A Breathtaking Revelation

Sairam dears,

Sharing with all of you, an awe-inspiring revelation which appeared in the e-mail newsletter of the Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation, Republic of Ireland. 

The Irish monthly Sai newsletter is prepared and distributed by brother Shay Moran. To be more precise, Brother Shay sends out a Sai Monthly update email to devotees in which he includes information on Organisational matters and various Sai related activities. In the latest newsletter, he shared a very important and relevant information relating to the current affairs in the world, and a revelation that Swami made back in the late 1990s. Please read on...

Om Sai Ram!

I wouldn't normally share this kind of story so widely, but given the events currently happening in the Middle East and around the world, I think it is the right time to pass this information on and let people make of it what they will.

Some years ago, in the late 1990's in Puttaparthi, I attended a talk given by Dr. Gadhia from the UK. Dr. Gadhia has since passed away but he was a very close, life-long devotee of Swami's. When he wasn't in Puttaparthi with Swami he spent most of his time travelling around the world giving satsangs and promoting spiritual activities in Swami's name.


So in the talk, Dr. Gadhia shared some of the adventures and experiences he had with Swami. At one point he recalled a lunch in Swami's house with some others of Swami's inner circle. Swami was speaking about the five reasons the Avatar incarnates.

If my memory is correct, they were...

1) To answer the prayers of his devotees

2) To fulfill the yearning of the saints and sages who have performed penance in order to see the form of God

3) To revive the ancient scriptures

4) To protect the righteous

5) To save the world from destruction

On the fifth point - to save the world from destruction - Dr. Gadhia described, in a remarkably matter-of-fact way, how this would happen in the Sai Avatar. He quoted Swami saying, "In this Avatar, a great war will come between America, Russia and the Muslim powers. When this happens the world will be brought to the brink of destruction. At that moment I will reveal Myself, and in revealing Myself I will end that war. And no more wars will follow."

It was a powerful revelation that left the audience in a state of amazement.

I had the opportunity a few years later to speak personally with Dr. Gadhia. He had invited myself and friend of mine for breakfast in his apartment in Puttaparthi. I was able to confirm the story once again. I pressed him for more details but he said that was all there was. Swami hadn't said any more about it. I asked him if Swami had said when this would happen but he laughed and said, "No, Swami never says when anything will happen."

So what exactly did Swami mean, and how or when might such dramatic events occur? Who knows?

One important point for me is that when I heard the story in 1998, the world was as far away from such a global conflict as could possibly be imagined. The Middle East was at peace, the global economy was thriving, and there was no major conflict happening anywhere on the planet.

Two of the three political entities Swami mentioned didn't even really exist at that time. The USSR had collapsed, and Russia under Boris Yeltsin was barely a functioning state. As far as I knew there was not, nor had there ever been such a thing in geopolitics as "Muslim powers". 

But today, all three of those political entities named by Swami most definitely do exist. And for better or worse, a 'great war' between them seems to be unfolding right before our eyes - America and Saudi Arabia on one side, Russia and Iran on the other, with Syria, four million refugees and so many others desperately caught in the middle.

I don't want to draw any conclusions for anyone else. I have long since given up trying to understand Swami, or trying to anticipate anything He might do, either in my own life or in the world. Yet Swami remains the only thing I could ever consider relying upon. He is the purest, most perfect, unconditionally loving being I have ever encountered. All I know is to put my faith in Him, and to do anything I can to bring my heart and mind closer to Him.

Whatever is in store for this world, I trust that Swami is taking care of it. And moreover, whatever is in store for any of us, I trust that everything is working out for the best in the continuing unfolding of Swami's mission to uplift the consciousness of humanity.

Sai Ram.

