He is Rising!

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Loving Sai Ram,

With great joy and immense happiness I am sharing this wonderful dream I got this afternoon.  Since today morning I was feeling a bit low, I just was missing Swami very much...

Though I know He is always with me, guiding me, loving me, taking care of me at each and every step of my life,  I was still missing Swami and that beautiful form that was our life.

I was crying and telling my grandmother, "See Swami is not coming, neither is He calling me to Parthi permanently to work for Him. I love only Swami and the one whom I love so much what a punishment is this that I cannot see Him before my eyes only the feeling is there that He is with me." In this way, I was sharing my feelings to my grandmother.

I usually never sleep in the afternoon, but today I just slept, and got a dream rather a vision that in Kulwanth hall where Swami's Samadhi is, that place there is no Samadhi and instead of Samadhi there was a big bed covered with dazzling silver color bedcover and flowers all over. And Swami was sleeping on it. How beautiful was the scene. So divine Swami sleeping in deep sleep, Everywhere flowers and only flowers! I cannot explain that Divine beauty. And then suddenly I saw Swami's leg moving as if He is getting up from His deep sleep. As if He is Rising.

And the Dream Ends. Yes, He gave me the assurance He is Rising!!

Jai Sai Ram.


Posted by : Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma


S.NAGARAJAN2015-01-18 04:20#
Yes, this post also seems new though posted during August 14. We mortals lose our patience very much. How we waited for the past 44 months is really a wonder. The number 44 has a deep spiritual significance. It represents the Sri Chakra which is denoted by "Meru" found in many Shakthi temple! The significance I have read in Ra.Ganapathi's book on Swami when Ganapathi was accompanying famous singer M.S.Subbulakshmi to Puttaparthi and back. Swami gave her 44 vibuthi packets! Om Sri Sai Ram.

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