That's my God!


Shared by: S. A. Rajen Naicker (South Africa)

Date: May 8th, 2015

Om Sai Ram sisters and brothers of the STKC Team!

From the time the STKC Blog was introduced, I anxiously waited for our Sai sisters and brothers to share their dreams and visions, not knowing that one day I too would be blessed to have a dream of our beloved Lord.

On 8th May, 2015 (morning, at about 12:20 A.M.), I was blessed with a dream.

The Dream

My eldest brother was in a financial crisis and all my sisters and brothers met at his home to discuss how we can assist him. After our meeting, my eldest brother and sister-in-law saw us off.  All of a sudden, my sister-in-law called out my name and asked me to look up at the sky. The sky was blue and it was a hot sunny day, a large part of sky changed violet in colour and then started to change into pink. The pink started to fade and very large moon, with a pure white light, appeared.

In the white light, Swami appeared. With His beautiful blue eyes, awesome smile and His radiant shiny light brown skin, He looked so much younger! Swami's image covered the entire moon. I could see His face and His shoulders with the orange robe. I immediately prostrated on the ground to welcome our Lord. Thereafter, with excitement, joy and happiness screaming on the top of my voice, "That's my God! That's my God! That's my God!"

The moon moved so rapidly, giving me few seconds of Darshan. With that excitement, joy and happiness I was on my way home meeting Sai devotees who also witnessed this amazing event. Some of these devotees had been absent from our Sai Centre for such long period and I told them that from today there will be large in-flow of people because the entire world was the witness to this amazing event. I also told that I must leave for Prasanthi tomorrow.

It was night, I looked at the moon and sparkle of all colours started to fall to Earth, as if it was a fireworks display.

That's how my dream ended.

Jai Sai Ram!

Posted by Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma


s.nagarajan2015-05-10 03:23#
Thank you Sairam Rajan for the beautiful dream episode. These posts keep us away from anxiety. None really know the exact day and time of Swami's reappearance. This keep us on our toes with lot of expectations and imaginations. Sai Ram.
E.Forcen2015-05-10 18:13#
Dear Sisters and brothers in SAI. LOVE AND LIGHT:SAI BLESSINGS.
Anesh2015-05-26 07:18#
Om Sairam and thanks for sharing this divine experience with us. Yes indeed these are very trying and testing times for all devotees the world over. Swami is definately testing us to see who are His true devotees that are worthy of His darshan when He returns soon. No body can fully comprehend His glory. Baba is not limited to time, distance or space. He can be anywhere and everrywhere at the same time. All those of us from South Africa who have never been to India but have experienced His divine manifestaions in our homes, know that Swami is the Lord of the Univertse. No scientist can explain Baba's omnipresence. We are blessed, We are blessed we are blessed, Sai Baba is watching over us....welcome Back adorable Lord of the Universe, we are awaiting your divine retunrn.
Shantimaya2017-05-10 15:06#
Om Jai Sai Ram

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