The New Earth in New Heaven


(Pictures by Karthikeyan)


BRUNO2017-10-02 13:58#
Joanne Loh
Joanne Loh2017-10-02 20:50#
Thank you very much for sharing your divine dream sis Sophia Sai. What a revelation! I read it with such joy and excitement.
Can’t wait for His Return. Jai Sai Ram
Sophia Sai
Sophia Sai2017-10-03 21:46#
Sairam Brother Sreejith, Thank you so much for posting this on the web page. Now our Beloved Bhagwan's message will reach a wider audience as per his will!!! Brother Sreejith, I owe you a lot and thank you so much for always being a great support in spreading our Beloved Bhagawan's messages, keeping up the hope alive in every heart regarding Bhagwan's return !!

Dear all Sai family, I want to bring all your attention to the most important warning which was given by our Beloved Bhagwan!! Swami reiterated the same message thrice, in three different consecutive dreams. Fearing an adverse response from some , I refrained myself from posting previous dreams and some details from this very dream as well!! But, as my conscience was not permitting me to skip this duty given by Swami
SHANTIMAYA2017-10-05 23:54#
Dear Sophia Sai....

Please continue with your previous message.

Please understand that each comment only gives so much space. Therefore it may take putting your full information on 3 separate comments.

Please continue with with the Information you were giving in the comment above... It might be smart to break the remaining information up into two more parts

Om Jai Sai Ram
Satrughna2017-10-06 18:26#
Dear Sophia, I don't like to be the one who spoils everything, but I must say that this message is more of doom and gloom than about Baba's love. As such I am very wary in believing this right away. Many Christian sects believe in the 'three days of darkness and then the Rapture' story. I am not convinced that it will go this way. I do believe however, that Swami will come again to finish what He has started and what He has foretold. Swami has said He has not come to kill all the bad persons and save only the good. He has said that nowadays everyone has some bit of evil in them and He has come come to transform us.

I must warn that many messages come from Swami, but messages of fear for coming disasters are typically sent by those with a different agenda. Please test and use your discrimination. It could be that the first part came from Swami, but the rest not. I have had that happen to me once.

I am sorry that I sound critical, and I do not in any way wish to diminish the worth of your devotion. I thank you for your many contributions, which have often helped in reaffirming my own faith in Swami's coming.

