were recorded in it by what I would call "direct guidance" of God.


I see so much of what I call "direct guidance." Various apparitions of Jesus and Mary and many of the saints of the church have been happening throughout the church's history.

In recent history, the apparition of Jesus and Mary in Kibeho, Rwanda (Africa) are well documented.

Currently, Mary is still appearing in Medjugorje (Bosnia/Croatia area)

Susan, these are just two examples. As you know, if you google different religious groups or spiritual groups, you will find a lot of miraculous guidance going on......it seems to be very very prevalent.

continued in next reply.......
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-04 07:04#
continuing from last reply.....

n the Hindu Faith

Sri Karunamayi

all of these living spiritual figures are "appearing" to their devotees...currently. I am sure there are many others.

In the various new age groups that I hang out with....for example, groups who follow the book called A Course In Miracles. So many of these people are having "apparitions" and direct guidance in various miraculous ways.

Anyway, my point is that when I study the miraculous happenings and guidance from apparitions to different groups, etc., I notice that, do to cultural differences, and due to things like differences in stages of evolution that different groups of people are at.....I notice that the messages received by the people of these different groups have some rather obvious "dogmatic" differences that simply do not match up with other groups. At the same time, there are the essential commonalities of Love, Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Non-Violence...etc.

For example, the Mormons are taught to respect all other religions....but theirs is the highest.
Modern Catholics are taught kind of the same thing. (old-school catholics were less accepting of other religions)

Mormons are taught that most everyone on earth is going to receive some level of heaven. Almost nobody goes to hell.
Catholics and other Christian groups, on the other hand, tend to see a larger percentage of people going to hell.

Now, for example, I notice that the current apparitions are backing these ideas up. Mary's apparitions in Medjugorje and Kibeho are emphasizing that everyone needs to make a choice...either heaven or hell. Mary is saying in here apparitions that Eternal Hell is very real and if one does not choose God, than they will go there. She does it with Love for all souls, but never the less, she talks of the reality of souls going to Eternal Hell.

Susan, I notice that many people of a "higher spiritual evolution" say the Medjugorje apparitions "can't" be authentic because in their minds Mary would never confirm eternal hell.

...continued in next reply
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-04 07:05#
continuing from last reply.....

But my opinion is that the apparitions are authentic and Mary IS sharing this idea. Why? because at a certain stage of evolution, God seems to make thing more "black and white" ......like the laws of the old testament, as revealed from God (Burning Bush) to Moses.

Basically, I think God is doing the same thing now.....depending on the evolution of the group or camp that He/She (God) is specifically guiding.

Younger soul groupings get more Black and White type of guidance.....because that works for them.

Older soul groupings are getting more "integrated" guidance.....because that works better for them.

Generally, my studies of how God seems to be working through "enlightened ones" like Mary (and so many other names and forms) who are now appearing to various "camps" on earth right now........show me that God is bringing people along within in a way that "fits" their own current paradigm of understanding.

Sai says he gives people what they want until they are ready to receive a more "pure truth."

My point is that I don't see everyone being suddenly "shaken" out of their paradigms really quickly. I think that process will happen more slowly.

Even once evil is eradicated after 7 years.....still....I think there will be soul groupings that will be culturally different and also different regarding their level of evolution.

Over the next thousand years of peace.......the different groups will still be there, I think. It is just that there will be an understanding that all the groups are "good" groups.

In the next 7 years, it is my opinion that there will be so much commotion going on that it will be a time where God will be guiding everyone to join a group or camp that they are comfortable with. God will have them focus in on the particular guidance of that grouping, while, in the meantime, all of the Evil is being purged from the earth.

It seems to me that it will be after the 7 years of purification of "evil" people from the earth.....that there will be, from that point forward....maybe from 2021 forward....another few decades of time (like Roy mentions in his comments above) to more fully realize that all of the "camps" that are left on earth are essentially "One." .....though still honoring each tradition or "camp" fully.

