Are We Ready?

Sreejith Narayan

Sairam dear ones,

I am writing this in the wake of emails and messages floating around with unnecessary speculations concerning the identities of the Divine Duo mentioned in some of the recent dream experiences. I feel we must stop all these unfounded arguments in the lines of "it might be this person or that". To be honest, my focus is solely on Swami and the Reappearance. For me, He is all names and forms. At the same time I do understand (and as indicated in the recent dream experiences) that there are Divine beings who have incarnated on this earth at this time in order to be with the Avatar and to be part of His Mission. In the future when Swami Himself reveals their identities, we will all be happy to know (as when He had revealed Swami Vivekananda's reincarnation as Nalin Sedera). Until then let us not allow our focus to drift.

The real question that we need to pose ourselves now is whether we want to be part of His unfolding Mission or not. If we really do aspire to, then there is no other choice than to concentrate on our own spiritual growth (True Truth Aspirants, remember?). Swami will never go back on His Words. Whatever has to happen in the Divine Drama has been already scripted long long time ago. That is not going to change. It is only an illusion that He "changed His plan" and left early. Once during my meditation I was told "change of plan is also part of the plan". Which would mean that His leaving "early" too must have been decided eons ago. So is His Reappearance, for that matter.

We are all eager to witness the fulfillment of Swami's words regarding the future. However, of what avail is it if we ignore His words on spiritual transformation? Believing in Swami's Return is not an ordinary thing. It takes extraordinary faith for that. Having such a great asset in our hands, we have to channel that faith into an inspiration to do more Sadhana and grow spiritually. Otherwise we will be left only to watch His Reappearance and His next Mission unfolding, from the sidelines. The time is running out. Such an opportunity will never be upon this humanity again. If Swami asks "You were given so many indications of My Return. How did you make use of those?", what would be our answer?

Dear fellow Truth Aspirants, let each one of us work hard on ourselves so we may place the perfect answer at His Divine Lotus Feet: "Dearest Lord, we are prepared and we are ready"!


Rajesh2015-01-23 04:47#
Great message brother, very timely. I was having a similar line of thought last few days. The most divine and greatest opportunity for all is coming up. Lets not loose chances and opportunities again. Lets not lament later about all what we could have done.
If Swami said the greater things than lifting of Govardhan is going to happen, It just has to happen and there is no other way about it.
lrao2015-01-23 04:56#
Dear brother Sreejith,

Thank you for the timely reminder to intensify our individual sadhana rather than make this entire 'waiting for Swami's Reappearance" into a game of speculation and unnecessary and excessive interactions (Which Swami doesn't like, we already know). I also see a tendency, sometimes, to focus on the messenger, rather than the message (of dreams/visions, etc.). While Swami's grace is giving us these messages through others' dreams/visions, these are only side-stories. Using an analogy that Mr. Popat used in one of his talks: when Swami gives prasadam in Kulwant Hall, we just accept it and eat it. Do we analyze what is in it, what are the ingredients, which seva dal member handed it to us, how many calories does it have? No...we just eat it as Swami's prasadam. Let's do the same here - accept the prasadam, don't analyze what, where, WHO and why of it.

Let us FOCUS intensely on our prayers and one-on-one connection with Him and await Him with prayer, peace, joy and CALMNESS and EQUANIMITY. Thank you, as always, for showing the straight path when tempted to veer off into sub plots and stories.

Sais2015-01-23 05:11#
Dear Brother Sreejith, By saying "we have to channel that faith into an inspiration to do more Sadhana and grow spiritually" what do you really mean people to follow? Could you elaborate the steps that you are taking for this so that many people can do the same. Does that mean that we need to learn Vedam as Swami said? Or just being in love towards other fellow beings will suffice?

Sai Das
Sai Das2015-01-23 16:32#
If I may Sais, to me, there isn't anything "new" for us to do in preparation, rather, we should really be doing what Swami has been telling us all along and there is certainly no dearth of His teachings. I think it is more about earnestness and diligence. For me personally, this means going deeply within to Know the real Swami who is my/our very nature. Do I want the Sai form or Sai? Now one might say that it is one of the same, but is that really our experience or just an intellectual understanding? How do we really understand Baba? If as the form then we really don't understand Him. If as God, then He is Omnipresent so why do we concern ourselves with where His form will be and when? We can't find Him on the inside if we keep our attention looking for Him on the outside.
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2015-01-23 06:04#
Dearest SAi Brother Sreejith,

Thank you for being Swami's Faithful and True instrument for hosting STKC Website and Facebook page.

