YES!!! For the sake of a few devotees...


Shared by Brother Mohana Sai from Prasanthi Nilayam, May 9th, 2018

My colleague, who normally does not talk much about His Return, but follows Him in his own diligent 'sadhana route' had a unique dream this early morning.

He was with Bhagawan in a room in Prasanthi Nilayam. Swami in His 'pre-retirement' form was present there, seated in a chair, along with three more unidentified devotees. The unidentified room door was kept open and devotees were feasting His glimpse from outside the room. My colleague was at His Feet, doing Pada Seva, pressing His Lotus Feet. All of a sudden, Tanya, a Russian devotee awaiting His Return in Prasanthi Nilayam, was passing by and Swami gesticulated her, saying, 'Wait, I Will Come Back', and started laughing.

Then, this colleague of mine asked Swami: "Swami, You Will Really Come Back?"

Swami replied: "Yes, For the Sake of A Few Devotees I Will Come Back In The Same Form And Give My Darshan."

He shared the dream with me, and as i wanted to share the same with you, he said 'Yes, Let People Feel The Joy That I Experienced In The Dream.' What a noble thought!

My colleague is now fully convinced that SWAMI WILL COME BACK IN THE SAME SATHYA SAI FORM!


KARTHIKEYAN2018-05-12 18:31#
Its good to hold on to your dreams
Its good to think ahead in time
For your dreams can help you sail through
In all your waiting time
A good hope of a life that you want to live
A hope that things will change with time
Dream big as you dream tonight
It will be a pleasant sight
Dream big my dear tonight!
Aravind.J2018-05-12 20:44#
Please come soon dear Swami, each and every seconds waiting for you. Love you Swami ❤
Sairam ❤
BRUNO2018-05-12 23:54#
Maria Graham
Maria Graham2018-05-13 06:55#
I wonder what Swami means by this a few devottes, hope I`m in that few
Reinhard Geith
Reinhard Geith2018-05-14 21:03#
Very happy!
Reinhard Geith
Reinhard Geith2018-05-15 20:23#
Maria, those who seriously await Him, still in His Sathya Form and pray for His Reappearance in public life are probably small in number. Those, who will spot Him with great effort as a tiny red flash are the visitors in mass, later on. Thanks for good quotes from Yaani and Patrick.
Vyom Swami
Vyom Swami2018-05-31 00:59#
Each one of you has to be saved. I shall not give you up, even if you keep afar. I shall not forsake even those who deny Me, I have come for all. Those who stay away and those who stray away will also be drawn near and saved; do not doubt this, I shall beckon them and bless them.”
-Sathyam Sivam Sundaram vol 2

"Boys! You have only two choices... either you let me in your heart or i will break open and enter BUT ENTER I WILL."
-Baba to students.

Regarding the TIME of Bhagawan's reappearance i found the following very interesting.
I am not present in one particular time... and place. I can enter what you call the "past" and create a present for it... For me, i do not travel in the tunnels of time. I am the Universal self that can make TIME RETURN to Me as i will... whenever i will...
While i am to do what you can never chase, never understand... you are to lead your own mind to the safety of dharmic laws.
- THE RETURN a message received by Mrs.Seema M Dewan (june 2012)

So the words of bhagawan and prophecies of sages regarding the probable time of The Return may seem like how are these all going to be fulfilled at once when they talk of different times... we must remember what baba said in the above message.
Suraj2018-06-18 16:03#
I heard/read this "for sake of few devotees/bhaktas"... And I always wondered, who are these amazing few bhaktas who are able to tap-in to God and make Good take same form again. They are worthy bhaktas.
P C Nayak
P C Nayak2018-06-25 02:00#
Dear Sairam to all,
I had a beautiful Darshan of our beloved Swami today morning about 4.30am.I along with many people saw Him in the sky. The darshan was for few minutes. Then, Swami opened His both arms and '' TRANSFERRING.... '' word appeared in the sky and Swami disappeared in a big ship. Really, a very beautiful dream. Sairam.
Maria Graham
Maria Graham2018-06-30 00:51#
Dear PC Nayak what a beautiful Dream Transferring,may mean, Swami is preparing to come as Prema Sai, or already has

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