Then, as decades turn to centuries.....I still think that there will be lots of different souls groups evolving at various paces.

The Golden Age does not equalize everyone all of a sudden, in my opinion. In the deeper sense, yes, everyone will realize that all of us are equal....all Children of God....all a part of God. All God in essence.

But the individualized soul evolution will continue, in my opinion. Groups of similar souls will tend to group together and evolve together.

Susan...this is just a very rough sketch of a few ideas that I wanted to share.....very choppy...sorry. I wish to dialogue with you a lot more.

Love and Sai Ram,
Chandrasekar.T.M2014-11-25 09:14#
Aum Sri Sai ram
suyigi2014-11-25 13:13#
sairam indeed a divine dream and SAIMAA "SACRED CLARION CALL" (DREAMS ANS VISIONS 23RD NOV.2014).An oppurtunity to be never missed,to become a part of the GOLDEN ERA and establishing the SATHYA YUGA..AIMING TOWARDS self realisation..
Suneesh2014-11-28 06:08#
This is the message Swami mentioned to Sreejith. I have no doubt. Thank you Swami.
Apurva2014-11-29 18:21#
Thank you so much dear brothers and sisters... there have been further visions and dreams to other devotees in the same birthday week posted on STKC face book page. Having read all the visions and dreams and having experienced this particular vision myself I think its high time! We have to get ready and choose the Truth as our ultimate reality and usher in the golden age by being golden hearts ourselves... Now or Never ...The choice is to be made:)

Jai Sairam!! Thy Kingdom Come!!!
Susan I. Fay
Susan I. Fay2014-11-30 20:31#
Initially I was puzzled by the part of Apurva's Vision where Swami says, "before I and Gayatri come into light, by that time Evil would have been evacuated from the Earth by natural law and by the demand of upcoming Golden Era!" I was puzzled because the way I read it suggested that Swami (and Gayatri Devi) won't Return and become embodied, respectively, until AFTER all lower vibrating (evil) individuals have departed from the higher frequency vibrating Earth. But just now as I re-read it, it struck me differently (and in a way that fits better with my hopes for Swami to Return more sooner than later:). What if Swami meant - when He said "before I and Gayatri come into light" - what if He meant before they return BACK to strictly Light Bodies (when their 7-year or so long mission is finished), back to the Lokas which they have already left in order to give this very Vision?...

Just a thought. I hesitated to post it however, because, with all these wondrous visions and dreams and Sukshma Sai (Subtle Body) Discourses that are crowding our awareness recently, contradictions are popping up. The only conclusion I can draw from the contradictions is that we are to let go of latching onto every word and detail, and remain as open as possible to radical newness.
Apurva2014-12-03 16:31#
Dear Susan Fay, It was very clear to me in the vision that Swami and Gayatri meant that they would be INTO the light of the WORLD and not AS light bodies. Swami confirmed it again leaving no room for doubt in Tejas Viprani's third dream posted in the same website.


I am the father of Christ…
Mehdi The Sathya Sai Resurrects!
Jesus is born…
As the son of Gayatri The epitome of wisdom!
Never before never after…
Only this is the time you will see this trio on the earth!
This trio will herald the golden age!
Universe will witness this divine play!

Also in the first dream of Tejas Viprani Swami said: “I have to be in this form till I complete my mission OF BRINGING HEAVEN TO EARTH, Maya mind cannot understand my MASTER MIND, THIS AVTAR’S MAGNANIMITY IS ‘NABHOOTO NA BHAVISHYATI’. THERE IS NO SCOPE FOR SPECULATION AGAINST BHAGWAN’S PROCLAMATION."

Let us not get confused with the word "Light" as light body but it is into the light of the EARTH / WORLD as visible to all of us in physical bodies. Right now they are not visible, but they will when they descend to earth again. I was convinced of this in my vision itself when swami spoke and the way he spoke “Swami will surely come in few more days, do not worry! I am giving opportunity to many to choose Truth."