With love,

Shay Moran


(We express our sincere gratitude to Brother Shay Moran for this article and for his permission to publish it. Our gratitude also goes out to Brother Przemek Czarnowski who sent us this article initially)


Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-11-13 22:05#
Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu!
maria graham
maria graham2020-01-29 01:08#
Sai Ram I had dream of Swami similar 10/03/17. Swami was with me and several other people, there was a soldier, present sporting a rather large Moustache, Swami was telling us about a war which was going to take place, He was also telling in great detail, but this soldier kept interrupting Swami, Swami said their will be a war and all will go down, {under).Swami then walked away, I ran after Him, and linked my arm through His, I asked about the war, Swami said their will be a war, but all His children will be safe. Sai Ram Maria
Elisabeth Jost
Elisabeth Jost2020-08-18 07:15#
Since Swami came only recently so incredibly into my life all my fears vanished. I feel safe and secure and simply continue my rescuing work even more dedicated and sure of my own doings. My days begin with Sathya Sai Baba and end with Sathya Sai Baba, the night belongs to Him as well. My heart is filled with gratitude and love. Therefore and truly: Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu.
Joy2015-11-13 23:18#
"It is to prevent such a catastrophe that this Avathar has come"

From the book, 'God Lives in India', by R K Karanjia 1976:

Karanjia: The existing situation driven by evil forces to destruction as You have correctly analysed it, appears to suggest the inevitability of another Mahabharata-type war. Does this mean that the salvation for which You are working can be consummated only after a destructive war?

Baba: The evil must and shall be removed before such a catastrophe takes place. There will be minor wars and skirmishes… of course these cannot be helped in the existing state of affairs.

But today as I told you, the evil is so widespread that humanity itself would be destroyed in a nuclear holocaust in the event of a world war. It is to prevent such a catastrophe that this Avathar has come, that is, to raise human consciousness above the existing syndrome of anger, hate, violence and war, and save the world from disaster.

This can be achieved only by the re-establishment of the brotherhood of mankind through the Vedas, Shastras and all religions with their evangel of dharma; this will liberate the human race from the chains of karma.

s.nagarajan2015-11-14 02:52#
Sairam! Sooner than later. Already the evil forces have let loose terrorist activities everywhere. The worst sufferers are innocent women and children. The alarming refugee problem everywhere is one of the worst scenario post world war. Swami abides His own time table. Let us wait prayerfully. Om Sai Ram.
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2015-11-14 04:41#
Jai Sai Ram
Mark2015-11-14 05:28#
Very good article & thanks to Shay for sharing his encounter with Dr Ghadia and also Sreejith for printing it here. I believe America & Russia will in fact form an alliance of great force with the aim of destroying Isis, who Swami calls, Muslim Powers. Prayer & faith & constant remembrance of God are most essential right now. Om Sai Ram.
KARTHIKEYAN2015-11-14 05:59#
When we read this Article, It points out that Swamis Reappearance is Not Very Immediate, But We have to Wait For Some more time. Thank You Brother Shay Moran for sharing this Information at a Appropriate time.
Miguel G. Santos
Miguel G. Santos2015-11-14 10:06#
Congratulations Shay.
Very inspiring your article specially after the tragic events last night in París.
God bless you.
Henriëtte Schakel
Henriëtte Schakel2015-11-14 15:16#
In 1991, during my first visit to Swami, He came in my dream and showed me the then future political developments in the world. Many of these have already come true, but the last, which is now going on. I was so upset by what He showed me, that I leaned with my head on His shoulder, moaning:"Swami, do we really have to go through this too? I experienced already a war, I can't go through it again". Swami then put His arm round my shoulder, smiled lovingly and said:"It is neither My wish, but people are so attached to their material luxus and conveniance, that they can't step back and change their selfish mentality. So they are heading straight for their own destruction and they know that". Then He showed me a glimpse of the "NEW WORLD", which was so beautiful, that I sighed deeply and said:"Ok, Swami,with Your help,I will go through it again..." After waking up I have never told others what I had seen. Why causing panic when something has to happen anyway? But now the moment has arrived for all of us. Let us be brave and keep praying to ward off the worst. I am not going into details of what was shown to me, as we are already having a foretaste now. Let us pray hard to ward off the worst... Henriëtte
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-11-15 00:43#
Sairam Sister Henriette Schakel, When I read this article, immediately I got reminded of your dream, especially these lines...