Your steady faith sooths my turbulent mind.

Om Jai Sai Ram
The Phoenix Returns
The Phoenix Returns2015-01-23 06:22#
Well said Brother... Sathya Sai Is The Best...and Sathya Sai Divinity also 'deserves' the best from His folks...His 'own' children...Sai 'Phoenix' Is To Return...

Love n' Light...
radha2015-01-23 06:34#
sairam brother sreejith !

You have just given the need of the hour ! so true ! lets concentrate on the message, work on it and make swami happy. thank you again Jai Sai Ram !
Ana Diaz-Viana
Ana Diaz-Viana2015-01-23 07:55#
Dear Sreejith.

My mornings now are filled with Joy and excitement for these extraordinary times we are all living! If I try to remember the last time I felt this way it was probably when I was 5 yrs old, in Christmas Eve, waiting for Baby Jesus to come. This is a magical time and also a time of preparation, I'm having the same feeling as you, that there is not too much time.
In our joy and excitement we may drift and lose perspective of what has to be done in preparation for what comes next. Your message is as usual filled with wisdom and viveka.
Satrughna2015-01-23 08:14#
A few years ago I had several dreams to that effect. Swami would stand before and come to my house, and indicate that He was willing to come to my house, but how could He, if I wasn't ready for him? Since then I kept cleaning my inner home by sourcing my character defects and inhibitions and working on those, but still I have to admit that I don't feel as ready as I would like. Much more cleaning to be done...
Balaji2015-02-02 17:47#
Well said Br. Even me and many others are sailing in the same boat unable to clean the latent defects and negative influence of Kaliyuga. Chanting HIS name to negate these effects are irregularly practiced. Only hope that Swamy out HIS infinite love and mercy lift us upwards and drag us out of the muddle of maya.
Joy2015-01-23 09:15#
Seek God Just As One Seeks Food

"The One does not, of its own Free Will, desire to become many. It has no desire. It has no likes and dislikes. It is immanent and transcendent. It is all this and more. What then is the reason for this manifold appearance? The reason lies in the mind of bhaktha (devotee). You declare. "Baaba appeared before me in this Form; I saw Baaba in this Form." But, what happens is you desire that vision. I do not change into that Form."

" has to seek God just as one seeks food. Both are necessary for happiness, man seeks happiness, for he is originally and truly free; he is immortal and so he seeks to overcome death."

Prashaanthi Nilayam, March 1963
KARTHIKEYAN2015-01-23 10:16#
Good words. Let us Follow. Thank You Brother
Anita Narain
Anita Narain2015-01-23 11:09#
Sai Ram brother Sreejith! Yes our focus should be on our role in His divine mission. We should all just accept and intensify our Sadhana so that we can be worthy of the role if He assigns any to us. Thanks for your message (His message).

Pure Void
Pure Void2015-01-23 11:32#
The head must bow down before the Heart to allow the Divine Grace to find perfect expression in all humility - equanimity - Omkaram.
Shyam Sunther
Shyam Sunther2015-01-23 12:26#
Very well said! Synchronizes with my thinking. Let's look within and attend to ourselves, seeking to transform every moment and Swami's blessings and assistance will be with us. Let each of us be ready for the BIG event by trying to practice his teachings, in the most sincere and best way we can. Sai Ram!
Sai Das
Sai Das2015-01-23 16:18#
I'm glad for your input on this Sreejith. I have expressed similar thoughts on the STKC Facebook page and got a surprising amount of push back from some other devotees. They will not do this with you of course.
Henriëtte Schakel
Henriëtte Schakel2015-01-23 17:25#
Thank you for writing this, Sreejith, that is also how I am thinking about it. We shouldn't confuse ourselves with comparing our own, unique experiences with Swami, with those of others. Each experience is precious. A garden would be very dull if all flowers looked the same. Each of us gets the perfect medicin for the soul to grow and to be brought to full bloom. If our divine Doctor would give a soft remedy to a patient, who needs a strong one, he or she would die and if a weak person would get something too strong, he or she would die either. So let us be happy with what we get from our allknowing Father. We are safe in His hands. Don't try to understand, why we love Him...just love Him and it will return to us a thousandfold...
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2015-01-23 22:35#
Wow. So many beautiful comments. This makes me SING WITH JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAI RAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






"Sai-Plane" is steadily increasing altitude!!!!!!!!!!

