"He will come when the time is ripe for Him"


He is been named Qaim, because He will rise after His demise


When our Qaim rises, the earth will shine with the light of its Lord


The truth is that a time is fixed for everything and one should wait for that time.
He will come when time is ripe for Him


(From Bihar-ul-Anwar)


Naren2014-09-02 20:57#
Beautiful pic!

On a side note, while I have no idea what this crescent and star stand for together, to me it looks like another planet is in front of the moon (and therefore nearly hiding the moon) and a star in front of it. That is to say three celestial bodies in a straight line that marks some epic event. Mysterious are the ways of the Lord!

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SAMY2014-09-02 20:57#

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Anonymous2014-09-02 20:58#
"In the next ten years, a lot of things will happen all across the globe. Swami will manifest Himself in many, many ways in many places, at the same time. I am not telling any lies. I have said this earlier, that there will be a day[…]

---------Excerpted from Swami's Kodaikanal Discourse on the Morning of 16th May,2014

Full text is available on net

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Christian2014-09-02 21:02#
That sounds like a really important discourse, but I'm finding it impossible to find. Apparently, I'm not invited to read at on the link given in an earlier post (reconnectsathyasai)!
Any other links to it?

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Matt/NJ2014-09-02 21:03#
Hi Christian - The discourses are not hard to find (I won't presume on Brother Sreejith by posting a link here) but you can simply google in quotes "kodaikanal" "sai baba" "speech" "2014." There are three discourses (13th, 16th, 19th). Sairam, Matt/NJ

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Anonymous2014-09-02 20:58#
In fact there are four. Swami gave two discourses on 16th May 2014- Morning and Afternoon.

1. 13th May, 2014. 11pages

2. 16th May, 2014, MORNING 7pages pdf + beautiful cover page with Swami's picture.

3. 16th May, 2014, afternoon 15 pages + cover page.

4. 19th May, 2014, 27 pages.

The morning Divine Discourse of 16 th May is not available on all the sites. Pl try with the key words: pdf 16 May 2014- Divine Discourse-Morning.pdf-ximg
Discourse De Sai Baba EN KODAIKANAL 16 De Mayo De



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Christian2014-09-02 21:03#
Thanks everyone.

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Karthikeyan2014-09-02 20:59#
Few months ago Swami by his grace came in my dream (the dream was very clear) and talked to me in Tamil language. He said me very important thing.

Swamis words to me in my dream ----

“You come to Puttaparthi (for seeing his resurrection darshan) on the pradhosham day which comes in the month of karthigai.”

Now I interpret my dream as follows.

1) Karthigai is a holy Tamil month. It comes in November. Karthigai month is the holy month they lit big deepam in the holy Arunachala hills in Tiruvannamalai.

2)Swami said “come in karthigai month in the day of pradosham”. Pradosham is a holy day for lord siva where majority of people in Tamilnadu do fasting on that day. But pradosham day comes twice in the month of November.

November 4 – karthigai month – 1st pradosham
November 20 – Karthigai month – 2nd pradosham

3)But what I think means swami asked me to come in the second pradosham Nov 20. and I feel swami will appear on Nov 23. how did I do this calculation? I interpreted my dream with vasantha sais vision and nadi readings.

Vasantha sais vision

On 15/10/2013, Yamadharma Raja told Vasantha Amma during her morning meditation this," An Event will happen on the 20th and all the people in the world will know. Swami will come on the 23rd (3 days later)".He did not mention which 23rd.

my interpretation of vasantha sai vision

In my dream he said that I should come on Nov 20 (Karthigai month 2nd pradosham). From the above vision of vasantha sai you can see some thing will happen on 20 which I can interpret as Nov 20 (Karthigai month 2nd pradosham) which swami said in my dream. Then after three days swami will come on Nov 23 which is his birthday!

My interpretation of my dream with sacred nadi readings

Swami in my dream said I should come to parthi on nov20. (there after 3 days swami will come on 23)
You can see in many nadi readings it has been said swami will come on November.


“On the day of the Rohini star, the day of Krishna’s birth (august 17 2014), He will unite with that body.
Within three months, (that means swami will come in November) He will show a vision of Himself.”


“Then Swami will come in His form in Andhra Pradesh in Prasanthi Nilayam. In the same month of His birth on the day (which means November)”

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Anonymous2014-09-02 20:59#
[…] "You should never, never give up till you get what you want. Either you should perish, or the Lord should bestow the boon on you. The one who leaves it halfway through and runs away is not a devotee.

_____Swami while talking about Dhruva's mental strength, in His Divine Discourse dt. 16/05/2014 -afternoon in Kodaikanal.

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Anonymous2014-09-02 20:59#
Thank you Shri. Karthikeyan for sharing this and explaining so clearly. Pranamas to Vasantha Sai Amma.

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Anonymous2014-09-02 21:00#
'Satya Yuga'- One finds a rare confluence of thoughts among Maharshi Vedavyas, Nostradamus and Veera Brahmendra Yogi.[…]

-Express Star Teller, July 2014

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Anonymous2014-09-02 21:00#
"The coming of Maitreya was foretold 2,600 years ago by Gautama Buddha, Who said that at this time would come another great teacher, a Buddha like Himself by the name Maitreya Who, by dint of His colossal spiritual stature, would galvanise and inspire humanity to create a brilliant golden ci ilization based, as He put it, on righteousness and truth."

_________from Benjamin Creme's speech in Japan

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