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Shared by: Maanvita Bhavataarini

Source: Facebook page of STKC

Sairam all! I come from an ancient Sai family, devoted to Swami since the time of my grand parents. I am blessed to have been christened by Swami Himself and our family has been thriving under His Divine guidance. I am posting the below dream owing to an inner prompting from Swami and also from my family since the details given in my dream seems to be very important for everyone.

I had an extremely vivid dream (or should I call it a vision?) today early morning (December 27th, 2014). 

The Dream

Swami suddenly appeared, woke me up from sleep and powerfully declared "The Earth is going to witness a huge event, so be careful”. Saying thus He disappeared. The next morning some reporters rushed to my home learning about the message that  I had received from Swami, hoping to secure a confirmation on the big event to happen. They were asking me for further details of the event which they already seemed to know as would happen on "December 31st and 1st of January”. Their intention was to warn everybody to be careful. They were also asking me for Goddess Gayatri Maa and Her son’s present residential location / divine abode on earth, how to recognize Her and how She looks. In my heart I was certain that Swami had given me the whole information about Goddess Gayatri Maa and Her son. I confirmed to them the dates as Swami had mentioned to me, however, refused to give the address of Goddess Gayatri Maa as it was supposed to be kept confidential as instructed by Swami. 

In the next instance, in my room, Swami suddenly reappeared and quickly rushed me to a huge window. To my utter surprise, the sky was unnaturally bright. As I watched, the brightness doubled and became golden. And in between, I saw a stream of bright colors, like a rainbow, of different hues. I held Swami’s hand tightly and started shouting to Him: “Swami, what is happening??? How come the sky is changing colors???”. Swami intensely stared at me. After that I have observed that the colors of the sky changed into another combination similar to the color and pattern of a peacock feather. In the sky, the path of colors amalgamated to look like a huge peacock feather in which mother Kali appeared. I was shell shocked and unable to believe what I saw. Swami whispered in my ear very firmly “IT HAS STARTED”. Later I was not able to see Him. My mother rushed into the room to see why I was shouting. Then both of us witnessed Sri Mahakaali transform into Goddess Gayatri Maa. [We worship Goddess Bhavataarini (Sri Mahakaali)].

Immediately the scene just vanished and a huge dust wind pushed us down, though I was supposed to be safe inside my house. My mother came to my side and both of us were very scared and nervous and shouted “Swami!” at the same time. In the next instance, the whole of Earth seemed all drenched out overflowing with water everywhere. Just then the catastrophe subsided. Then Golden light dawned on a bright fine day which was filled with a festive celebration and all were celebrating the return of our beloved Swami in heights of joy. In Parthi I saw Swami in a bright golden yellow dress;  He waved His hand to the entire ocean of humanity who had thronged to see Him. Then He got into a convoy of cars. The convoy proceeded along with the security and military personnel, and the crowds followed.

Now I was in a different city, in a different situation, in a different scenario. Here I understood from the huge crowds thronging a divine abode, that all have got to know about Goddess Gayatri Maa’s physical presence / incarnation. Though the whole atmosphere, at a physical level, looked chaotic fresh from the ruins of calamity, I saw many were anxious and were vying to get a glimpse of the Divine Goddess. Many common men and press personnel with their cameras, were ready to videograph the Divinity along with Her son. So many were crossing the messy roads, running eagerly to be the first, to hear the first words from Goddess Gayatri Maa. I could see myself among them and inside the divine abode there were many who were in a very festive and celebrative mood. A blue colored lengthy train was halted beside the Divine abode and many people were boarding the train with great joy. The destination on the train showed as 'Puttaparthi - Prasanthi Nilayam'.

Suddenly there was great commotion in the public and the military gracefully made the way. Swami’s convoy has arrived to Goddess Gayatri Maa’s place. Men and women dressed in white, welcomed Him into the Divine home.

In the next instant, I saw Swami escorting Goddess Gayatri Maa and Her young son, around seven to eight years old. As soon as She came out She waved Her hands and the three of them were looking very radiant. She was dressed in a white colored Indian dress (Salwar Kameez) and addressed the crowd briefly. She waved to the crowd using both hands, thundering the words: "Ekam Sath Adwitheeyam Brahma -You and I are one". The public was in a frenzy and unanimously called out to Swami and Goddess Gayatri Maa. They were all calling Swami and Maa repeatedly.