"...Seeing my distress He then showed me a glimpse of the Golden Age, which was so beautiful and peaceful that I surrendered and accepted what had to come before that. The world looked cleansed, the colors were refreshed, all sorts of plants and animals which were supposed to be extinguished were there again and there was room enough for everybody to live. Work was a pleasure, because nobody destroyed anymore what others had built up. 

...I am not afraid, despite all the horror around us. It is heralding Swami's glorious Come Back!"
Yaani2015-11-14 16:39#
May 90th birthday festival not be marred by any dispiriting news. May it bring Positive Cheerful News for Whole World. Jai Sai Ram!

On Nov 22, 1962 Baba gave this address to His devotees: I know that your hearts are filled with other thoughts - the thoughts of pushing back the Chinese from the land they have invaded and occupied, of sympathy to the families of the soldiers who have been killed and wounded. Minister Chenna Reddy also referred to them feelingly. They fought for their country to keep the enemy away. It is your first duty to pray for the dead, and to pray for the happy and victorious return from the battlefield of the gallant fighters. It is your duty also to search for your own faults and failings and to correct them soon. You have also to discover and develop all your talents and become strong, self-reliant, full-grown Indians, in order to save your country and its culture. Above all, you must get firmly entrenched in faith; faith in the ultimate victory of truth and love, of justice and fortitude. You have not tried it, and so you are unaware of the potentialities of faith.

During the Mahaabhaaratha war also, people had the faith that "Where Krishna was, there victory was certain," for Krishna will always be on the side of truth and truth cannot bring defeat. India has Dharma on its side; that is to say, Krishna on its side, and so the paeans of victory will sound soon - if they have not already sounded! The Chinese can do India no harm; for we are not wanting in the strength of virtues, in truth, in justice, in love, in forbearance. These are the real arms, the real ammunition, the armaments. When Ashwathaama slyly entered the Paandava camp and blinded by hate, slaughtered the sleeping children of Dhroupadhi, she scorned to wreak vengeance on the maddened culprit, for he was the son of the Guru of the Paandavas and as worthy of reverence as the Guru himself. That is the nobility that stirred the hearts of mothers in this country. That is no weakness; it toughens the fibre; it demoralises the enemy, who is rendered a coward by the fear that haunts him and the hesitation and doubt about victory that dog his steps.

So, be brave and confident. My birthday festival will not be marred by any dispiriting news; it will be made happier for you by quite positive cheerful news, I am sure. (SSS Vol II)

And on Nov. 23, 1962: You will have known by now that the Chinese, of their own accord, prompted by the mysterious working of a higher power, withdrew from the advance lines they held on the night of 22nd and, as I said, My birthday was celebrated in an atmosphere of joy. Some unseen force caught them by the neck and hurled them back. Man is impelled forward in aggressive warfare by the Aasuri Shakthi (demoniac power) or greed and lust but he is compelled to retrace his steps by God, by the Dhaivi Shakthi (divine power). (SSS. Vol II)
D S Raman
D S Raman2015-11-15 01:16#
May 90th birthday celebration of Swami bring positive feeling among all our human beings and may all our prayers to Swami to save this world from another war or further destruction of this lovely world created by God for all to live happily and peacefully. we pray to our dear Swami to to bring better sense among the so called two super powers to avoid further more damage to the globe and its people. This small piece of Artical has made all of sit up to pray for real peace from now onward. Jaisairam.
radha2015-11-15 05:24#
Sairam !! a Sai devotee had a dream last year on nov 16th, saw Chennai filled with water...now it is happening with incessant rains slashing the city .. the city is reeling under the downpour. someone had posted a dream that oceans will rise...wondering what will be the consequences if it happens? SWAMY !! please come before anything destructive happens to the beautiful world... we have none other than You.... Om Shanti ! Shanti ! Shanti : JSR
Joy2015-11-15 08:46#
'Wisdom will be enthroned in the Councils of Nations.'

