Let's prepare for the Golden Age

Happy Guru Purnima to all.

On this auspicious day, it gives me great joy in sharing the below vision that my Sai Sister Anu was blessed with during the wee hours of Sunday July 10th.
Before we get to the details, a little background on Anu’s experience with Swami’s Reappearance and STKC. In 2012 when STKC was published, I had given her a copy to read. Even though she was not inclined to the belief echoed in the book, due to my constant follow-ups, she decided to read it just to make me happy. However, after finishing the book she was overwhelmed with many questions and prayed to Bhagawan to give her a sign if the book premise was true. That night Swami came in her dream and answered that the book and its message were true. Since then she has been an enthusiastic believer in Swami’s Reappearance. After that she had not received any dream related to Swami’s Reappareance until now (even though she gets powerful dreams and visions of Swami quite often with messages related to her spiritual life).

She was initially hesitant on publishing this vision but later on sent me the details with the message "I have a strong feeling that this should be posted immediately, so please do so as quickly as possible". So here it is…

Anu's vision in her own words

Around 2 o’clock in the morning, lying awake in my bed, I began to feel slightly nauseous. As time passed this feeling of nausea began to intensify. I closed my eyes and then began my vision of the Sivalinga. At first I saw the base of the Sivalinga which was black, but as I raised my eyes, saw the Linga itself, golden and radiating light from within. I yearned to see Swami’s entire form, however, I could only see His profile. I prayed to Him to kindly turn towards me and suddenly He turned around. The golden Linga was surrounded by an aura of white light shining brighter than I could have ever imagined. Immediately, a wave of emotion overcame my heart and I began to cry uncontrollably. I was saddened by the thought of my physical and spiritual separation from such a beautiful being.  Mesmerized by His beauty, I refused to go back to the physical world. However, Swami insisted that I must go back.
In that moment, Swami created a hologram of Prema Sai which appeared next to the Sivalinga idol. Swami told me that Prema Sai was already born and that Swami Himself was going to come back in His physical form (of Sathya Sai). However, I was puzzled. Would Swami’s time on earth and Prema Sai’s advent overlap? I asked Him this very question but He chose to remain silent. The hologram of Prema Sai disappeared and immediately, an arc of light in pink color appeared behind the Sivalinga. A similar arc of light in blue color appeared on top of the pink arc.  I continued to plead with Swami, refusing to return to the physical world. This conversation between us went back and forth for quite some time. Finally, I asked Swami if I could hug Him. However, He did not respond. I asked several more times, yet He remained silent. His silence did not deter me; I was overcome with the feeling of love and I hugged Him. I merged with the Sivalinga and began to see the entire universe that rests within Him. As I separated from the Linga I saw all the Atmas in the world merging in Him. In that very instance, I was awoken. The time was 5:30 am.
Throughout the day, I felt a deep sadness, one caused by the separation I felt from leaving Swami. Even though my daughters tried to console me, explaining that this sadness was really just a manifestation of my duality and that no such separation existed between God and I, I still could not help but feel this spiritual pain. I felt physically weakened after my experience and around 1:00 pm I decided to nourish my body with food. After doing so, I lay down on my bed around 2:00 pm in the afternoon and closed my eyes once again. Immediately, my vision from the early morning continued. I could still see the Sivalinga as well as the pink and blue arcs clearly. This time, rather than just saying that I must return to the physical world, Swami gave me an explanation as to why this was the case.
Soon afterwards, Goddess Parvati appeared. Her face was hidden from my view; I could only see Her from behind. Her long, black hair was braided and adorned with many golden jewels. I requested Her to turn around and after asking several times She obliged. She turned around slowly in a feminine manner and revealed Herself. Her face was covered in turmeric powder, giving Her a yellowish glow and wore a large, round, bright red bindi in the center of Her forehead. Her nose was adorned with a large, golden nose ring with white diamond. She proceeded to sit next to Lord Shiva. I only vaguely remember the conversation between us and the details have escaped my memory. However, I clearly remember Swami saying that He was “speeding up the process for all spiritual aspirants”. I interpreted this to mean that He was elevating the spiritual consciousness of all beings on earth in preparation for the Golden Age. Finally, He told me that I must spread His love to the entire world and to everyone whom I encounter. Once the vision concluded and I woke up, I no longer felt the sadness of separation that I had previously experienced. I wish for everyone reading about my experience to spread Swami’s Divine love to everyone they encounter, friend and foe alike.


saisarannaga2016-07-19 05:31#
Dear all. The waiting seems to be prolonged and in between Swami raises our spirit by giving spiritual visions and dreams to some and making them to post in Sai Thy Kingdom come. It is news that Premasai has already born! Thank you for sharing.
KARTHIKEYAN2016-07-19 08:13#
A wonderful dream after a long time. Hail to Shridi Sai, Sathya Sai,Prema Saii!

Let us sing this "Bhajan song" sung by Bhagawan Baba (www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7pFUe8yaOE)

Love is My form
Truth is My Breath
Bliss is My food
Expansion is My life
no reason for love
no season for love
no birth and death
Prema Sathya Ananda
Shanti Dharma Ananda
Shirdi Sai Sathya Sai
Prema Sai Jay Jay
Shirdi Baba Sathya Baba
Prema Baba Jay Jay
Ben2016-07-24 22:29#
Sai Ram.

The world today is in a mess - chaotic. Baba has to return soon. Let us pray deeply. sincerely with all our hearts and mind for His reappearance.

Samasthaa Loka Sukhino Bhavanthu.
BRUNO2017-01-08 15:08#
Sai Ram Sai Anu !!!
Beautiful your dream, the Words of Swami are very strong and I treasure them in my Heart; And it's true, I feel that the Spiritual Acceleration Process is really true, since I feel it in my own Soul and Life ... sometimes I say to Swami "This is a lot for me, ... (Haha !!! ).
Thank you so much for sharing your dream, it really comes to me like a balm to my soul.
Hugs of Light !!!

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