By Karthikeyan

Sairam to all fellow SKTCians, I request all to take the below article only as an analysis and not as a prediction on the date of Swami’s Reappearance. Only Bhagawan knows His plans and His day of Reappearance.

I feel there is a possibility of Swami’s reappearance on the Smartha Ekadesi Day  - December 24, 2016 Saturday - 3:32 AM up to December 25, 2016 Sunday 5:33 AM, based on the following factors.

1) The “Ekadesi Day” seems to be important in the context of Swami's Reappearance. We believe that Swami Himself Re-emerged on the Vaikunta Ekadesi Day, December 31, 2014 based on certain dreams and visions. In the month of January 2015, many devotees had dreams of Swami's Re-emergence (not to be confused with reappearance). Please click here for a list of articles regarding this.

2) From a dream: “I looked Him in the eye and what a bright twinkle in those lovely pair of eyes, there was. I also saw Swami making all those hand gestures like He earlier used to. Swami looked young, hale and healthy, dressed in a white robe. (I felt all this indicated the time just before Christmas……..)”

From the above points, we can see a possibility of Swami coming on a Ekadesi Day just before Christmas. December 24, 2016 3:32 AM up to December 25, 2016 5:33 AM coincides with both these factors.

Please also refer to this article “A hint” which describes the possibility of Swami's Reappearance this year.


December 24, 2016 Saturday - 3:32 AM up to December 25, 2016 Sunday 5:33 AM "could be" the day of Reapperance of our dear Swami.

I hope and pray that this Smartha Ekadesi Day turns out to be a “Smart" Ekadesi Day of Swami’s Reappearance!


BRUNO2016-12-21 05:01#
¡¡¡ OM SAI RAM ... OM SAI RAM ... OM SAI RAM...!!!
yogi kumar
yogi kumar2016-12-21 07:03#
I am fortunate to be spreading Swami's teachings of loving all and serving all through traditional yog/reiki in a place where Swami went Himself and sanctified that place at, of late many including me are feeling here same feeling which one used to get as Swami will emerge for Darshan with hairs standing and eyes becoming wet during meditations and yogic practices here. This makes us feel His return already in energetic form more potent Now ultimately leading to His physical appearance anytime.
shehana2016-12-21 15:55#
SaiRam.Waiting happily,for Thee Bhagwan! each day with lot of expectations, without losing hope. I happened to see an article by (Radiosai e-journal , Swami and Me, A Deep and Divine Devi connection, part-3) a devotee couple. They narrate the relationship of their grand daughter (little girl) with Baba. After the Mahasamadhi, a few days later the child called her grand mother over phone and told "Baba told me HE is tired, He is hungry and He is thirsty. She said that He also told her "I WANT TO EAT AND REST TO BECOME STRONG AND COME BACK". Wonderful words! Divine words to a child. What proof else we need?.Each and every word said by Swami is Truth. HE is Sathyam.
Hari2016-12-28 12:38#
Sairam. Whenever there is a sign from Swami that He returns on a certain date, please watch the incidents which are taking place around that time. The dream dimension and the earth dimension are different and the language is different. It is a puzzle that needs to be solved. It cannot be discarded lightly as it has a gift from Him in it. Discuss within the group and outside the group. Group does not matter in the bigger picture.

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