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Prof. John Grimes is a world renowned author and researcher of Indian Philosophy. He received his B.A. in Religious Studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Indian Philosophy from the University of Madras. He has taught at Universities in the United States, Canada, Singapore and India. His book publications include: A Song Sung in the Key of Sai; Ramana Maharshi: The Crown Jewel of Advaita; The Vivekacudamani: Sankara's Crown Jewel of Discrimination; A Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy; Ganapati: Song of the Self; Problems and Perspectives in Religious Discourse: Advaita Vedanta Implications; Sapta Vidha Anupapatti: The Seven Great Untenables; Quest for Certainty; Sankara and Heidegger: Being, Truth, Freedom; Paramamrita of Mukundaraj; and The Naiskarmyasiddhi of Suresvara. He currently spends his time writing and traveling between California and Chennai.

Our problem is to justify

Sai Ram Sreejith,

I just completed rereading your book. What to say? It is so well researched and quoted. Swami’s own words, Nadi sayings, other devotees experiences. All the evidence points in one direction.

Our problem, as devotees of Swami, is to justify, explain, digest all those sayings of Swami’s that never came to pass. He said, “My words will never fail.” We take Him at His word. How to make sense of this? 

Some of the difficulties, like His age/passing, are very difficult as he said them publicly many times. As you show in your book, the lunar calendar just does not pass mustard. About His age, I have recently read that he took on the Japan nuclear disaster to Himself to prevent millions/billions more from perishing in what would have been an explosion if he had not. The dates tally, but we know that Swami healed Himself (or had another do it) in Goa and, as Swami, what is there he could not do? To say that His body was old and worn out just doesn't make sense to me. There is another factor here. It is said by His students that one evening (a few years ago?) He told the students that “I may leave early.” How does that factor into the equation? Even if His body left early, surely the things He said that would come to pass, must come to pass.

Swami said, “Every step in the career of the avatar is predetermined". If so, then wasn’t He aware that He would leave early? This is extremely difficult to digest with our mind. Leaving early. We think He left early. Whatever Swami did was only for the good of individuals and for the world’s good. Somehow, this too, must be the same. But we can’t see it yet. I remember His telling us that one day He would give darshan from the sky. We imagined it one way. Then, He gave darshan from a helicopter and we thought, “Oh, it’s like that and not how we imagined.” Then, after the helicopter ride, He said, “One day I will forsake the helicopter.” Again, we imagine how it will be. Who knows? He is inscrutable.

What to make of Swami’s statement, “This body will live to age 96 and will remain young?” It is obvious to anyone that His body as we saw it did not remain young. In 1972 He told a young boy who complained about a few grey hairs appearing on Swami’s head, my hair will remain totally black until I leave the body.” The next day the grey hairs were gone. But in old age, Swami had grey hairs again! I was in Brindavan when this event took place. Only if He returns with a young body will this make sense.

Swami has now been out of His body for 3 years – not two (See your one possible explanation in chapter 3). We still have about 12 months as possibilities. Doesn't it seem to you that 2014 is the year the miracle will take place? In my mind, all evidence points that way.

In 1975 after Second World Conference, Swami said, “One day I will have to forsake the helicopter and give darshan from the sky.” He said this the day after giving darshan from a helicopter. I was there. 

And lastly, Jairo Borjas’ dream is incredible.

John Grimes
June 2, 2014


Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-09-17 05:39#
Beautiful. thank you for this.
Sai Dav
Sai Dav2014-09-21 18:50#



The Second Coming - as seen by jesus Muhammed (AL MAHDI AL QAIM) - THE KALIKI AVATR seen by Guru Gobind Singh - SWAMI said TRUST IN WHAT IN ALL WHAT I SAY - WHAT I SAY MUST HAPPEN - MY WORDS WILL NEVER FAIL - So so many devotee have had visions of Swami and Swami is DECALRING - I AM COMING VERY SOON and in Some visitations CONFIRMED HE is coming in SAME SATHYA SAI FORM......Sreejith's Golden Rays of Hope re-ignited the desperation of His departure - the confusion of what HE said would happen and what actually happened - THE WHOLE WILL COME TO ME - I WILL LIFE A RANGE OF MOUNTAINS BELEIVE ME - I WILL WALK ACORSS THE SKY - I WILL WALK INTO CHITRAVATI RIVER AT 96 YEARS (2022) - I WILL LIVE IN BODY BEYOND 2020 - THERE WILL BE WORLD PEACE BY 2019 - PREMA SAI WIL HAVE LITTLE TO DO --- and so the visions continue - the doubting Thomas's remain until HIS RETURN -then ALL RISHI was see HIM - many earth changes will occur but we pray THE RETURN BE NOW !!!! for ONLY HE CAN CONTROL THE FURY OF NATURE AND THE BRING THE LIGHT AND PEACE to MOTHER EARTH AND FINALLY FULL FORCE OF SATHYA YUGA REIGNS - FOR 1000 YEARS - JAI JAI SAI RAM

SaiVahni2014-09-23 00:23#
Thank you John I agree with what you've shared--what Swami has said must come to pass--beyond what any of us can imagine--& far more wondrous. Jai Sai Ram
SaiVahni2014-09-23 00:25#
Yes yes yes Sai Dav it shall be thus & so!!
soni seal
soni seal2014-09-22 06:11#
Beautiful , profound words and analysis... _/\_ Sai Ram !
juan2014-09-23 05:07#
Om Sri Sai Ram Bhagawan...!!!
Milind2019-07-07 19:07#
Sai Ram! Now it is July 2019, I have read before Sreejith's book may be in 2014/15. Now I suppose Prema Sai is already born. What you all have to say, about second coming of Sai...
KARTHIKEYAN2019-08-01 14:26#
Brother sreejith has made his best of his attempts about analysis of baba's return time. when it has not occurred on that date, it is not any mistake of brother Sreejith. Even it has not occurred on that date, with all the visions of sktcians, it is sure that it will occur on some other date.Let us wait.
Yaani Drucker
Yaani Drucker2019-08-07 22:42#
When will our dear Lord come? Yes, some think we are fools to continue to believe it will really happen. It will, in the perfect time, not a moment sooner, not a moment later. Some of us have infinite patience and deep trust that what Baba Wills Must to pass - in His time, not ours. Is Prema Sai already here? Yes, I believe He has been born. Will their mission overlap? No, Baba's mission is complete only after 96 years, it means not before Nov. 23, 2022. Only after that will Prema Sai take the baton and finish the 3rd leg of the mission of transformation of whole world from Kali Yug to Sat Yug. This mission is unprecedented. When previous avatars arrived the world was transitioning further and further into darkness, one yuga after another. Now in the span of 3 incarnations it will take a quantum leap from the darkest yug to the most holy. Can we not be patient a little longer for this most blessed transformation on our beloved planet. Let us continue to focus on the transformation of our hearts, as though Baba's Plan depends on it - it does! Baba needs us to do our part in order than He do His. "I transform the world through the transformation of your heart." Loving Sai Ram
Meera2019-08-16 07:25#
Thank you for your uplifting words sister Yaani. Our dear Lord always loved surprises. Sai Ram

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