"I have resolved to enfold the people of the world in the fostering care of Universal Love as laid down in the Vedas. For the world is My mansion and the Continents are the halls therein. I have come to inscribe a golden chapter in the history of humanity, wherein falsehood will fail, truth will triumph, and virtue will reign. Character will confer power then, not knowledge or inventive skill or wealth. Wisdom will be enthroned in the Councils of Nations."

Sathyam, Sivam, Sundarm Volume 3. vahini.org/sss/iii/awakening.html
Paul2015-11-15 13:47#
Sairam! Thank you for posting this account. What Baba said in the 90's now starts to make sense. I had a brief dream last night regarding Baba and the moon. The moon seems to be a recurring role in some of the predictions of Baba's return. In the dream some people who may or may not have been devotees were outside witnessing an unusual phenomena in relation to the moon. I thought, I wonder what this is all about. I stepped outside and began looking at the moon. At first I only saw the moon but gradually the shapes and colors of the moon started to reveal the image of Baba. The image became clearer and clearer until it was entirely unmistakable that the image was indeed Baba. Then I began to see different images of Baba on the moon and eventually the surface of the moon became like a video screen revealing thousands of people of different countries in good spirits reflecting purity and recognition. This morning I looked up the moon calendar for November. On the 23rd the moon is almost full with the full moon occurring on the 25th. I hope we can very soon witness Baba bringing an end to world suffering. Sairam!
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-11-15 16:50#
Thank you so much for sharing. Heart beats....Soul longs for Swami....
Ben2015-11-17 13:30#
Sai Ram brother Shay Moran,

Thank you so much for your timely article. Dr. Gadhia was one of Baba's very close leading lights. He always spoke the truth and should he utter any untruth he would fast for 24 hours. His words cannot be taken lightly as he was truly someone who was so dedicated to Baba that all devotees should strive to emulate.

America and Russia at the moment are against a common enemy in the Middle East. Fire power may result in victory but not over an ideology, especially when an enemy is so steep in fanatical religious ideology. Besides, this is not an amicable union as these two super nuclear powers are there with different agendas in mind. It could potentially lead to devastating consequences.

When it comes to religion, there are no bad religions as all religion teaches love which embraces peace, truth compassion, forgiveness and all that is good. Sadly, religious bigotry, dogmatism and fanaticism have stripped man the freedom from reasoning and investigating. This have condemned man to everlasting ignorance, resulting in religious divisions. Unscrupulous men are using religion for their evil agendas. What we are witnessing the Middle East today are the indiscriminate slaughter, torture and other crimes committed in the name of God. No one on earth can end this religious madness except God, Himself.

I would also like to add that it is so sad to witness the suffering and hardship endured daily by the great exodus of refugees to Europe. I personally feel that this is part of the Divine plan to break down social, racial and cultural barriers as these divisions have to be rid off before genuine integration could happen. Remember, there is only one cast, the human race. We are all from Planet Earth.

All the above events are to my mind catalysts for Baba's reappearance. Baba had said that the last five years of His life will be centered on the unity of all faiths. Time is almost ripe for Baba to show to the entire world, by His return, that He is indeed God in human form. This would confound all the sceptics and non-believers and put an end once and for all their scepticism. Only then can the Golden Age begin. Have faith and pray with utmost sincerity for His return for the benefit of the entire world. When will Baba return only Baba knows. But He will to fulfill His Advent. His words never fail.

Once again thank you very much brother Shay for your article, and a hearty thanks to brother Sreejith for the great, time consuming and wonderful work you are doing for the benefit of all.

With Sai Love.
Joy2015-11-18 01:17#
"For everything, devotion (bhakthi) is the basis. Nothing can be achieved without devotion.
Students! Money, tanks, bombs, or governments do not protect the world, only God's Grace does.
It is essential for you to aspire for the welfare of the world and pray to God for it.
To quell the storms in the world, God's Grace is the only way.
The strength and capacities of today's students will determine peace and security in the future."

