P.V.Mallikarjunarao & K.Satyanarayana Murthy (Translation: Telugu)

Translators: P.V.Mallikarjunarao & K.Satyanarayana Murthy
Translation Language: Telugu
Dedicated at His Divine Lotus Feet on: October 8, 2013

The Telugu language translation was done by Sri P.V. Mallikarjunarao, expertly edited by Sri K.Satyanarayana Murthy.

Sri P.V.Mallikarjunarao

Sri Mallikarjunarao, an ardent devotee of Bhagawan had his first Darshan of the Lord at Mumbai in the year 1982. Since then he has been following Swami’s teachings and constantly engaged in Sai activities. Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, under the guidance of Baba, had launched an integrated development program in villages in which all the problems and village issues were addressed. With Bhagawan’s Grace, Sri Mallikarjunarao was responsible for two villages and his report was submitted to Bhagawan. He regularly participates in tribal village service in the villages which are the beneficiaries of Baba's water supply scheme and has served as the Coordinator for Konthamaru village Bhajan Mandali. He is a poet and composer and has composed no less than 65 Kirtans/Bhajans in different languages – Telugu, Sanskrit, Hindi and English. His compositions are all instinctive and inspired by Bhagawan Himself. He has had the good fortune of seeing Swami appearing in His physical form in his home more than once. One time Swami appeared out of a photo on the wall. He has firm faith in Bhagawan’s return in the same physical form.

Once he had a dream that Swami has returned. The scene was Kulwant Hall. Many volunteers were involved in the work of gold-plating the Kulwant Hall (symbolic of Golden Age). Saints and Sages were assembled there. Bhagawan was walking so fast and just before He went inside the Mandir, blessed Sri Mallikarjunarao and the dream ended. Sri Mallikarjunarao keeps himself engaged in constant Namasmarana and prayers for Bhagawan’s Return.

Sri K.Satyanarayana Murthy

Sri Murthy has been in Bhagawan's fold from his childhood. With Bhagawan's Grace, as part of his assignment at a responsible position in a Government organisation he worked in various parts of Andhra Pradesh and other states in India, including a stint in their Head Quarters - Mumbai. These assignments enabled him to see the glory of Sai in remotest corners of the land and progress in his spiritual path while functioning as office bearer in Sai Organisation. He took voluntary retirement quite early while working as Senior Divisional Manager in Life Insurance Corporation of India (a Govt. of India Organisation) and now lives in Puttaparthi and spends his time in loving Seva and intense Spiritual Sadhana.

His editing and proof reading for this language edition is a labor of love - an expression of love for his Ever-Present God - he felt His Divine hand at work throughout. He is part of a world-wide network of healers of a system of healing being constantly guided and blessed by Bhagawan. 

He constantly contemplates the Glory of God and His Kingdom. Sir George Trevelyan's landmark words from a Sai platform in Rome, “Avatars do not fail, it is not in the nature of an Avatar to fail in His Mission” constantly reinforce his belief in the events that are going to unfold. His humble Seva in this project and the manner in which he has been linked to the STKC team is part of His Grand Divine linking up world-wide to add to the critical mass.

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