Loving Sairam,
Susan Fay
Susan Fay2014-12-03 23:27#
Sairam, Blessed Apurva, thank you for your reply.

I think you may have misunderstood my commment though. I am not questioning whether the Trio will come into the physical, for I believe They will indeed! Instead I was questioning whether or not we will have to wait until there are no "evil" embodied souls left on earth BEFORE the Divine Trio comes.

What I tried to suggest was that perhaps Swami meant that the clearing of "evil" souls from earth will take place over the course of the seven years AFTER They descend to earth, and that when that process is finished, then Swami and Gayatri and Jesus will leave earth again - or, "come [BACK] into Light", meaning return to Their true domains of Light.

But my comment was not very significant; it was my ego and mind trying to figure out a way to see that Swami and Gayatri and Christ may come more SOONER than later, and to hope that there will not be much sudden and massive suffering of those who are not going to choose the more Truthful, Loving path that is offered to us. But in the process I may have twisted words and meanings too much. I am sorry!

And thank you again for sharing that Sublime and Divine Vision with us all!

With Sai Love,
Susan Fay
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-04 03:03#
Apurva (and Susan),

I think you might be missing the point Susan Fay is making.....

(Or maybe I am confused.)

Please allow me to explain what i think Susan is saying.


Susan is say that, according to her "second take" on interpreting your dream, Sai and Gayatri would incarnate PHYSICALLY on earth now (in the next few days) and be here in the world over the next 7 years as Good prevails over Evil. Then, after this 7 year period of purification, Sai and Gayatri would return to the LIGHT (not visible to those on earth).

Susan's interpretation makes sense to me.

Otherwise, Apurva, it does not appear that your paragraph makes sense (to me) (Unless you are saying that Sai and Gayatri are going to rid ALL of the Evil on earth within the next few days.

Apurva, allow me to quote you....

"....It means that before I (Sai) and Gayatri come into light, by that time Evil would have been evacuated from the Earth by natural law and by the demand of upcoming Golden Era!"

In this quote, it seems to clearly say that Sai and Gayatri will not "come into light" until "AFTER" Evil has been evacuated.

Yet, Sai clearly states he is coming within a few days.

If "coming into light" means coming into physical appearance......then it seems to follow that all of Evil will be evacuated in the next few days.....

This interpretation does NOT make much sense to me.

Apurva, does it make sense to you?.....that all Evil will be evacuated within the next few days?

No, I don't think so. It makes more sense to interpret it as Susan was saying....that Sai and Gayatri are coming into physical form within next few days. Then, over the next 7 years will be a purification process (clearing all Evil).....Then, after all Evil is evacuated, only then, Sai and Gayatri will go back to Light.

Apurva and Susan.......please help to correct any mistaken views that I am sharing here.

Thank you.
Susan I. Fay
Susan I. Fay2014-12-04 11:25#
Sai Ram, dear Jim,

I believe you clarified my thoughts better than I did! Thank you. That is exactly what I was trying to say. The only thing is, it wasn't Apurva's words - it was Swami's Words in her vision. That is why I am inclined to drop the whole issue of trying to reconcile the apparent difficulty and see what Swami unfolds for us.

Let us wait and watch and with each breath, if we can remember to, send love to all people on earth.

Jai Sai Gayatri (Tat Savitur Varenyam!)

Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-04 20:37#

Thank you for this beautiful reply. Yes, let us wait and watch and send love to all people on earth as this Divine situation unfolds.


My tendency is to search out and interact with people very intensely, with lots of detailed communication. I do this for many reasons.

Susan, I want to share with you that I have an aspiration to one day be the President of the United States of America. Right now I am focused on 2024.

I also want to share with you that on January 1, 1999 at 11:20 pm, the moment that I made a personal decision to fully accept Sathya Sai Baba as my Guru, He immediatly start giving me miraculous signs regarding His desire for me to become the US President.

I am searching for people who are interested in hearing my personal story.

