Dr.Jaya Murthy (Translation: Italian)

Translator: Dr.Jaya Murthy
Translation Language: Italian
Dedicated at His Divine Lotus Feet on: April 20, 2014 

Author's note on April 20, 2014 

Sairam. Happy Easter to all.

By Swami's Grace, on this holy occasion, I am so happy to dedicate the Italian translation of Sai, Thy Kingdom Come (SAI, VENGA IL SUO REGNO) at His Divine Lotus Feet.

STKC first edition was published on the Easter day of 2012 (April 8, 2012) to commemorate the significance of Swami choosing the "day of Jesus' Resurrection" for His  disappearance and in anticipation of His imminent return. So, in a way, today is also the second anniversary of STKC. It is purely Swami's Grace alone that has brought  forth the translations in no fewer than 14 languages in such a short period of time.

The Italian translation was done by Dr.Jaya Murthy and Sri Riccardo Schiraldi. I have no words to describe their hard work and dedication to bring out the Italian  translation in a timely manner. Swami's blessing was quite evident before and during the translation. Sister Jaya initially had a wish to translate this book. She was contemplating on whether to take up the translation work or not and prayed to Bhagawan for a confirmation. Swami came in her dream that night and blessed her, providing the much needed confirmation. Around that time Brother Riccardo also contacted me for the translation. It was Swami's design that both of them worked on it together. Riccardo too mentions that "The presence of Swami during this adventure was very strong" in the form of "Sai"ncidences. I am grateful to Bhagawan for bringing me in contact with two wonderful devotees, very sincere and exceptionally capable hands too. Riccardo had the good fortune of translating Sathya Sai Speaks volumes to Italian and Sister Jaya has translated Sai Satcharitra, which are no small feats. Their experiences with the STKC translation are beautifully detailed in "SAI, VENGA IL SUO REGNO".

The Joy of Finding Motherly Love - By Dr.Jaya Murthy

Om Sri Sai Ram.

Joy of finding motherly love of Swami beyond frontiers...

I would like to dedicate this, my Alilu Seva (Service of a squirrel to Lord Rama), to my dear parents.

Meeru Italian Kaadandi - When Swami told me in the interview, it didn’t take me long to understand that these three words were expressing His immense motherly love to take care of me and shower His blessings even after I left my mother land India. Soon I realized the greatness of Swami. But at the same time I was trying to find an answer for my question why Swami is so kind to me? Is it owing to, as famous Carnatic music singer Dr.Balamurali sings:

Ne chesina Pujaphalamu, Naa Poorvajala Punya Phalamo.

The results of my good Karma of my previous births or my ancestors’ blessings in the family? Perhaps it could be both to feel Swami’s constant presence in each and every moment of my life. 

Before saying a few words I would like to offer my humble Pranams to Baba for giving me opportunity to do my Alilu Seva (Service of a squirrel to Lord Rama) to the Italian Sai family. I am also grateful to Sreejith Narayan, author of the interesting book ‘Sai Thy Kingdom Come’, for giving me opportunity to translate this book into Italian. I am really thankful to Riccardo Schiraldi who came forward to collaborate with me to edit this book.

Swami says 'Why Fear When I am Here', in fact this is encouraging me to go ahead with my Spiritual path Sadhana being in this materialistic world. 

There is a Kannada devotional song: 

Ello Hudukide Illada Devara Kallu mannugala Gudiyolage - I was searching God in a temple built of bricks and cement without understanding that God is everywhere. This was my state of mind when we moved to Italy in 1983, when my husband accepted to work as a Professor in the University of Pisa. Frankly speaking I was not missing material life abroad, but I was missing my spiritual India. How to I live without Baba? This was my hurdle. Within a short span of time I came to know that Baba is Omnipresent Sarwantaryami, when an Italian devotee named Paola Salvini revealed that there are many Swami’s disciples and Sai Centres are situated in all most all regions of Italy. No need to say my life took different directions from then onwards. 

It was our parents who transmitted devotion to Swami in the early sixties to their seven children. I was lucky to go to Puttaparthi in 1966 with my sister, when Swami welcomed us with His sweet words our joy had no bounds, it was flowing like river Kaveri when it is at full swing. Many miracles would take place in our house. Once Baba appeared in the form of Shirdi Baba to fulfill my brother’s desire of having a cracker during Deepavali. Baba was materialising haldi, kumkum in a photo. In our house every Thursday was a feast with satsang, bhajans and prayers. 

I am really grateful to Baba for materializing Vibhuti in my photo, on the occasion of Laksharchana with the presence of Sri Vadgama in Pisa. I think this is Swami’s Grace to continue my mother’s house tradition. I am really grateful to Swami for this blessing. 

I had to wait almost 30 years to go back to Swami for His Darshan in Puttaparthi, owing to my personal problems. When I had Swami’s Darshan I was really thrilled and my joy grew immensely when Swami gave us a group interview. During those precious minutes I realized that Swami had sent me out of my country to contribute my Alilu Seva to the Italian Sai family. I am not boasting of translating Sai Satcharitra compiled by Murali Sreevatsa into Italian; I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Italian friends who helped me to complete this sacred book. 

The purpose behind spreading the message of vegetarianism and to bring to the awareness of people animals are sacred and they are Swami’s creation, motivated me to write a vegetarian cook book in Italian. 

Baba bestowed on me, His blessings to translate Sai Thy Kingdom Come. I really consider this a great miracle! In 2013 during Dasara festival, exactly on Vijaya Dasami Day, last day of Dasara I got an e-mail from Stefano Seardo who is a staunch devotee of Baba. In this message he had given me a link to watch an interview of Sreejith Narayan, conducted by Souljourns journalist Ted Henry. As I was watching this video tears rolled down from my eyes ‘Baba Will Come Back’ these words of Sreejith made me to immerse in great joy. I also felt that Swami was speaking, because the conversation was so touching.

As a flash, an idea came in my mind to translate this book into Italian because I wanted my Italian friends to have this joyful experience. After watching the video I opened the website www.saikingdom.com in search of the e-book. I found that this book has been translated into many Indian as well as in foreign languages, but not in Italian! What a great opportunity! I wanted to write immediately (there is a belief that whatever work we start on Vijaya Dasami will be a success) to Sreejith expressing my wish to translate this book. After sending mail during my evening prayers I prayed to Swami, to give me a sign if I am able to take this sacred work. What to say! Swami came in my dreams that night to bless me. When I opened my mail box next day morning there was a message from Sreejith accepting my proposal. Fortunately Riccardo Schiraldi, another Sai devotee accepted to collaborate with me in editing the book. Sri Durga Devi answered our prayers! Here is the book! I hope that Italians appreciate our work and wish to have a printed book in their hands.   

Nimmolume endendu namagirali Swami.

Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba let your blessings be with all of us forever. My Pranams to Lotus feet of Swami. 
Dr.Jaya Murthy 

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