Has our dearest Bhagawan already returned in His physical form? Some of the recent dreams/visions received by devotees at the commencement of 2015, certainly suggest so.

All the dreams given below have one thing in common - Swami is stating that He has already returned to His physical form.

The Nadis (from the book Sacred Nadi Readings by Sri Vasantha Sai) appear to suggest a brief interval between Swami's actual return and His public appearance. Are we now in that phase of history? Time alone can provide the answer.

Even as we enthusiastically peruse these sensational revelations granted to some of our fellow devotees, let us patiently await the further unraveling of this Divine mystery.

Be patient. In time everything will be given to you. (Sanathana Sarathi, October 1996, Back cover)

The Dreams

Shared by: Sumani, India
Source: http://saikingdom.com/opinions/guest-book
Date: January 1, 2015 

In the dream, I was sitting under the Kalpa Vruksha (Meditation Tree) in Prashanti Nilayam at around Brahma Muhurtam time (Early hours in the morning around 3:30 AM). I suddenly saw Swami passing by, in front of my eyes very quickly. After seeing Him, with great excitement, I ran to Him, kneeling in front of Him I started crying profusely out of immense happiness.

Swami said, "Bangaru! Wait...Wait... I have just arrived."

I immediately hugged Him and felt His warmth. With great joy and astonishment I said, “Swami You have come back!"

Swami said, "Yes! I have taken the body again."

I immediately took out Swami’s photo from my purse and asked for His autograph and blessings. Swami signed, “With love, Baba” and put the date as '1st  January, 2015'. (I saw it very clearly and His writing and date got imprinted in my eyes and heart.)

The dream thus ended! My God Swami! You must have really come back in Your physical form, for all of us. We are all eagerly waiting for Your proclamation of the second coming! We await Your Divine Darshan!

Shared by: Sathya Shiromani
Source: Facebook page of STKC
Date: January 1, 2015 

In the dream, I was sitting in a corner of South Indian Canteen of Prashanti Nilayam to have my lunch. One Sevadal came and collected the coupon and served the food in my plate and left. I was silently thinking heart in heart, about Swami’s reappearance in physical form.

Suddenly somebody served a sweet (Doodh Peda / Milk Sweet) in my Thali (lunch plate). I raised my head and looked at the person. There stood Swami physically in front of my eyes. With a pleasant smile and great love Swami wished me, "Happy New Year." I immediately stood up with great awe and was thrilled to the core. I held both of His hands and irresistibly continued to shake them wishing Him Happy New Year. I said with boundless joy, "Swami, as promised You have returned in physical body before the year end of 2014. We all love You so much, Thank-You very much!" Swami said lovingly, "Yes!", and he kept the sweet in my mouth and wiped my tears.

With this I woke up to realize the dream has ended! Thank you my dear Swami for a wonderful New Year gift!

Shared by: Tejas Viprani
Source: Facebook page of STKC
Date: January 1, 2015 

After a deadly and disastrous experience, the entire world seemed to have heaved a sigh of relief and just settled down with the restoration of basic amenities like electricity, water system, television transmission, internet etc. I wanted to check the transmission on my television set and switched it on. All the channels were flashing the news of our Beloved Bhagawan’s resurrection, stating it as the most astounding miracle, to have ever happened.

I was astonished and with heights of excitement, I drew the chair close to the television set and started watching. They were showing the live telecast of Swami’s darshan. Swami was addressing the public and media.

Swami said, “As I said, I returned by the end of 2014. Swami never left any of His true devotees in their times of distress. I didn't want to announce My return then, as ‘that’ time wouldn't be right. Now, the Mother Earth is relieved from the burden of evil beings, Now this is the holy time to give you all my divine darshan.”  It looked as if people from the whole world had assembled there. All were in great bliss and thrill.

Suddenly I felt somebody’s hand on my shoulder. There I was stunned to see Swami next to me, smiling at me lovingly. He was looking young and was radiating divine glory. I couldn't believe my eyes; I was extremely elated to see Him. I exclaimed, “Swami, You had returned then itself, but none of us could realize it for all these days, You stood by us silently as a savior.” I then asked, “Where is Mother Gayatri Devi, Swami?” For which Swami answered, “She will join me soon”.

As soon as I woke up from the vision, I was taken aback and shocked to understand that Swami has already reappeared and is among us on this earth. Do I call it a revelation or a miraculous event that has already taken place?? In my vision He has already reappeared in physical form by the year end of 2014. It is difficult to comprehend Swami’s Divine plans and messages. I humbly pray Him to give us further clarity and direction on this.