With this great experience, I woke up from the dream.

Jai Sai Ram!

Posted by Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma


Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-30 06:46#
This is a fully Sacred and Divine Dream, in my opinion. Sai Ram. I've decided to cancel two days of work (I'm self employed) on December 31, 2014 and into January 1, 2014.

I am going spend this time praying and meditating for the welfare of EVERYONE!!!!!!!

I love you. All of you. God is Love.

I am not attached....whatever happens is God's will.

I only want to be helpful.

If nothing happens. Then I'll continue my path to Love.

If everything happens, then I'll continue my path to Love.

Life is a SURE THING. We all make it to LOVE.
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2014-12-30 07:24#
Within a short period, you will notice that the entire human community will come together and live in peace and unity in keeping with the ideal cherished in the Vedic prayer:

Let us live together, let us grow together
Let us grow in intelligence together
Let us live in harmony with each other

I assure you that the golden era is very near. The personal rivalries, differences and hatred against fellowmen will become a thing of the past in Bharat and the world at large.

SAMY2014-12-30 08:11#
Srinivas K
Srinivas K2014-12-30 08:31#
This is truly remarkable. Having followed this website for quite a while now, I'm a bit confused about the frequent appearance of Gayatri Maa in the dreams of so many people who are from diverse backgrounds. Can someone summarize all the dreams related to Gayatri Maa and post it here ? I'm not able to see the connection between various dreams portraying Gayatri Maa.
Satrughna2014-12-30 20:32#
you can find all of them if you search this site for Gayatri: type in "site:saikingdom.com/ gayatri" and you'll find goo.gl/OwzJHe where you'll read all mentionings of Gayatri on this site. Interesting, by the way...
S.A . Rajen Naicker
S.A . Rajen Naicker2014-12-30 14:09#
Om Sai Ram sisters and brothers from darkness to light or brightness, from negativity to positive energy, thanking you all for sharing your dreams and vision,, just praying and awaiting his return.
Anita Narain
Anita Narain2014-12-30 14:26#
Om Sai Ram samastha loka sukhino bhavantu. SAI LOVES ALL.
sandya rajagopal
sandya rajagopal2014-12-30 15:35#
Suneesh2014-12-30 16:52#
December 31st and January 1st ! So what's the year ? LOL.. It looks to me like the same old trick of Swami.

On December 23rd 2014 , Swami had given me a Darshan. Swami had given a date. When I woke up, that was the only thing I remember. And the only thing I could remember was 'Chaitra' month (I forget the day and the year!). My mother tongue is Malayalam and there is no 'Chaitra' month in our calender. So I had to search a little bit and found out that it is a Telugu month and it starts from March 15th and ends in April 14th. Swami didn't mentioned anything about his resurrection or any importance related to that date in 'Chaitra' month.

The same old divine play.. LOL... I really wish for Swami's reappearance in the next two days itself but I have no confidence now.
Anup2014-12-30 17:51#
Prepare - Be CALM, Be CALM, Be CALM !
Michael D
Michael D2014-12-30 18:17#
When Swami could not be comprehended in awakened state, in His physical form, how can one attempt to do that through such dreams. The dream could be due to the influence of your experience and your Samskaras. To say Swami shall come soon or come back soon, He should have gone. But has He really gone? Can Swami really go? While it is a good dream, it is difficult to comprehend His coming, the next Avatar etc., so please focus on His teachings and the path of life shown by Bhagawan. May He shower His blessings on all beings of this Universe!!!
Chitra2014-12-31 01:21#
Dear Micheal,
Swami Himself says If Swami is in your dream that is because Swami willed it. You can not compare dreams of Swami with other dreams.
And Swami was all pervading even when He was in Sathya Sai form. Avathara Hood and Other misteries come about with it are, all divine games. He is still in sukshma swaroopa as Sathya sai at present.Same time He is the all pervading Wishwaroopa too. Limitless games of divinity.when we concentrate and live His teachings, He becomes our own being ,then we are shown the glimpses of unfolding of these divine games. Dreams are a gift to the devotee, according to his or her samskaras.I believe in this Glorious event which would take place within next seven years.

