Many signs point to 2014

Sreejith Narayan

A warm and loving New Year wishes to all readers.

We have stepped foot into 2014, a year poised to become one of the most important years in the history of mankind (in my belief). It is not just an opinion that I conjured up from the vagaries of my mind. Many signs point to 2014 being the year of unprecedented happenings; the most remarkable event of them all, the epoch-making, much awaited Reappearance of the Lord in the Sathya Sai form.

Without further ado, let us get to some of the most important pointers to the significance of 2014 with respect to His Reappearance.

The timeframe of 2014 (or before) for His Return, as suggested  in STKC ( and in my interview to Souljourns ( was deduced from Swami’s own words regarding His lifetime on earth (Sai, Thy Kingdom Come, Chapter 3). In the Nadi predictions mentioned in the book “Sacred Nadi Readings” (by Sri Vasantha Sai), it has been prophesied that Swami would be in this earth for seven more years after His reappearance.

At the age 88, people on earth will accept Him without doubt, blemish or shortcoming. He will live for 7 years. (Gorakka Nadi, Reading conducted on June 14, 2011). - Sacred Nadi Readings, Sri Vasantha Sai, Page 26

He comes again and will remain only for 7 more years. Many changes will happen on earth during these seven years. (Bogar Nadi, Reading conducted on May 25, 2011). - Sacred Nadi Readings, Sri Vasantha Sai, Page 18

STKC also explored the verses from Bihar-ul-Anwar that say Mahdi will remain at least 7 years after His reappearance:

He will remain seven years (after His reappearance) and then he will die and Muslims will pray over him (Bihar-ul-Anwar Vol.13 Part 1, English Translation p.91)

The Nadis point to the age of 88 for His Reappearance. Swami will be in age 88 until November 22, 2014. Moreover, Swami has mentioned several times that He would live until the age of 96 which would begin on November 23, 2021. If we calculate backwards from that using the seven years mentioned in Nadis and Bihar-ul-Anwar, the period of His Reappearance would fall perfectly in 2014.

Stunning astrological predictions for 2014

Ashok Ghai, the author of the renowned book “Fate of world beyond 2012” has mentioned 2014 to be a very important year. Mr.Ghai had hit the headlines when a particular prediction made to a US based radio site proved to be true just two days after his interview was put on the site. He is the convener of Kalki Vichar Manch, an organization which for the past 30 years has been researching the various prophecies on the expected emergence of  the Kalki Avatar.

In October 2010, Ashok Ghai stated that in 2014, a cosmic power described as ‘Kalki Avatar ‘in Hindu scriptures, ‘Mehdi ‘in Muslim scriptures, ‘Rider on White Horse’ in Christian scriptures, and ‘Maitrya’ in Buddhist scriptures would emerge to save humanity. All this would happen before 27th July 2014, when His appearance will be known to all. In his above mentioned book he writes:

“The next incarnation of God described in scriptures and by various prophets is actually the advent of a Super Cosmic Power, which will affect the minds of people to bring them back in the fold of religion. It would be clear to the world by 27th July 2014 that a cosmic power has taken control of the situation on earth”. (Page 4)

There is a prediction in Srimad Bhagavatam about the appearance of Kalki and the beginning of Satya Yuga or the Golden Age:

“When the Lord has appeared on Earth as Kalki, the Satya-yuga will begin, and human society will bring forth progeny in the mode of goodness…When the Moon, the Sun, and Brihaspati (Jupiter) are together in the constellation Karkata(Cancer), and all three enter simultaneously into the lunar mansion Pushya, the Satya Yuga will commence.”

Many astrologers around the world have calculated this extremely rare astrological conjunction to occur on July 27, 2014, signifying the emergence of Kalki Avatar on or before that celestial event.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar, the founder and chairman of ISHWAR (International Society for Human Welfare and Astral Research - Center in New York, has made some stunning predictions on the significance of 2014. Dr.Rakesh is a renowned Vedic Astrologer, healer and Spiritual Counselor who has many successful astrological predictions to his credit. He has been a devotee of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba since 1968.

In 2009, Dr.Rakesh made the following prediction:

“By July 2014, the whole world will know of a great divine perception, that of God’s presence on earth, and thereafter there will be a huge wave of transformation of mankind. People all over will be overwhelmed with the great divine grace and energy, which will uplift everyone’s soul. From November of 2014, there is going to be a worldwide spiritual wave, and people all over the world will strive for peace, brotherhood and harmony. People of all races and religion, will start to recognize the divinity of that ONE GOD, and there will be a universal acceptance of Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love for God, His creation and the fellow human beings, and Non - violence. Within the next 12 years thereafter, there will be a continuous transformation of humanity, and the world will soon see the Golden age. Human beings will be at their true consciousness and live as per the divine Will. This is going to be the new age, the age of Truth and righteousness”.

Then again on December 29, 2013, in his New Year message for 2014, Dr.Rakesh wrote:

“[…]friends and folks, await that time to come. There will be many changes around the world from July of 2014 onwards. Spiritual consciousness shall start prevailing over Earth and man shall be unmade, and remade, with hearts filled with love and compassion for each other and for every living being that god created. You may ask: oh, is God going to come down Himself to change the world? I will say, yes. He who has been awaited for a long time will come again, and He shall bring peace and love amongst all without shedding a drop of blood. His name shall be truth, His form shall be love and He will come once again, to restore peace, love, harmony and righteousness in the world. Whenever the world was in some dire situations, the Lord incarnates on Earth, from age to age”. (

Well, it is quite evident from the above words, which event Dr.Rakesh Kumar is referring to here. With faith in our hearts and prayers on our lips, let us await the glorious Return of the Lord Supreme. However, I believe it is going to be anything but a smooth ride. Earth and its inhabitants could be in for a roller-coaster ride before we can enjoy the magnificence of His return and the exuberance of the upcoming spiritual era. So it’s time now to buckle up, be vigilant and get ready by strengthening our spiritual edifices. For, in the time that is coming, the only possessions that would be of any use are the virtues that we have acquired. As it is said, the wise part with their vices!


Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2014-12-09 15:44#
Swami confirms that He will return in 2014!

Then Swami said, "Don’t cry, I will be with you all for nine more years", saying thus He showed me His right palm, in which it is written as, 'Up to 2023"
S.NAGARAJAN2015-01-25 03:42#
Some of the devotees have seen Swami in Prasanthi Nilayam on Vaikunta Ekadasi on 1/1/2015 and in Muddanahalli campus, Swami's presence is seen through many happenings there. It is purely the Divine Will which will manifest at appropriate time for Public Dharsan! May Swami protect the pious people and guard them. Om Sri Sai Ram.

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