Aleksandra Dutkiewicz & Anna Niemczyk (Translation: Polish)


Translator: Aleksandra Dutkiewicz
His humble instrument: Anna Niemczyk
Translation Language: 
Dedicated at His Divine Lotus Feet on: November 23, 2015

The Polish language translation of Sai Thy Kingdom Come was expertly done by Aleksandra Dutkiewicz. Anna Niemczyk, Sai devotee from Poland was instrumental in bringing out this translation.

Aleksandra Dutkiewicz

To make a long story short, born in Poland, tried and dumped few options in my life, completed several studies with English studies being most successful and enjoyable. Always knew my place wasn’t Poland, so I wanted to move out as well. Especially, when at the age of 29, God told me to get my bag packed and try my luck in Scotland. Done nearly nothing, He got my job and place to stay ready and waiting for me. That’s how I see and feel it. Had been working here as a dental nurse for about 6 years. All that time was crucial to get to know Scottish people, learn Scottish language (English studies in Poland helped but Scottish language is a different story) and get settled and independent. Had to work hard but enjoyed it so much. In the meantime, got married, had a son and met amazing people, some being most important in my life. After 6 years it became obvious that this job was needed to start with but it wasn’t for me anymore. Couldn’t be a dental nurse for the rest of my life. Had to dump it. That’s what I did not really knowing what to do next. Always liked translating and interpreting for people. I used to do it in Poland, too and wanted to get back to it but didn’t know how. Left it up to God. Few days later, got a phone call from the long forgotten translating agency I’ve registered with a couple years before. Had no jobs from them for two years, none! They asked me if I wanted to start working for them on regular basis. Taken by surprise, I went into a panic-excited mode. Had to get organised myself quickly. All went smoothly and have been working for them for two years now. Loving every minute of it. Everything fell into place. This job was a perfect thing in a perfect time for all sorts of reasons. God’s timing!

After a while I felt like my interpreting job is not enough and could do more than that. Wanted to get a book to translate so much. Been waiting for it to happen for a long time. And it did! One day, my cousin Ania (Anna Niemczyk) asked me if I would like to translate a book about Sai Baba. I knew who Sai Baba was but that would be it. Never been His devotee and had no experience of Him at all. Except one dream. He appeared in my dream long before I knew He existed. The dream was very nice and can remember it clearly. But I had no idea who He was when I woke up. I think it was a year or two later when my aunt mentioned that Sai Baba appears in people’s dreams in His orange or red robe and with black curly hair and I realised that it was Him in my dream. Then I saw His picture on the cover of the book and I was sure it was Him. I was delighted to be able to translate this book, my first one. To be honest, it didn’t matter to me that it is about Sai Baba, but if there’s God’s Will in it, which I feel there is, let it be. I’m excited to see why and what’s next. I might not be Sai Baba’s devotee but I am God’s fan. Perhaps that’s the same and it doesn’t matter to Sai Baba.

I would like to thank the author, Sreejith Narayan, for granting me permission to translate his book into Polish. I was so excited. My dream came true. Also, thank you to my cousin Ania for trusting and asking me to do this big job as well as for helping me to correct errors. It was her who got an idea to translate it. And last, but not least, thank you to Jacek, the Sai books translator, who proofread it professionally for me and made corrections. Appreciate all the help so much.

I hope all Polish readers will enjoy it.

Anna Niemczyk

My encounter with Bhagawan and divinity started during a quite turbulent time of my life. I am mentioning the past in order to express my gratitude to my husband, Krzysiek, with whom I went through difficult times of our life together lacking awareness. His serious illness made me seek a remedy. One day I met a doctor who mentioned Sai Baba. It was like a magnet for me and right the next day I got more information about Baba and I knew He was ‘mine’. It was love at the first sight! After five years I got invited to India. Back then, I was still looking for a remedy for the symptoms and Baba was my hope. I didn’t know that recovery starts from within. Ten days after our first visit in India my husband left his life in a way which was very difficult to our outside world. I understood that help and healing is not always what we think it is and everything that is happening is related to what we have sown so far.

Actually, it was that particular shocking experience which started my real quantum transformation and my journey from my mind to my heart. Baba guides me in my dreams right from the start with such a perfection. A year after Baba left His body I started having dreams showing me that it’s a temporary state and Baba's Atma will be back in the same form. He showed me there are lots of people who have similar experiences. Before Baba’s leaving I had lots of dreams about what is going to happen and the night before He had left I got a dream with an exact time of His departure. Everything that He showed me happened. Everything that He’s showing me and did not happen yet, will happen in His time. I am taking the dreams of other devotees’ as my own because we are all One and I am glad that I can benefit from those divine messages.

I don’t even know when I came across Sreejith Narayan’s book. I had some amazing feeling about it right from the start. Then during my last visit to India I had a very personal experience related to Sreejith’s book. In April 2014, when I was in Puttaparthi, I went for a walk with my children and saw one elderly gentleman reading the Telugu version of this book to another elderly lady. The elderly lady then called me and gave me this book in my hand. As soon as I touched this book a great energy of LOVE formed inside me. I spoke with this woman about Swami's return and told her that I believed in it too.

On September 7th, 2014, I had a dream about Swami's return. I was in Sai Kulwanth Hall. Then I saw Baba materialized Himself and started speaking through the microphone...Immediately (in the dream) I sent SMS to my friend in Poland about this great news. (She does not believe in Swami's reappearance). In the dream however, I wasn't sure if Swami would stay for long. Then again in the afternoon I saw Swami. This time He was smiling and waved to me. Now I was certain that Swami had RETURNED and would stay longer. Then I sent the next SMS to my friend with this news. I wrote to her that Avatars do not leave in such a way and that His disappearance was only temporary. 

Soon Baba inspired me to look for someone who could translate it into Polish. The person who got to do it was my cousin Ola (Aleksandra) who is not a Baba devotee but she is an undefined God’s devotee and I believe that Baba had His purpose choosing Ola to do the job. I am glad He blessed her translation of this marvelous book. I would like to express my gratitude to Baba for the Grace which flows after His leaving. It is a wonderful time to take an insight into yourself and experience life from heart’s level.

All that happens is FOR US and not against us and it’s impossible to comprehend the Love which Baba overflows the world with. Only heart can feel it without arguing and analysing.

Thank you Swami for this unique time and blessing. Thank you to all the people who were and who are on my path for the teachings they have got for me.

Swami you are my greatest present that I could ever receive.

Thank You So Much,

Anna from Poland


Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-11-23 07:52#
Thank you for sharing. "Everything will happen in HIS time!" ~ YES! Jai Sairam!
KARTHIKEYAN2015-11-23 13:52#
Thank You Sister Aleksandra Dutkiewicz and Anna Niemczyk for your Wondeful Work. Sairam

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