Sai Ram.
Sai Dev
Sai Dev2015-01-01 22:41#


The Lord or Your Guru appearing in the dream(pl see recent posts by devotees)
Here is a confirmation from Swami

"Which dreams are real? Dreams relating to God are real. You see Me in the dream; I allow you to do namaskaar,I bless you,I grant you grace. Such dreams are true. If the Lord or your Guru appears in your dream, it must be the result of His Will and your saadhana, not due to any of the other reason that cause dreams."

Swami has many times clarified that the dreams in which we see Him is a sign of His grace. The dreams that He has willed do not appear as dreams at all, they will be as clear as any experience during the wakeful state. You will very distinctly remember all that Swami did and said and you will wake up with great joy in your heart. Such dreams occur early in the morning. If you have to remember a dream, you must proceed from dream state to wakeful state. If you go from dream state to deep sleep state, the dream gets deleted from your memory. This explains why you get significant dreams early in the morning.[…]
-excerpted from p 181 and 182 of Helpline on The Sathya Sai Path.
Suneesh2014-12-30 20:30#
I still believe that water all over the planet is a sign of cleansing. It could be the 'day of awakening'. All sai devotees are not visitors of STKC. In fact the majority don't even have access to internet and do you all believe Swami will put out a warning message just two days before the event in STKC and will let all those innocent devotees, unaware about this, in chaos ? To me, this event will be a spiritual awakening which will lead to the purifying of human race.
Apurva2014-12-31 18:31#
Brother and Sisters, to all others who may hold this view from the lines posted above - the lines above clearly state that just because "all sai devotees are not visitors of STKC" and "majority don't even have access to internet" you are doubting that Swami's warning message or be careful message is not true?????

How can we be sure Swami has not reached to all the other people in other ways.. How can we be sure Swami has only internet as an option. This could be just a message to those who receive it. Oh my dear brethren how can we be lost in our own doubting logic whereas the Divine Logic is something that is known to Swami alone.

All we are doing is to take swami's message simple and straight? What is the fear all about? Is there any panic? What is there to worry? We trust swami and that is the end. When our caretakers are asking us to take care and be prepared, so be it!!! Let us follow swami's messages as and how he wishes it to unfold.

If our TRUST in Swami is TRUE, then how can we not TRUST in his decision? Some messages look simple, but they carry complete meaning / awareness. Thank you brother Sai Das.!!!!!!!!!

Here I re post Brother Sai Das's message "Thank you brother Sreejith and others for interjecting with the reminder that Sai is a God of Love and Compassion and not a God of vengeance and retribution. How can we say that we are God and not these bodies yet be so concerned about these bodies? If Swami calls us home, it is our time in His time so why should we fret so? If we are thus so concerned, then perhaps we need to consider our attachments here." Article Source: saikingdom.com/articles/all-articles/753-why-fear-when-he-is-here "

I have been following your comments Suneesh Ji for quite a while on the STKC website, brother, you have always been a positive person. Don't lose heart and there is nothing we are going to lose in the calamities, we will repay the kharma which is a burden, after which SWAMI will arrive.

Lets not worry about anything!! THY WILL BE DONE SWAMI!!! WE SHALL NOT IGNORE YOUR WARNING SWAMI!!! AM SURE YOU ARE LISTENING TO ME!! WE TRUST YOU AND HAVE FULL FAITH IN YOU!!! AND WE shall be TRUE TRUTH ASPIRANTS to the Golden Age that you and Gayatri Maa will lead us to !!!

Jai Sai and Gayatri Maa!!! EKAM SATH ADWITEEYAM BRAHMA!!! Loving Sairam To All!!!
Suneesh2015-01-01 05:25#
Sairam Apurva. Below is a message which I had posted in one website, in March 2012. I had received this dream somewhere between November 2011 and March 2012. There was much talk about December 2012 end of world on those days and many people were prepared with underground bunkers and supplies for some months.

"I often visits cosmicsaibaba.com and read messages of Baba from there. I believe that the website and its contents are genuine. And especially those people who operate the site is gentle. There was a message from Baba stating that there is no time and distance, anybody can connect telepathically. I was trying to connect to Baba for I wish for his presence. But I failed in the attempt and fell asleep. Then I a had the dream.But Baba didn't used a single word for communication. Every message was like send to my heart directly. I don't how to express it in words, but it was like feeling the message. Ok readers here is about the dream on next para.