"Public Darshan will come soon!!!!!!!!! As directed by the "Physically Descended SATHYA SAI BABA, HIMSELF!!!!!!"

OM JAI SAI RAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kay2015-01-24 01:43#
Whenever I am in doubt as to which path to follow,like Sais,I refer to the poem of Baba-

One may be a master of all the Scriptures
And competent to teach the Vedanta
One may be a great ruler
Living in a many- splendoured mansion,
One may be a valiant hero
Who had vanquished his enemies,
Or may be a pitiable
Victim of poverty and privation
If he has no devotion in him
His life is devoid of meaning
A servant who is filled with love of God
Is more to be adored than the overlord of the world.
The Phoenix Returns
The Phoenix Returns2015-01-24 04:16#
Regarding Almighty's Mission of - "Swachch Cosmic Abhiyan"...

I have heard from at least three different sources, quoting different Masters, about the 'preparation' being done to raise 1,25,000 "Masterly' Beings for the above-mentioned rejuvenation task of Almighty. The most profound source is the Alimighty wordings of Lord SriPada SriVallabha, the first 'YOGIC' Incarnation of Lord Dattatreya... Who walked the earth of Andhra Pradesh just 700 years ago... Great Beings, are there in the form of Avadhootas, Rishis, Saints and Sages, Masters and even possibly in the disguise of Iconic Leaders... and also possibly in our midst as 'unsung heroes'... This world is being balanced only with His Blessings, radiating through these 'unknown' beings... Our Lord Is The CEO and these Masters are working at His explicit command... Rightly, at a human level one should understand, He Is Loka Natha... and the rest all are Vyakthi Nathas... Jagat Guru vs. Individual Guru... this is how Bhagawan Himself explained about His Role, when a prominent devotee raised the topic, comparing Him with an Indian Spiritual Master...

Also, SriPada SriVallabha had mentioned about "Golden Pithikapuram", a different higher level 'conscious' plane, apart from His Earthly Abode... similarly, who on Earth knows about "Golden Prasanthi Nilayam", which is verily existing, unknown to 'our' worldly myopic eyes????????

As Vivekananda often said, Arise, Awake and Stop Not.. this is the only way… Lord Krishna would easily slip out of the tender clutches of the Gopikas... He was (is) skilful is 'deluding and eluding'.... and when Krishna Himself Is here as Sathya Sai… much more vigilant one need to be, as times have changed…
His script was written at the Beginningless Beginning... when at different conscious levels, drama happens, the drama drama within drama within drama within drama... where He, our attributeless Lord dons all attributes for the earthly, He becomes most ‘unattainable’ for the Anatmas… Atma covered with darkeness of ignorance.

para eighteen
para eighteen2015-01-25 14:50#
Sairam Sreejith,

Very true. As you said, we have to channel our faith into'' an inspiration to do more sadhana and grow spiritually.''
These are not ordinary times..they require something extraordinary from us. We have to keep praying to Swami to grant us the grace to be equal to the moment.....

Sairam, with love,
Sreejith Narayan - STKC
Sreejith Narayan - STKC2015-01-25 16:37#
Sairam dears, Thank you all for these wonderful inputs and insights.

In this context, I found the following article in TPR very timely and useful:
SAMY2015-01-26 01:34#
khushi2015-02-20 07:03#
Aum Sai Ram...1. What are peoples thoughts about BABA appearing in Sukshma form.
2. In terms of people's desire to see Swami in physical form, why not we, in the meantime, ourselves become the physical form of BABA by doing his work and transforming ourselves.
E.Forcen2015-05-05 16:42#
SAI RAM all dear BRS. LOVE AND LIGHT:May SWAMIS,s blessings be with you all forever.

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