Trayee Brindavan

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Dear Divine Lights of Sai, Devotee has dream of Swami

4th July 2014 - Here is the devotee's words.

It was a palace like place. I can say it was like a five star hotel interior and realized that it was "Yajur Mandir". 

There was decent but high profile decorated place. After entering inside there was a big hall with few furniture, but just after entering the hall, towards left side there was a wall. I was cleaning just behind that wall and there was a big mirror, a wall, and there was a wash room at the end and few steps just besides that. The steps may be leading to places around the hall and the setting may be for not disturbing the people who are in the hall. There were so many people and a lot of decoration was going on and cleaning process too. Both gents and ladies were moving here and there with good clothes and remembered the place like GOKULAM of lord Krishna's time as was shown in Ramanad Sagar's Shri Krishna serial.

There were 2 young ladies, who were simply running here and there but they were holding a cloth and bucket,  I could see them laughing around and not doing anything. I was now cleaning the mirror. After cleaning the mirror, I saw myself in the mirror and made my hairs correct and saw my dress whether its proper or not. After that suddenly all the people who were cleaning and decorating were running outside. I couldn’t think what’s happening but all were running. I came towards my right side where the main door was there and was trying to ask what happening? But no one was in the position to tell me. Same time those two girls came to me and gave me the cloth and said, "We will be back, you just take this cloth." and they also ran away.

It was an empty place then. Soon after all went outside, I heard a voice saying Swami has come to TRAYEE BRINDAVAN. I was dumb struck. I was thinking how to go now? and I felt I have a responsibility and I cant go out by leaving this house as it is. I felt its like my own home. But I was literally crying and standing at the entrance of the house. There was complete silence, with decorated house. I came inside again, but in mind Thrayee Brindavan picture appeared, and I could see all these devotees running towards Brindavan and I could also see in that vision that there was a huge rush and people were pushing one another.  Around Thrayee Brindavan there is a beautiful lawn and usually no one walks on that, but these devotees rushed towards the wall of Thrayee Brindavan crossing the lawn. I could see only this and suddenly I got up I felt very sad for getting up it was exactly on 4th Friday morning around 5:45 AM.

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