Susan, if you want to learn a little more about me, you might like to visit my little, self-made website (which is not very active at the moment, but it will still help to give you further insight into me and my plans). The website does not talk about the US Presidency, but it does talk about a Grassroots Movement which may help me achieve that political aspiration.

Here is the website.....


Susan, I would also love to learn more about you (not for personal relationship reasons...I am a very happily married man......but for spiritual reasons.....reasons that might help us network in our selfless service efforts)
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-04 20:39#

Also, did you see my other comments above, regarding your questions for me?
SAMY2014-12-01 06:22#
Naren2014-12-13 07:49#
It is said that the last Mehdi will be in hiding for a long time.

Well, it reminds me of the famous statement, "The best place to hide something is where everyone can see it."

Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-16 22:25#
Sai Ram,

Sreejith "posted" an important Vision by Apurva Iyengar today on STKC Facebook Page.

It is titled..... "Sathya Sai"

I now invite everyone to go there and read this most astounding Vision.

Sai Ram
Han2015-03-01 14:20#
Does anyone knows about the Mystic Inn 7 Ray project? Has it started and what are the chance to participate for people who are living far like me?

Free Thinker
Free Thinker2015-03-03 10:01#
I am absolutely gobsmacked and bewildered that in spite of Swami visiting so many places in subtle body still has not woken up the Sai devotees who still believe that Sai was buried with the body on 24th April 2011. I can understand everyone wants proof and there is lot of confusion going around the subtle body appearance but having witnessed the subtle body experience first hand in Australia, I would like to reassure all devotees that Sai has gone nowhere and is truly will within the reach of everyone who wants to experience His divine presence again.
Sreejith Narayan - STKC
Sreejith Narayan - STKC2015-03-03 13:41#
Sairam dear Free Thinker, I sense a lot of frustration in you, however, if we try and understand everything as part of HIS grand plan, then we will be able to come into terms with whatever is happening now. There is no need to worry about anything. Everything is perfectly in place. Even without the subtle body experiences, everyone knows "Swami has not gone anywhere"! Then again, many who believe in His physical reappearance believes in the subtle body experiences as well. As far as I am concerned I have to follow what I have been directed to follow.
Free Thinker
Free Thinker2015-03-04 05:58#
Sairam Sreejith, I have put down my thoughts on subtle body experience in my blog


I believe that instead of speculating about what is going to happen next, it is better to sit back, relax and enjoy the cosmic drama. There may be few more twists and turns in the plot which may surprise us all.
Sreejith Narayan - STKC
Sreejith Narayan - STKC2015-03-04 15:27#
Thanks. I agree.
Hana  Degen.
Hana Degen.2015-03-03 18:08#
It only make sense to just do the right things, be loving, truthful, peaceful, and non-violence, I call these values, " The Great human Values" aren't these values the bases of all religions? although in every religion, not everyone practices these values to the fullest.

Regardless of who is coming and going when and if ever, doesn't make seance to strive to practice The Great Human Values"? Then when the time comes, whether it is Swami, Jesus, Gaytri, or Mohammed or all together coming or leading, so long us we are practicing that, anyone of them would make us qualify to the highest of good that is coming!; that is really what my understanding is sometimes it is not good to look into dreams and words that we are not told to tell others in the obvious manner from the highest; please correct me if I am wrong especially because I am recent follower of Sai and I do not have the deep knowledge yet.
peace to the world!

Thank you and Siariam!!
Sreejith Narayan - STKC
Sreejith Narayan - STKC2015-03-03 18:37#
Sairam Hana, Regarding dreams, some of them are Swami's assurances to devotees and meant for all. Some dreams are meant only for the person who receives it. It's up to the person to understand and act accordingly. Regarding striving to practice the human values - I completely agree with you.
Hana  Degen.
Hana Degen.2015-03-04 18:41#
Thank you now it clear it is their personal message from Swami, sharing it with others; thank you Sreejith! I have a question for you, does prayer request works with swami and do you have such a service at large over the internet or assigned person to pray for particular person as the Christianity ??

Thank you again!

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