Best wishes,
Shantimaya Siri
Shantimaya Siri2017-10-04 02:21#
Om Jai Sai Trio Ram
Mark2017-10-06 01:27#
I wish to offer my thoughts here in the interest of a balanced understanding. Good people everywhere who are loving & compassionate and following the truth in their heart, which is the voice of God, need not be troubled or anxious over whether they are abiding in truthful discrimination at every waking moment. Swami as Avatar, together with other great spiritual incarnations of God, has prescribed for us in detail how to live in God's Love and draw Him close to us. Prayer, mantra and namasmaran hold great power, especially in troubled times. The notion of possession by demons or evil is not helpful nor is it something spoken of by Swami in general terms. More importantly Swami specifically told devotees many times, over a long period, that our Mother Earth would not be totally destroyed and that indeed many so-called evil people would be transformed by Love. Maha Pralaya is the total dissolution of the physical universe, the night of Brahma, definitely not an event coming soon based on Sathya Sai's spoken or written Word. We live in a time where evil or dark energy is strong however there is also much Love and very powerful forces of Truth rising up, often in unexpected quarters. We should all be cautious of taking such dreams as literal prophecy of events to come as the past has proven they are pointers and not always correct. Nobody except God Himself knows exactly what is coming or when, sairam.
Sunny2017-10-06 05:14#
Sairam, thank you for sharing this dream! It brings to mind some interesting points I heard from Dr. Srikanth Sola when I had the opportunity to meet him and his wife Shivani last year. He mentioned that Indians living abroad will return to India; he elaborated that in a talk given in 2008/2009, Swami had mentioned that 9 years from that time, India would be the world leader in all aspects.
Dr. Sola also mentioned that currently, the halAhala poison is coming out of each person, and that whatever has been acquired from unethical means will be lost. Even buildings erected for unethical purposes will begin to crumble.
KARTHIKEYAN2017-10-08 14:14#
This dream of Sophia is beautiful and with a message of Swami. Thanks for sharing the dream and message of Swami.
Yaani Drucker
Yaani Drucker2017-10-09 02:13#
Swami teaches Love ALL Serve ALL. Baba guides us to include all as His precious children worthy of salvation. God does not damn the wicked and save the good. He transforms those of us who He knows are ready, so that we hold the template or vision of goodness for all mankind. When enough of us knows the truth for everyone that we are all Gods and Goddesses, all equally worthy of Baba's Grace, then He can shower His Grace on ALL as is His Divine Will and Plan. The Golden Age is for all mankind. All hearts can be transformed, even instantly, when a critical mass of us holds the truth for all of us. Even if just one soul is missing from the circle of Love (and love by its very nature is inclusive), none of us is truly free. We are not free till we are all free of ego's treacherous clutches, and for that we must yearn and pray night and day: Please Baba show me where to go and what to do to play my role maximally in your Plan for the Golden Age such that all your beloved children are included regardless of their past. No one's past can be held against them, as long as they are willing to transform their hearts NOW. When we know that for all mankind, it furthers Peace on Earth for ALL. Jal Sai Ram.
Sophia Sai
Sophia Sai2017-10-09 16:23#
Dear all Sai family, I want to bring all your attention to the most important warning which was given by our Beloved Bhagwan!! Swami reiterated the same message thrice, in three different consecutive dreams. Fearing an adverse response from some , I refrained myself from posting previous dreams and some details from this very dream as well!! But, as my conscience was not permitting me to skip this duty given by Swami I am informing you all in a subtler way!!
Sophia Sai
Sophia Sai2017-10-09 16:23#
This is regarding the first part of the dream in which He discussed about Truthful Discrimination, which when missing would make one susceptible to evil satanic possessions!! Swami said in three such dreams that it would be very difficult for the self possessed to understand what happened with it or for the others to understand that such a thing happened with so and so by outward appearance!! Unless one is highly Self Observant and deeply involved in Truthful Introspection and Truthful Discrimination, such problem might not even be noticed!!
Sophia Sai
Sophia Sai2017-10-09 16:24#
Henceforth I request all to be alert to help our own selves and even others from becoming victims of satanic interventions!! May this message serve the purpose and be taken in the right sense!! So let's be alert with our Truthful Discrimination!! I request you all to kindly pass on this message to one and all to spread this awareness as I believe as per Swami's word, that Judgement is near by!!. Jai Sai Ram.
KARTHIKEYAN2017-10-14 16:10#
1) Few months ago, on two different occasions, I met two great elderly devotees who could speak to Baba directly. We were discussing about Swami’s Reappearance. I asked them to enlighten me about Baba’s Reappearance. Both of the devotees said to me that,

2) “Baba told them that the Timeline for Swamis Reappearance is 2018”.

3) As per the previous Sophia’s article, the sage says “ This is the seventh year from Swami's Mahasamadhi. We all knew that during the SEVENTH YEAR, Swami is going to show a great miracle to the entire world by appearing in the skies ”.

4) First note: As per this sophia’s article, according to my calculations, Just 6 and half years has gone from swami’s mahasamadhi. The Seventh year has not yet come. As per my calculations If April 24, 2011 to April 24, 2012 is considered as first year of mahasamadhi, then ……..from April 24, 2018 to April 24,2019 will be considered as the Seventh year.

5) And another statement from Sister Sophia’s article “ There was a lady standing next to me, she told me in great amazement, " SWAMI TOLD ME IN MY DREAMS MANY A TIMES THAT HE WOULD COME ON A FRIDAY AND THIS IS A FRIDAY AND ALSO THE TENTH MONTH (OCTOBER) OF THE YEAR ".

6) second note: So as per fourth point, Swami may reappear between April 24, 2018 to April 24, 2019. The fifth point says “also the tenth month of the year and Friday. So Swami may reappear on October 2018 and a Friday.