Summer Showers 2 June 1991 www.sssbpt.info/summershowers/ss1991/ss1991.pdf
E. Forcen
E. Forcen2015-11-18 18:01#
SAI RAM May SWAMI bless us all.
Savita S. Rani
Savita S. Rani2015-11-27 09:01#
Sairam to all of you
I would like to address most particularly to you Sai Brother Ben. I believe we share the same viewpoint. Unscrupulous yes I would say wicked people are using religion as a "pretext" to fulfill their wicked and selfish motives. They are doing it out of ignorance and also due to wrong interpretations of certain things.Yes indeed, all religions teach love peace etc and all the good and positive things that are wrongly interpreted by some unscrupulous people who misguide their people purposely and only to fulfill their selfish and wicked motives. I was listening to a Maolana (a muslim Priest) on our local radio channel who was preaching on the real meaning of Djihad some time back. He was saying that Djihad means one should fight against his desires, because it is desires that are the real enemies of mankind that lead them to do wrong actions leading to jealousy, greed hatred etc in other words all the negative feelings, negative attitudes and negative behaviours these are the satan within men and it is these negative attitudes that men should fight against fight against the negative desires who are the real enemies of men. How I wish everyone could reason and be illumined like this "Maolana". But who can convince the ignorant people? Lets pray and wait and have patience. Swami also teaches us to have a "Ceiling on desires". Sairam
saisarannaga2015-11-28 03:03#
Sairam Savita S Rani, I concur with the thoughts mentioned in your post. The Moulana is perfectly right and we should fight with our evil tendencies. God bless you and everyone. Let saner wisdom prevail.
Tareef Zemar
Tareef Zemar2016-11-13 21:50#
I was led by Baba to become a Muslim a year and a half ago; I have shared my experiences about Baba with my Muslim brothers, and His plan to return. At the time of elections, at the polling booth, with my ballot in hand, I still had no clear direction of who to vote for. I went within, and prayed to to Baba to guide my vote in accordance with His Will and plan. I was led to Trump and He gave me a vision of the future, in the form of a vibration, so beautiful. I shared with fellow Sai devotees that Trump would win, but was received with a critical stare and comment that Clinton would win. I stated with complete confidence that Trump would win. When he won, they were dismayed and felt depressed at the idea Baba would allow such a thing to happen. I expressed my faith and belief that Baba was in control and it was all according to His Will. I pray Baba will appear before all humanity so that all religions know He is God, who has come to save the world.
- SaiRam!
Erik R. Robertson
Erik R. Robertson2016-11-16 14:37#
Sairam to all and thanks for sharing.

Swami has said and it is recorded in several quotes that ''there will be world peace between now (the time He said it) and the advent of Prema Sai. That! is what i hold on to. All else is indeed mere hopeless guessing and/or interpreting as we have no idea. Swami has often quoted the advent of Prema Sai being 5 to 7 years after the departure of Satya Sai body, so as far as i am concerned HE is on schedule and HIS advent as Prema Sai will be coming some time the next couple of years or decades at most.

However what will happen between that Glorious Event and now....that remains to be seen. But one things is sure as Baba has sated: THERE WILL BE WORLD PEACE BEFORE THE ADVENT OF PREMA SAI. And Prema Sai is either already born or on His way.

Yayyyy. Sairam
ramesh2016-11-19 02:27#
If we sense the Prana energy around, we can sure sense the awareness and communication it brought into the world between each other so that Adwaita dharma is clearly at work. So its just the harmony between the people that has to arise conditioned with Dwaita/duality mindset till now. So in my opinion,events will only occur slowly to give a direction of Spirituality and Nonduality mode of thinking and love in people. Its important not to be worried and have Faith in Swami who represents Nature.Because decreasing Faith can lead to fear and duality. So lets do our best
M GOPINATH2017-01-09 08:49#
Dear Tareef Zemer
Let you words be golden.
Bruno2018-04-15 18:39#
Kyriacos Mavrommatis
Kyriacos Mavrommatis2019-09-09 06:15#
Sushila Zingde
Sushila Zingde2022-03-28 13:57#
Om Sairam to all. im a staunch follower of Swami. I have exoerienced lot of good things happening in my family. I pray swami to come and bless the world. Om Sairam

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