God is returning and "watcha gonna do about it?"

By James Cooper

God is returning!

It was about 2 weeks ago that I realized Sathya Sai is returning. The book "Sai, Thy Kingdom Come" woke me up.  

Of course! This is the big shift we all so badly need. Of course! This is the only way the catastrophe can be averted. Of course, this is where Sathya Sai blows everyone’s mind and fulfils His various prophecies. I’m starting to get excited about it, but only just starting. I guess I’m in the process of anchoring what really is the best news in the history of everything. Here are some words that reflect how I felt about the news when I first realized it was most likely true:

"No, not yet…it’s too soon! I need to get myself together!"

Oh, so that’s it, is it? You just come and save the day? What about all those who refused to lift a finger to help us evolve, to rid us of the Rakshasas? So no Armageddon? So all my worrying, studying, campaigning, preparing was for nothing?  The Nadis are explicitly clear about His return. Those Islamic texts are clear also and when you look carefully at what Sathya Sai has said over the years, His prophecy is clearly that He will be in His Sathya Sai form for a few more years to come. Everything indicates that He will return sometime between July 2012 and April 2014. Here is some of what the various prophecies say: 

  • He will have a body of a middle-aged man
  • He will be raised in the sky and there will be millions clamoring for Darshan 
  • His return will usher in the 1000 years of peace 
  • It is hugely auspicious that we can witness and partake in this event 
  • No one can gauge what this new age will be like 
  • He will travel the world, probably not using conventional means
  • His ‘power’ will be ten times what it was before 
  • The transformation will be total!

I am one of the lucky ones, being well aware of who Sai Baba is and I’ve had many direct revelations concerning Him. I feel truly guided and protected by Him. I won’t be surprised if I look up in the sky one day soon and see Him there. So now everything changes! Thanks to God I’m quite adept at dealing with change, at least compared to others. I’ve kept my ‘baggage’ light during this sojourn as James. But…I’ve been ‘resting on my laurels’ spiritually and I’m well aware of that. This is the reason my initial reaction was ‘not yet!’. I need to cleanse myself and prepare myself for an event that could literally happen in just a few weeks time. I’ll mention it to friends as well, although I guess it will be hard for them to understand. 

God comes back to Earth, reveals His true nature and thus ushers in the golden age…"watcha gonna do about it?".

Here’s what I intend to do about it: Follow Sai Marg closer and closer. Learn the Saithree procedure properly, cleanse the physical vehicle properly (the other vehicles will follow suit), cease preparing for Armageddon in the way I have, get it clear in my mind that I am totally connected to Sai Baba, totally blessed and am totally at the place I want to be right now. It's fair to say that every lifetime I have ever lived on Earth (and probably loads of other places) has been geared up for this moment – If I can’t get myself together for this one then I may as well not bother getting myself together for anything.  

It will be a huge shock for many people. I guess everyone will have to make a final choice. It’s a good meditation / contemplation. All those atheists, criminals, murderers, schemers, corruptors…they will have to learn a very hard-and-fast lesson...Repentance will be everywhere! 


Raviji2014-09-02 21:47#
Well said, Sai Ram!

Commented in STKC blog on June 19, 2012 at 10:01 PM

Sai Das
Sai Das2014-09-02 21:47#
This brings to mind a couple of thoughts. From the Mahabharata when Yudisthira is asked by Yaksha (a celestial entity) a series of questions to save his life. One question was, "What is the greatest mystery?" to which he replied, "The greatest mystery is that even though every day one sees countless living entities dying, he still acts and thinks as if he will live forever." And from another quote, "Live each day as if it were your last for it well could be". Such is the power of Maya!

Not at all! Swami said that He came/comes not only for us, but because of us..because many had prayed for so long for Him. OK...the worrying part probably wasn't necessary :)

Commented in STKC blog on June 25, 2012 at 4:51 PM

S.Nagarajan2015-02-28 09:17#
Sairam! We are easily affected even by small incidents. We are not able to maintain our poise in the family and workplace. Arjuna was selected by the Lord for granting His Viswarupa, all pervading, all encasing form. For that he was granted special vison. Even the great warrior was unable to withstand the terrific sight of Lord with many mouths and faces. Many beings are entering his mouth to vanish. The brave Arjuna requested the Lord to revert to his pleasing Krishna form. We are not Arjunas. Imperfections are ingrained in our psyche. The Lord should take pity on such people who are devoted yet not steady to grant them courage and confidence to withstand the events that are to enfold in few weeks time around mid April, 2015. Om Sri Sai Ram.

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