Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

“BABA, The Uttama Purusha of Ayodhya,

The Sarathi Of Partha,

Sanathana Sarathi of Kaliyuga,

Our Sweet Lord Of PuttaParthi,

You showered the pearls of wisdom

And they bloomed, scenting the pages of Sanathana sarathi.

Those who caught the pearls are lucky

Millions of hearts lighted up 

With the rays of eternal LOVE

Removing the darkness of ignorance

You opened the windows of the spiritual treasure House to me

Me had a glimpse of the majestic scriptures, the sacred gita, the puranas

But  still  I was waiting ,what was in store for me, next?

And There…..stood Bhagawan….. saying

“I am not here for forming any religion

Just guide you to the right path”

I was in Praises For HIM, looking at HIM with wide eyes

He came to me, took my hands lovingly and led me to the Golden path

The Lord said, Look at the Mirror, It reflects everything, but is silent always

So see everything, but be Silent, then

You can hear the voice of God from within.

You taught several lessons,

But Baba I couldn’t keep up the promise

How can I hold on so long without telling Your mind blowing stories,

My lips always comes up with Your nectarine bhajans

Oh LORD OF SWEETNESS, I am still a child in front of You

Please forgive me and bless us and COME SOOON.


(Picture by Karthikeyan)


shehana2021-11-22 08:37#
Sairam,Brother Sreejith, Thank you for publishing the poem. Thank you brother Karthikeyan for the lovely picture of our Sweet Lord..The picture has stolen my heart. Yesterday Baba came into my dream.He was very happy and friendly,sitting on a window sill, He looked exactly like in the picture,young and vibrant, putting padams down and asked me where is your poem.?I looked at HIS beautiful face .Seeing HIS broad smile I was very happy and said Swami ,You know the poem ,You are the author and why asking me Baba.? As always, you write through me .I have submitted the poem to You,Lord.I was about to say something and no voice came from Me.Then HE disappeared.
KARTHIKEYAN2021-12-09 18:08#
Sairam Sister Shehana, Happy to know Swami came in your dream exactly like the picture. I am also happy that your poem has reached swami and you have been blessed by Swami in your dream !!!
KARTHIKEYAN2021-11-22 11:10#
Your Birthday will usher in fountains of joy, buckets of happiness and boxes of sweet and savories. This is God's wish and my prayer ! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Swami.
Shantimaya Siri
Shantimaya Siri2022-01-03 04:05#
Wow, very beautiful. Thank you for sharing this

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