Sai the Saviour has come!!!

(Pictures by Aravind Jayaraman)


By: Aravind Jayaraman


I got a dream on May 4, 2018 3 AM. It is as follows:

I was walking along the road during the twilight time. The place seemed to be an old historical one. In that place, one spiritual Dikshithar (teacher) gave upanyasam (lecture) about Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.

I went directly to him and asked "can I speak with you?". He agreed.  "You are giving upanyasam on Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.They belonged to the Treta and Dwapara Yugas. Do you know about the Kaliyuga Parabhrama Avatars? They are Sai Avatars - Shirdi Sai , Sathya Sai, Prema Sai Avatars". The Dikshithar exclaimed "Is it so?".

Then we talked and came outside. I told him that Sathya Sai will be giving Darshan on sky and asked "Do you want to see Him?". He replied "yes".

Then I prayed loudly "Swami, Please give Your Darshan". Then the sky become filled with stars. Swami gave Darshanam with 6 to 10 Sathya Sai Forms. Then I asked the Deekshidar "Did you see Him?”. He exclaimed "yes!". Along with him, many people also had Swami's Darshan and were very happy.

After this Swami changed into a light form and descended on earth and stood near me, but I was searching something. Swami humorously asked  "Are you searching for your friend?". I replied "Swami You have come. That is enough for me. More than that, i don’t need anything”. Then with smile on His face, He put his hand on my shoulder.

Swami started walking slowly. I requested everyone to chant Rudram "Om Namo Bhagavathey Rudraya". All started to chant including the Dikshithar and some ladies who were present.

Swami then sat on one place. Everyone surrounded Him. There I could see a westerner lady who was crying and she had a mentally challenged person with her. Swami hit the mentally challenged person's head, hands and legs with His hands. Then the person was healed and became normal. The westerner lady loudly thanked Swami.

Then Swami started walking along a old temple. Few devotees accompanied Him. I took a short cut and reached where Swami was.

Swami asked me "I have come again, why are you feeling this much? Don't feel that I will leave you. You will be always with Me. Don't worry Aravind". After that, Swami hugged me and blessed!

Then I woke up from my sleep.

Postscript: Yesterday I was in distress and cried heavily before Swami's photo. As we know Swami is immediate reckoner and whenever His devotees are suffering, He doesn’t remain silent. Moreover He replies to us in one way or the other, to solace His devotees’ painful heart. So He came in my dream to say "Don’t worry, I am always with you". I am really overwhelmed by Swami's Love. Love you so much Swami!!!

Jai Sai Ram!

Aravind Jayaraman's dream previously posted in STKC FB

Sairam all,

On January 4th this year (2018), Lord Jesus appeared in my dream and asked me to be patient (regarding the Reappearance). He said "Everything will happen, don't worry!".

Then on April 24th (Maha Aradhana Day) I had a beautiful dream. In the dream I was telling everyone that Lord Sathya Sai and Lord Jesus will soon give us vision (Darshan). Then later on I heard many people saying that Lord Sathya Sai (on the right) and Lord Jesus (on the left) appeared in the sky, but I could not see it. Afterwards all newspapers published about this vision (in the dream).


Joanne Loh
Joanne Loh2018-05-05 14:45#
Thank you so much for sharing Bro.Aravind for another lovely and reassuring dream of Swami’s Reappearance.
V.L.Archanaa2018-05-05 16:11#
Seeing this, Swami's words coming to my mind. Swami says, "Mine is the Vajra Sanklpa, the diamond like resolution. Whatever I will, must materialize to truth and perfection".
So, from the above dream, I could see Swami's love for His dear devotees and very clear "Sai Thy kingdom is also Vajra Sankalpam".Jai sairam!
KARTHIKEYAN2018-05-05 17:31#

Thanks to brother Aravind Jayaraman !
Uday Shinde
Uday Shinde2018-05-06 01:02#
Sairam. Hope that Prema Sai appears quickly and we could have His Darshan.
ASHA MAHBOOBANI2018-05-06 01:04#
Uday Shinde
Uday Shinde2018-05-06 01:04#
SaiRam. Hope that Prema Sai Shall take Birth soon and we shall have His Darshan.
Shantimaya2018-05-06 17:40#
Om Jai Sai Ram
Maria Graham
Maria Graham2018-05-13 07:04#
You are very Blessed with this dream Aravind, especially to also see Jesus, was Jesus as Swami portrayed

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