Kai Kröger & Dr.Susanne von Stamm (Translation: German)

Translators: Kai Kröger & Dr.Susanne von Stamm
Translation Language: German
Dedicated at His Divine Lotus Feet on: November 21, 2012

The German language translation of Sai Thy Kingdom Come - "Sai, Dein Königreich Komme" was dedicated at His Divine Lotus Feet during the period of Swami's 87th Birthday Celebrations. The translation was done jointly by Mr.Kai Kröger & Dr.Susanne von Stamm who are from the town of Kiel in Germany.

Translator's note - by Kai Kröger

Born in 1953, in Germany I was originally trained as a school teacher. In 1980 I had my first galvanizing experience with Swami's guiding Hand/ Voice clearly telling me that I was to become a healer in this lifetime. I was overwhelmed with joy at this prospect (although I had no idea what a healer was, let alone how to become one), and it was a calling in the true sense of the word. Needless to say I underwent a new training for a profession totally new for me, and I have been working since as an ND (naturopathic doctor) for the past 30 years practicing classical homeopathy. I have seen many, many miracles of cure during this time, and I know for sure these are not because of my doing, but because of His Divine Will and Grace. I just LOVE to be His instrument!

In 1982 I had my first personal encounter with Swami Who visited me and talked to me in my house in Germany. My first journey to Him was in 1982. Christmas 1982 found me at His Lotus Feet in Prasanti Nilayam for the first time.

The link to Sreejith's Sai Thy Kingdom Come reached me via email as a birthday gift in June 2012. As soon as I started reading the online-book I could not stop reading until I was through. I knew with all certainty it had to be translated into German to reach a greater community here in Germany, and Sai sister Susanne and me turned out to perform the job. It was an elating work, and has been a source of inspiration ever since. I feel Sreejith's compilation of numerous quotations, experiences/ dreams of Sai devotees and deducive conclusions are very concise and speak for themselves. This book has been giving me so much hope and spur to go into even more Sadhana and Seva! 

In fact I had a dream of Swami recently. I was sitting on the floor of the audience hall in some theater, with a stage to it. Suddenly Swami appeared on stage and gazed at us with eyes glowing like fire. He looked much younger, like about 50 years of age. I was elated and said to the person next to me: "See, Swami has returned in His physical form! And He appears much younger - just as He had pronounced in Sreejith's book!"

I feel deep gratitude to Sreejith writing this book, to Swami for making him writing it, and to be granted to play a useful part in this joyful project. Dreams with Swami and a number of experiences have helped consolidate my belief that Swami will be with us all in His physical beloved form again. I am standing on tiptoes with anticipation!

Translator's note - by Dr.Susanne von Stamm

I live in Northern Germany and work as a Homeopath who treats both humans and animals. After studying Biology and earning a Doctorate in Botany, I worked for several years as a scientist in the Environmental field. I then completed several years of training in classical Homeopathy, Veterinary Medicine and Animal Behavior.

With Baba's Grace I am in His fold since almost 10 years and presently in the service of leading the Sai Group in Kiel, Germany. When I first read the book "Sai Thy Kingdom Come" I was fascinated about the deliberations on the possibility of Baba's reappearance. And it was my wish that all the German speaking people in the different European countries, who don't understand English, should be able to to read this inspiring book. So Kai and myself decided to translate this book as a team.

The work with the book was very inspiring  and we were very happy when we could send the German book to Sreejith for publication on his website.


Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2015-01-17 06:22#
Thank you for this wonderful strory of these very very beautiful Sai Souls!!!!!!

Sai Ram
Sai Dev
Sai Dev2015-01-17 14:08#
Om Sai Ram

Swami in fact has come as if 31_12_2014 as Promised in one vision He would be back by this year ends.

Just as when He took birth in 1926 it was years later news started to spread so too His sightings are happening and will spread until the day comes Swami decides to Show Himself in FULL GLORY


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