Baba was so clam. He was looking young and he was walking in a quiet place.The place looked like a garden or resting place with much natural beauty. He looked like as if a great goal had achieved he was in absolute peace and I felt that there will be Vast changes in Politics. I felt like all dangers have passed away. He then turned to me and message passed directly into my heart. I felt that the time has arrived for me to complete my task. (That is liberation or self realization or eternity, anything you like to call about a state of eternal happiness). I was overfilled with pain because it was such a long waiting. He touched my forehead and face with so much of love and I felt it was my fathers hand. I hold his hand very strongly to control myself. There was another youngster near me, but I don't know him. He didn't realized Baba's message. I looked at him and the message passed from my heart to his heart. He ran to Baba as soon as he received the message. Now I was holding his one hand and youngster was holding his other hand and the Dream ended."

This too was Swami's message and this is exactly opposite to the new dreams where water all over the world. My earlier post was based on Swami's message to me and not because of fear :)
Suneesh2015-01-02 03:42#
Sorry Apurva. My mistake. I had a vision this early morning.

In the dream some strange faces appeared in the moon. Looks like demonic and there were strange things from the sky. I was in a temple and sending my prayers to heaven and then the scene changes. There was Swami and an award function was going on. A pandit was chanting a mantra in a very unclear manner and those who were awarded was doing a strange pooja. After the function everyone including me was doing Pradakshinam around the ceremonial stage. I looked at swami's face but swami was looking somewhere else and then I saw a Strange green snake getting ready to bite anyone one its way. I was the last one doing pradakshinam and i was sure it will bite me so I stopped and said to swami, " Swami a green snake" and swami replied " ahh yes, a green snake". Swami replied in a careless way and permitted me to go past the snake but I was not confident and I didn't obeyed swami's words. Then the snake went away but it had six legs! So I said " Swami the snake got six legs!" .Swami again in a careless way replied " So what ?" .Dream ended. When I woke up I felt I'm loosing my faith in Swami's words and that's why didn't I dared to go past the snake. It's time to steady my sadhana. And the other thing I felt was ,Strange things will happen and that's why everything in the dream was strange and yet swami seems to view everything as normal.

From some of the comments in guest book section, it seems like at last 'IT HAS STARTED' :)

poonam2014-12-30 21:59#
I agree with Suneesh ji here, many devotees are not aware of this event, so why only handful , so surely this will be spiritual awakening, inner transformations.
Chitra2014-12-31 01:40#
Jay Sai Ram,What a sacred dream. How wornderful. May Swami guide us on to this sacred day of mankind , Please Swami, We Your children waiting here ,gessing,

Please Swami You onaly Know howmuch we love and adore thee
Maanvita Bhavataarini
Maanvita Bhavataarini2014-12-31 17:12#
Sairam to every one. Thank you for your messages. I haven't shared much of my dreams before this. Somehow after Swami blessed me with this dream I felt I should share it with all. I felt He is asking all of us to be aware and take precaution especially when he said "Earth is going to witness a huge event, so Be Careful" and "IT HAS STARTED". And those dates that press people were asking me in my dream prompted me to share my dream thinking this is Swami's intent. I don't know how to take it. May be I am not the right person to judge. I don't know if Swami is testing our patience with the dates. But I am certain Swami will save us all, let us all pray Swami unanimously. However, since Swami has cautioned us to be careful we should take some precaution about the weather or earth. He will however not forsake his children, Swami your children await you. My pranams at your lotus feet. Sairam.
Sai Dev
Sai Dev2015-01-08 22:15#


The dates mentioned were 31/12/14 and 01/01/15.

Both dates have been mentioned by Swami in VISIONS OF HIS RETURN.....

THE HUGE EVENT IS THIS RETURN......I believe......

However as one NAADIS says...between HIS RETURN IN BODY and HIS PUBLIC APPEARANCE....there is a gap..of 3 months....

Now last year I had vision of Swami in 15/04/2014 and Swami said " I AM COMING THIS FRIDAY" i was waiting for a FRIDAT RETURN for Nov / Dec but did not happen until 31/12/2015 as SWAMI GiVeN IN VISION....If my dream was reference to a future date and His appearance to public....then I guess I could mean HE APPEARS ON 17TH APRIL 2015 FRIDAT! THIS FRIDAY.......POSSIBLE

FEW BELEIVE SWAMI WILL RETURN IN FORM (especially those who attend Muddenhallieven) though SWAMI DECLARED MANY TIMES HE WILL LIVE TO 96 YEARS IN HUMAN BODY (2022)... .... fewer still believe SWAMI VISIONS...even fewer now BELIEVE SWAMI IS BACK AS PER HIS DREAMS.....