Shared by: Apurva Iyengar
Source: Facebook page of STKC
Date: January 1, 2015 

Prashanti Nilayam was gearing up for festival celebrations and the mood was spiritually up beat. I could not make out which festival it was, but there was a very large gathering of devotees, who were spread across Sai Kulwant Hall and extended beyond till the South India Canteen and the lanes. I was seated among the crowds in the Sai Kulwant Hall. The entire Prashanti Nilayam premise was beautifully dressed up as a bride and looked very serene and auspicious. Vedam chanting was going on.

All of a sudden, from the crowds, Swami appeared! He was looking as old as He was before Maha Samadhi. He swiftly walked from the Gopuram Gate and reached the Prashanti Nilayam dais.

The entire public was baffled. They started shouting with great excitement and amazement “Swami!.. Swami!” As soon as Swami took to the stage, He transformed into the young and energetic form in front of the whole audience. The whole crowd turned ecstatic and mad, out of unbearable astonishment. The entire security team sprang into action and surrounded Swami forming a barricade, as if they had the prior intimation. Swami reached the podium and addressed the masses thus:

“Divyaatma Swaroopulaara, as per My promise, I have arrived in Sthoola Roopam (physical body) on 1st of January 2015 early hours itself, to be with all of you. I was with you during the great turbulence and tough time. The cleansing of Earth was required, as it is nature’s response to the evil and as per the universal law. It is for the sacred reasons to disconnect the evil from positive. Now all the evil is eradicated and only the pure remained on earth. Today I ‘will’ to give you all Darshan, Sparshan, Sambhashan in My physical form. Your Swami has come back and reappeared on time as per My promise”.

There, all of a sudden, all the front row people stood up and started chanting Rudram. To my bewilderment all of them were Sages / Seers / Rishis / Munis / Siddha / Saints, etc.  gathered at Prashanti Nilayam, as if with the prior intimation. Everybody was stunned beyond measure. Swami started expanding, enlarging and magnified into a divine gargantuan form. There opened up the roof. The Prashanti Nilayam roof slid open. There our dearest, beloved Swami and Gayatri Maa appeared, and in dual forms gave Vishwaroopa Darshanam. All those who could not contain the energy of this Darshan, fainted and all the others, the entire assembly of sages and seers were in a divinely ecstatic condition and continued to chant Sai Gayatri mantra. Up there in the sky, we all could see sun and the moon at a time.

Dear all, I am speechless and just share with you this spectacular vision where Swami announced His return (I really do not know how, what, where, when – but I just trust His words)! HAPPY DIVINE YEAR 2015!

Jai Sai Ram! Jai Sai Gayatri!

Shared by: Sophia Sai
Source: Facebook page of STKC
Date: January 2, 2015 

Couple of weeks ago, I completed Gurucharitra Parayana (Reading the holy book Guru Duttatreya), which took up to 45 days. After the completion, that night, during early hours, I literally felt Swami physically sitting next to me. He kept His right palm on my forehead and said, “Bangaru, all the dreams/visions which I have been giving you are bound to happen.” saying thus, He disappeared.

On 2nd January 2015 early in the morning, I woke up with a very exhilarating, enthralling divine vision of Swami.

In the vision:

I was walking all alone in the night time, on the street, which appeared to me as a street of Prashanti Nilayam Township. Somebody held my hand suddenly and pulled me into the building nearby. The touch of that person was very familiar and comforting. I could not see the face, as the light was very dull and the person was draped in a shawl. I was taken into a large room of that huge building. There wasn’t much light even inside the room. Then that person, suddenly switched on the light and turned towards me, and took out the shawl. To my utter disbelief, can you guess who I saw? I was absolutely shocked and stood there completely mesmerized, to see our beloved Swami in front of me.

I shrieked out loudly “SWAMI !”.

Swami said, “Shhh”, and asked me to keep quiet.

I asked Him with great awe and wonder, “Swami,  are You back?”

Swami said, “Yes! Touch me and feel, now I am no more in the light body, I am here in Prasanthi Nilayam, in flesh and blood. See! Your Swami did not differ and appeared according to the dates given.” 

