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The Tamil language translation of Sai, Thy Kingdom Come is blessed to have the foreword written by Sri.Chockalingam Subramanian who is the translator of Sri Sai Satcharitra which was originally written by Late Shri.Govind Raghunath Dabolkar alias Hemad Pant in Marathi into Tamil Language. Sri.Chockalingam Subramanian hails from Pudukkottai Town and District of Tamil Nadu and has completed B.E. in Civil Engineering from Madras University. Sri.Chockalingam has also translated "Shirdi Diary" by Late Sri.G.S.Khaparde, "Incredible Sai Baba" by Arthur Osborne and "Solemn Pledge" by Dr.Brij Kishore into Tamil Language. Sri.Chockalingam has also lent his voice for Tamil Sai Satcharitra Audio DVD released by Sri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust (Shirdi).

(Translated from Tamil)

Generating such ties of love, it appears that, Maharaj (Sai Baba) has gone for tour and the devotees had a firm belief that, He will return soon. (Sai Satcharitra 43-44)

Some people started remembering the words of Sai Baba. Somebody said that Maharaj (Sai Baba) told His devotees that in time to come, He would appear as a lad of eight years. These are the words of a saint and hence, nobody should take doubt about them. (Sai Satcharitra 43-44)

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba also confirmed the above message and further He puts some more explanation. He says He mentioned in his previous avatar that after 8 years of Shirdi Sai Mahasamadhi, when the wrist of Nana shakes like the head of very old man’s head, He would appear again – However this message was twisted as He would appear as a 8 year old boy. Accordingly Bhagawan took Avatar in 1926 after 8 years (since 1918).

Sri Sreejith Narayan in his present book “Sai Thy Kingdom Come” undertook the great task of presenting many messages including the reappearance of Sri Sathya Sai Baba with countless citations from the discourses of Sri Sathya Sai Baba and from the books of intimate and eminent devotees from all around the world.

He has been successful in his efforts of squeezing the juices of the matter with his tireless efforts and supreme devotion. In the introduction of the book by Arthur Osborne “The Incredible Sai Baba” it is said that the Almighty revealed Himself in the peculiar and emotion-filled saintly life of Sai Baba. Sreejith Narayan also mentions in a similar manner.

Sreejith has been successful in presenting the countless direct experiences like Darshan, dreams and strong evidences from Nadi Grantham, Moon based Calendar, information regarding Mahdi of Islam & Biblical quotations - the materials have been collected and presented like a research paper, the kind that is usually presented for a doctorate degree!

We are put in excitement when we find that even amidst his busy life in the US, he has such mastery in the Sathya Sai Literature and admirable devotion to Sai. This helps us to raise our own levels of devotion.

Was Baba living because He had the body, or was He dead because He left it? No, Baba is ever alive, for He transcends both life and death. He, who loved Him once wholeheartedly, gets the response from Him, at any time and any place. He is always by our side and will take any form and appear before the devout Bhakta and satisfy him. (Satcharitra – Chap.33)

What experiences He gave to His devotees, while he was living in flesh; or even to-day, after His Mahasamadhi, are felt now by those, who attach themselves to Him. (Satcharitra – Chap.48)

He lives there and everywhere, and will effect the welfare of the devotees even now, as He was doing before, when He was embodied, saints like Baba never die. Though they look like men, they are in reality God Himself. (Satcharitra – Chap.43 & 44)

Baba is ever-living and helping His devotees, as before. The people who got the contact of Baba when He was living, were indeed very fortunate. (Satcharitra – Chap.45)

This Tamil Translation work is done by my elder brother Mr. C.Muthaiah, M.Sc., Ex.D.P. of Pudukkottai Dt. Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation. At present he is engaged in the services as the Convenor of Pattukkottai Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi.

For the past 35 years he has been serving as a good Sai devotee. He had Baba’s Darshan at Prasanthi Nilayam, Whitefield & Kodaikanal. He has received many personal interviews, Darshans & Pada Namaskarams. His well-versed knowledge in Sai Literature has helped him to a great extent in translating this work. This work is good to the extent that we feel like reading an original Tamil Book without the awareness of reading a translation work.

I pray that this book be present in every Sai devotees home.

Jai Sai Ram

Chockalingam Subramanian


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