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Readers may recall the articles titled May the Lord's Glory illuminate this earth and This is the time for the gifts which were based on the experiences of Marie Perron. Marie has shared a few more recent powerful dream experiences that she had regarding Golden Age and Swami's Reappearance.

By Marie Perron

Our beloved Master puts my faith to the test since several years and the other day a little bit discouraged, I was saying to my daughter: "You will probably see the golden age, because you're 28 years old, but I'm 58 and I wonder if I'll see the golden age in this life."

That night, I had two dreams of beloved Baba who encouraged me greatly. I tell you these dreams hoping to give some hope to the devotees who wait and pray earnestly for the return of our beloved master.

First dream: I am speaking with my daughter and telling her this: "You are going to University, but I'm too old and tired, and I am no longer able to take courses at the University". Then suddenly, beloved Baba the great Director of our life, appears in front of me. He is so shining light and love and I'm so happy to contemplate Him in all his Divine glory. I love Him so much, He looks at me with a smile and says: "Marie, look on the walls, there are all the scenes of your life". Then I see on three walls, paintings that represent the different stages of my life. Then, beloved Baba continues telling me tenderly. "You see the last scene, there is some gold, but in the next scenes in your life, there will be only gold, no other colors, just gold. Your life will be made just of gold, it will be the golden age". As He said this, I saw on one of the walls, that there was room for three other paintings of my present life to come. Happily, I know my future life will be extremely beautiful and peaceful and that I will see the golden age on all of humanity in this life.

Second dream: Sai Baba the glorious King sits on His throne of Holiness and the Divine Mother in full spiritual splendor is sitting right next to Him. Great peaceful Divine energy emanates from them and I'm so happy to be back near Him. Suddenly, my beloved Master looks at me with love and tells me this: "Marie, you know the importance of divine purification by water, I wish you would talk about it to my devotees". The Divine Mother told Him peacefully: "Baba, Mary did not want to write to the devotees before your return on Earth! He said then tenderly: "Marie can say yes or no, as she wants".

When I woke up this morning, I really did not want to write about it on Sai Kingdom. But after careful consideration, I finally decided to do the will of my master and to tell you of my dreams.

A few years ago, Sai Baba asked me to make a purification ritual with water every day, to protect us from negative energies that surround us and also to prepare His return to Earth. I think it's this ritual that He spoke about in my vision. So here it is:

The purification ritual with water

I meditate every day, and I sing sacred songs and prayers, and I place on the altar of our temple, a small container with water and I ask beloved Baba to bless it. Then I drink a little of this sacred water and I put it on my forehead, my head and I sprinkle all over my body. I do the same with my husband and my disabled daughter. After that, I walk in the house and I sprinkle each room and outside, around the house. There must be a spiritual reason for that beloved Baba asked me to talk to you about this purification. We have seen often that the purifying and protection of this ritual is very powerful.

In the love of Sai,


Carlos Tonki
Carlos Tonki2017-09-27 11:05#
Dear sister Marie:
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful dreams with our Father,my heart is so happy.
Thanks for the water purification, very inspiring, i will start doing it.
Only one heart, Baba´s Heart in each and every one.
Love for you, family and every one.
Carlos Tonki
ShantimayaSiri2017-09-28 01:11#
Om Jai Sai Ram
LRao2017-09-28 06:13#
Sairam. So amazing that you shared the water purification dream today. Let me explain why:
This being the Dussehra / Navaratri festival season in India, offices here in Bangalore traditionally have 'aayudha puja' on the 8th or 9th day of the ten day festival. Today is the festival celebration in our office. This morning I had a semi-dream /vision (not sure which one): I was standing at the specially set up altar in our office. I placed a bowl of water at the altar and chanted a few prayers. I then asked the office assistant to mix the purified / blessed water into a larger bucket of water and then sprinkle it around the office premises!

In all my years at the office here, I have never done such a thing. I was bemused by the idea of my active participation in this ritual / puja today (I am usually a back-bencher!). I then saw your dreams and the water purification ritual posted here on sai kingdom. Swami gives messages from different sources - if we are tuned in right, we hear the message. Thank you again.
BRUNO2017-09-28 17:25#
KARTHIKEYAN2017-09-28 18:00#
Sairam to everyone. The Water Purification Ritual explained in this article is very significant. I think this water ritual will give ultimate protection to everyone, in the time of crisis or natural disasters. I will explain a story which I remember approximately. There was once a war and bombs were put on a particular city. In such a particular area, there was one house and suddenly a man knocked the door of that house and gave the house keeper, some white powder (Vibuthi) and asked her to shower it on the top of the house, and saying so he went away. The house keeper did so. After some days bombs were put in this area. After bombing was finished, the house on which vibuthi was showered, was the only house that escaped from bombing. All other houses were destroyed. After many years, the house keeper came to know, that the man who gave the vibuthi was none other than Baba himself. Here in this story, we see that, vibuthi showered on the house, saved it from the bomb. Similarly this water purification ritual explained in this article, will protect the devotees from natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunami, volcanoes, etc which may occur in future (as said in many articles published in sktc), and this water purification ritual will also protect the devotees, in case any war which may happen in future (as said in many articles published in sktc). So I feel everyone should do this simple water purification ritual in their houses and get protection from our Lord. Thanks to sister Marie Perron for sharing this dream and water purification ritual.
Sandhya2017-09-29 04:18#
Thank you for the hope and the wisdom of the water.
V.N.Hari Shekar
V.N.Hari Shekar2017-09-30 04:33#
May all the people life be made of gold, in the golden age! Om Jai Sai Ram!
Maria Graham
Maria Graham2017-10-01 10:12#
Thankyou Marie I shall also do this ritual of water purification Too, its very nice Om Sai Ram maria
Mark2017-10-07 14:20#
Wonderful story Marie and the water ritual sounds very spiritually uplifting & protective, sairam.

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