In the next instance, suddenly we were in the cosmos and there we saw the entire Solar System, Swami then showed me that, He held the Earth, virtually on the tip of His index finger, and rotated it as a Vishnu Chakra and started marking across the Globe at various places with some indicative notations. (Which I could not understand)

Later, we found ourselves back in the same room. Then I said, “Swami, all will come to see you now.” Swami said “Yes! I have come early because of all the prayers. During the hard times ahead, I want to be with all of you. I also have to save all the unsullied, and bring them here to Prasanthi Nilayam. Now, people will start seeing Me physically, in Prasanthi Nilayam, here and there. From today onward, you will be hearing from one and many that they have seen Me. This news will spread across the globe. But once the cleansing of Earth is done, all will see Me at a time at Prasanthi. Now all will garner the strength to face the turbulent times, as Swami walks with them.” 

As the vision ended, I woke up with a fresh lease of energy! What a promise from my dear Swami! He is always with us being our true companion! Waiting to see my loving Swami!

Jai Sai Ram!

Posted by Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma


Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-01-06 05:03#
Rejoice! A life with GOD awaits! :) Jai Sairam!
Sadasiva Kumar
Sadasiva Kumar2015-01-06 06:58#
The various dreams relating to our most beloved Swami's return in physical form is exciting. Swami's reappearance alone could save this world.
Om Sairam!!!
Sadasiva Kumar
SAMY2015-01-06 07:20#
Meena2015-01-06 10:09#
If Swami reappears my joy has no new bounds.i will not leave Swami's feet.i stay at puttaparthi till my end.i do all sorts of seva what Swami ordered,or wanted.i am ready to do whatever Swami said.i obey Swami's orders.i will try to satisfy Swami.i attached to Swami only.i don't want any thing from this world.i dedicate my life to Swami.more than this what can I do?let Swami order I am ready to do.swami Pranams, come soon swami.we r eagerly waiting for u. Please don't disappoint us bhagavaan.
U r child
S.NAGARAJAN2015-01-06 10:15#
Yes, Sairam! It is all as expected but still only the blessed few are getting their individual dharsans though in dream vision! For us, we may have to wait till March-April when the Telugu year end and Yugadi is celebrated. The Lunar eclipse during the time of March -April has a role to play in the great Drama! Sairam!
Anita Narain
Anita Narain2015-01-06 12:11#
Sai Ram! Blessed are those who have got the first Darshan. We are also awaiting a glimpse Sai! Give us your Darshan nectar.

Paul2015-01-06 13:18#
Thank you for posting these dreams Sreejith. At long last it appears that Baba has returned to the physical.
UK2015-01-06 15:05#
Thank you Brother Sreejith for posting this.

Would you or someone please tell me what is the length of the interval between the actual return and the public reappearance?
lrao2015-01-06 16:53#
If we pray hard, with utmost love, maybe we will melt His heart and have Him give us Darshan, UK!! :). Other than that, who can predict the Avatar's plans?
Evaristo forcen fernandez
Evaristo forcen fernandez2015-01-06 17:11#
Love and light. SAI RAM. May SWAMI bless us all.
Devi sai roopa
Devi sai roopa2015-01-07 09:13#
Dear UK,according to raja rishi vishwamitra nadi it is 3months from the date of his birth which would be January 1st (rohini nakshatara).so 3months would be march.
radha2015-01-08 07:10#
sairam !

so happy to read about devotees visions esp the latest about swamy already back ! i believed with full faith about HIS return and it is heartening to see other souls sharing my faith. with longing in my heart , i am waiting to have my swamy's dharshan . more than that waiting for this world to realize HIM and believe in HIM . samastha lokha sukino bhavanthu ! sarva jeevanam sukino bhavanthu !
freestone wilson
freestone wilson2015-01-08 14:25#
hi all.

I have been following the articles, posts, dreams, comments, here, for months now. I read about how He is in body again. Especially now, the last few days here in early January 2015. I also read a few critical posts too.
my "western mind", being living in the USA, would think this is impossible. too, I read a repeating comment from readers when seemingly a Promise is not kept, just like today is January 8th and no Baba appears in sight except in a few devotees dreams.
the Phrase, "the Play of God" comes to mind! a devotee more or less says that God plays with us and teases us with promises that never materialize.

I have an Answer to this!
--be aware that each of us is like that blind man touching the elephant, each of us can only know of the minutest area of God!!
what does an earthworm know about the city above ground, where this worm lives in a suburban yard of New York City?!
Baba Says....in the dreams and visions, this and that. we all tend to think only in material terms though. the Kingdom Jesus promises is not of the earth! thus what Baba tells devotees in visions and dreams might have a whole another Meaning than of something physical. for all that we know, what could be meant is that Baba is now installed in each heart, of everyone on earth, whether they know it or not or even if they are agnostic or atheist!