I am perplexed that all who believe SWAMI DREAMS ARE REAL...now do not believe SWAMI DECLARING HE IS BACK IN PHYSCAL FORM............and as per NAADI there is 3 months waiting period for public appearance...




Sai Dev
Yaani Drucker
Yaani Drucker2015-02-17 01:08#
Thank you so much for sharing your dream with us Maanvita. I loved reading where Gayatri Ma thunderously declares: "Ekam Sath Adwitheeyam Brahma -You and I are one".

Sai Baba says the SAME THING: I've come to tell you that you and are EXACTLY the same.

Jesus too taught: I and My Father are ONE.

So this is the universal message that the trio brings WITH ONE VOICE:

s.nagarajan2015-02-25 03:29#
Sairam! The mention of "Chaitra" month is actually the first month as per Indian zodical system. It coincides roughly from April 14 to May 14. My presumptions mostly coincide with the dreams of many. 1. Swami entered in physical form on 1/1/15 on Vaikunta Ekadasi day at Prasanthi Nilayam 2. As per Nadi predictions, 3 months time for his public experience. This comes around 31/3/15. Some where the mention of moon becoming full has been written. Hence I thought it may be during eclipse time of moon around 4/4/15. The mention of chaitra also coincides 14/4/15 onwards. In all possibilities it will be during the end of March and during April after 14 April. The many events around the world like intense snowfall which is not normal, the evil activities of terrorists around the world luring innocents to their fold, floods and other natural calamities that started in Australia recently point out to the fact of evil ascending gradually. In most of the countries, the period April indicate intense heat and hence the combination of several factors point out to the probablity of April 2015 for the upheavel on earth and the ultimate protection by Swami when he shows himself to one and all everywhere! Om Sri Sai Ram.
Poornima2015-05-21 09:36#
Was all this related to the earthquake events recently in Nepal & India?????
Vidya2015-06-04 12:45#
Hi Sreejit, I absolutely love your website.but I am puzzled as to when Baba will come back in His body! There's a lady, Catherine kapahi who channels Baba. There Baba says He won't come back in Sathya Sai form
Sai ram,
s.nagarajan2015-06-06 10:51#
Sairam Vidya! Have you posted articles in Sathya Sai Forum sometimes ago. If so I am 'saisaran'. hope you remember!
s.nagarajan2015-06-05 04:05#
Sairam Vidya! Swami has emphatically informed many that he will wear the same robe! It is not Prema Sai who has to come after another twenty and odd years. Swami has told John Hislop during a conversation way back in 90 or so that Prema Sai is after another forty years afterwards. Hence all revelations point out to the imminent return of Swami in a younger form! Hence do not be anxious. Let us await Him prayerfully and faithfully. Om Sai Ram.
Satrughna2015-06-08 07:03#
Swami said to Hislop that that would be after forty years, but I always understood that was to be reckoned from the date when they were talking, somewhere in the 1970s-80s. I never understood that it would mean there would be a gap of forty years in between Sathya Sai and Prema Sai.
Mini2020-01-11 15:47#

Sir will our Swamiiii come back in younger form Himself not as Prema Sai because Swamiiii had given us so many promises in dreams never fulfilled our lives are gone we are still waiting for Swamiiiii will Swamiiii ditch us i am going mad sir ever since Swamiii left our lives are full of problems i want to hear from you sir please do reply me

With Humble Pranams at the Divine Lotus Feet
Prashant2020-01-22 01:01#
We are child of Swami. He will never ditch anyone, even the person, who criticize Him. Happiness and sorrow are parts and parcel of life. Sorrow comes for a purpose. You will see its impact in the future. Regarding Swami's return, we all are waiting for the same. Its difficult to interpret His Divine Leelas. Have faith, you can still feel His presence in your daily life.
Going through difficult times just remember this mantra "This shall too pass".

Sai Ram.
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2019-12-09 07:38#
A huge event would definitely happen this year..2019, around Christmas/shortly after it is.. or it could happen on 31st December/1st January as shared in this dream.
O Dear Lord Sathya Sai, Thy Kingdom Come.. Come May It Soon!

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