7) If it is so, we have one more year from now to follow Swami’s message, and do the possible to be a True truth aspirants.

8) In an another dream to Sister Sophia Sai,...........that old man came to me and told "Sairam ! Make the garlands quickly, to garland Swami at his arrival. Swami will be here any time "Saying thus he gave me only the purple and white December flowers.............." ".......These flowers indicate the time of your beloved Swami's arrival, not the Christmas, not the New Year but all would celebrate Swamis arrival as Swami's New Birthday".

9) The December flower as said in above point blooms from September to December. So October 2018, and a Friday may be the day of Swami's reappearance.
Satrughna2017-10-15 14:46#
Dear Kartikeyan, I think you should reconsider point 6. If year one ends in April 2012, then year two is 2013, 3 is 2014, 4 is 2015, 5 is 2016, 6 is April 2017, and the end of the seventh year should be April 2018, I would think.
P C Nayak, India.
P C Nayak, India.2017-10-15 09:11#
Sairam to all,
How we are lucky that we are discussing about our beloved Lord. I am very sorry that there is an error in the above statement. Seventh year means six years completed and running of seventh year and seventh year yet to complete.That means, our Swami shall come in this October 2017.
WE have to also refer to various dreams of Swami. In one dream, Swami was referring to Blue moon, which is falling during Jan 2018 and March 2018. After this, there is seasonal blue moon in may 2019 and next double blue moon in 2034. that means our Swami shall be available by March 2018. Also Swami refers to big Tsunami and His appearance in the sky. Now there is chance of North Korea putting bomb in the sea and big tsunami would come, which will fufill the conditions. In case, North Korea is attacked by USA, then Russia will interfere and there would be war between USA and Russia. That will also satisfy the condition and Swami shall appear to save the devotees.
KARTHIKEYAN2017-10-17 20:40#
Sairam Brother Sathrugana and Nayak, I calculated the year from this angle. Just imagine a child is born on April 24, 2011 the same day on Swami’s Mahasamadhi. Now if you calculate the age of child at current period, you will tell the age of child is 6 years and 6 months old. That means age of child is 6 and half years old. Not 7 years old. The seventh year starts from April 24, 2018 up April, 2019. The time between the periods April 2018 - April 2019 can be called as 7th year (or) 7 and quarter year (or) 7 and half year, etc depending upon the addition of months from the seventh year.

Then the same applies to Swamis reappearance which will be in the seventh year between April 24, 2018 to April 24, 2019, AND as per this article, as per my above calculations may be October 2018 and a Friday. The October 2018 can be called as 7and half years from Swamis Mahasamadhi. So obviously we can say Swami’s reappearance lies in the 7th year (exactly means 7and half) which is October 2018 and a Friday.
mark2017-10-16 02:51#
We are definitely already in the 7th year since Swami's samadhi which ends 24 April 2018.

A dream of Swami is blessed no doubt however I respectfully submit that some things written do not sound like the teachings of Sai and as Satrughna suggeted above, Sophia appears to be getting mixed messages in her or his dreams, ie. Swami "discussed about Truthful Discrimination, which when missing would make one susceptible to evil satanic possessions!!". And then going on to say the self possessed and others would have difficulty recognising this had happened etc. I have had personal interaction with such forces on the physical and spiritual plane or dimension. Supernatural influence does happen but Swami rarely spoke on such things and never spoke in such negative terms, He always focused on Love and being positive & happy.

Swami did say that we cannot dream of Him unless He wills it however He also stated categorically that He never communicated to His devotees via a third party and I feel compelled to point this out. Being a "True Truth Aspirant" and practicing "Truthful Discrimination" is good advice and natural if following Swami's teaching but those slogans have been used in some things I have read in STKC articles and comments to suggest a sort of exclusive access to Swami's love & protection which is false as Swami shows us His Love is inclusive and expansive not narrow or limited.

I chose to respond here because some things written have rung alarm bells for me, and perhaps others, who do not wish to speak out. Swami speaks directly to the devotees heart and manifests there as truth and reason not fear and superstition. Sai Ram.

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