His words are full of mysteries, for this reason, his Reality is far larger than we can know.
I, myself, feel that He is in us each and all, only that we have to "turn around" to see him, as he is behind us: most of us are absorbed into looking outwards at the material external world!

Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-01-08 17:00#
Sairam Brother Freestone, Inviting you to read the book...Sai, Thy Kingdom Come!
Joy2015-01-09 05:43#
"Your faith is greater than my Shakthi."

"...how can the limited know the depth of the Unlimited?......
You are incapable of gauging Me. You can never grasp the strength of this super- worldly bond that ties you to Me.

The experience of that bond will come to you unawares. Your duty is to await the moment. Believe and be Blessed....."

"If you have faith, the Lord who is the core of your being will manifest Himself; He is within your grasp, provided you extend your hand....."

Prashaanthi Nilayam, 23-10-1961 www.sssbpt.info/ssspeaks/volume02/sss02-20.pdf
Joy2015-01-10 09:36#
"for all that we know, what could be meant is that Baba is now installed in each heart, of everyone on earth, whether they know it or not or even if they are agnostic or atheist!"

Dear Freestone, Baba too has said that exact thing very clearly..... He is Love! No creature is without Love!..... There are no Atheists!

"I am the embodiment of Love; Love is My instrument. There is no creature without Love; the lowest loves itself, at least. And its self is God. So, there are no atheists, though some might dislike Him or refuse Him, as malarial patients dislike sweets or diabetic patients refuse to have anything to do with sweets! Those who preen themselves as atheists will one day, when their illness is gone, relish God and revere Him."
Brindhaavan, 19-6-1974 www.sssbpt.info/ssspeaks/volume12/sss12-38.pdf
S.NAGARAJAN2015-01-11 03:34#
The external world is always in flux. Our mind is often agitated. With the turbulence, how can we visualize the Lord seated within? Calm the surging waves. Divert your attention from the ephemeral to Real. Then we can realize HIS Form and Glory! For that end also, HIS grace is vital. Om Sri Sai Ram.
S.NAGARAJAN2015-01-11 13:11#
Sairam! In this age, every one wants instant solutions. But Swami has clarified that He will not hurry since we are restless. Unless all compartments are connected, the Engine won't move since it will be a waste of fuel. When the Engine has the capacity to pull 100 tonnes of haulage, what is the use of wasting the energy with less number of compartments? Hence Swami awaits all the good people to join in his bandwagon before commencing the journey. Sairam.
Sanjay Kumar Nair
Sanjay Kumar Nair2015-01-12 20:21#
This is the spark of Divinity which tells us that he has taken birth on this earth but has to grow of certain age to pass on his messgae of Divine life. Lets prepare to receive Him with all Love and Holimess. Jai Sai Ram. God is great.
s.nagarajan2015-03-02 06:51#
Sairam! Evil is showing its ugly face everywhere in the form of terrorist outfits. We are hearing that even innocent youngsters are wooed and joining their evil band wagon. Those outfits have no norms at all. They want to terrorise the law abiding citizens of the world, Even minor girls and students are often abducted along with innocent villagers. We all can only pray to Swami to relieve the sufferings of those innocents soon. May the Golden Age be ushered sooner! Om Sri Sai Ram.
Joy2015-03-03 00:50#
Sairam, Dear S. Nagarajan. In His Vijayadashami Discourse of 1993, Swami wonderfully explains about the Kali Yuga; about evil persons; about Yajna and.... He gives a reassurance that the Glory of Sai will spread to every part of the world.

"Why do untoward events happen? Only to promote what is good. They have a cleaning effect. Rise and fall are 'natural events. When any such thing takes place in relation to the Divine, it must be regarded as the prelude to something elevating and sublime.
s.nagarajan2015-03-04 07:54#
Yes, Joy! No doubt in this. Still we are mortals and fear is a part in our psyche looking around the world with so many atrocities happening everywhere. Bewiderement is the natural reaction. May Swami protect us like a very big umbrella!
s.nagarajan2015-03-17 11:13#
Sairam dear all. Today I had gone through this post once again out of curiosity. I think two or three of them had visions and they are not dreams. Secondly even the dream experience is real, once Swami appears and counsel us and gives his beautiful apperance. Mind boggling dreams and visions. Waiting eagerly for the Chitra (April 14 onwards)for the dawn of golden age and end of evil everywhere on earth. Om Sri Sai Ram.

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