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Sai Thy Kingdom Come...the line which subsequently follows this significant prayer statement is - Thy Will be done. Beloved Bhagawans Will is Supreme. His Kingdom will come as and when He Wills it so! For our part, we need to exercise patience and await the unfolding of events, so extraordinaire, that generations hence for eons to come will speak of it in absolute awe.

The power-packed pages of this compilation opens in such a gripping manner, that one is compelled to read on, savoring each nuance that chooses to make an appearance therein. The author quite emphatically states, that this book does not attempt to predict what is going to happen, it advertently takes the shape of an academic research. It is indeed a thorough chronology of Bhagawans declarations, synchronizing with His advent, going on to encompass many decades. And naturally His affirmations, being the words of Truth - enhances solace and refuels hope. The section of texts, scrupulously reproduced from age-old Nadi scriptures, documented personally by ancient seers and sages, are a wondrous revelation. Though, there is nothing more enlightening that can be said, yet the topic is such that feelings gush forth, seeking expression. 

Can one ever forget 24th April 2011? For almost a month Bhagawan had chosen to "confine" Himself within the Temple of Healing that He had personally founded - the SSSIHMS at Prasanthigram. With bated breath, tears of anguish, passionate appeals and fervent prayers, devotees the world over united to beseech their Beloved One to heal Himself, to return to Yajur, to resume Darshans. But, Bhagawan had His own plans and it had to unfold as per His Will. His ways are known only to Him - unfathomable and infinite, beyond the human mind that is frail, frivolous and finite. It is not within the purview of our limited intelligence and colored vision, to decipher and comprehend what He chooses to take upon Himself, selflessly and unconditionally for the purpose of Individual as well as Cosmic benefit. His departure from physical devastated devotees across the globe, wrecking the psyche, flooding it with turmoil.  How can this be true? How can He leave like this? Surely this is a nasty nightmare? Snatched away from life was its melody, with one stroke the rhythm had bid adieu. The mind was swathed with questions, the shattered heart buried in agony, overwhelmed by a tsunami of grief and the soul appeared flightless in a deep void. 

The intellect knows whatever takes a form has to merge back into formlessness. Once born into the material realm, the soul has to depart from it too, but something seemed amiss here. A feeling kept gathering momentum  there is more to come. The era of Sathya Sai certainly has much more in store. His entrance was so spectacular, so unique. His exit, when the time does come, will be equally so, for He is the source of all Avatars. This is an interval, a Divine Intermission. This hiatus, this pause is a time to intensify our efforts and spiritual practices. It is an interlude for in-depth individual and collective sadhana (spiritual endeavor) to complete our homework, to work upon ourselves in order to graduate. So also, this is the phase, to ruminate, to pledge, to rededicate, to affirm and reaffirm our willingness to serve Him in all of creation. And, with the intensity of collective thought process, gather a "Critical Mass" seeking the cherished return of Beloved Bhagawan.

Since nothing happens without the Will of the Lord, this manuscript - Sai Thy Kingdom Come, this colossal outpour from the authors heart, mind and soul, has been so inspired by Divine Design.  Such expansive research into Beloved Bhagawans words is a feat that has been accomplished only through His Grace alone! And the time too, has been selected by Bhagawan, the Master Planner, to herald in that Critical Mass, through "Sai Thy Kingdom Come". What was earlier spoken about in hushed whispers, not meant for everyones ears; the hopes, visions and dreams, the longing and the yearning, the firm faith and the total conviction, has come into the open. And to "Sai Thy Kingdom Come" accrues the blessed credit of such an occurrence. Sreejith, has with supreme dedication carried out a meticulous research. Every word, each line, all the pages appear so fluid, riveting ones attention completely. Its all about His word, the message in each word, the truth laden in each word, the word of Truth, of Sathya&the Sathya of Sai!

Just how this Divine Drama unfolds is entirely up to Him.  Yet, our intention, our belief, our conviction, our dedication, our faith and devotion is within our grasp.  We each have our own Universe and what we draw into that Universe is up to us. There is no such thing as impossible for our Lord, Whose Will defies all things finite, it is His script after all! Even as we await and wait, let us refrain from debate; silently reflect, ponder and deliberate, upon Him and His words. Let us come together, form a link, suffuse it with clear intent and pure love, allow compassion to reign supreme and pray for the unfolding of that event which will benefit the cosmos through an age golden and true. This book wonderfully assimilates and assembles Bhagawans proclamations from innumerable texts under "one roof", so to say, for easy reference. 

While perusing through, one will appreciate how often Bhagawan has avowed that His words will never fail; what He has planned must succeed; His activities and movements can never be altered; He will never deviate from His word; though owing to compulsion of circumstances some changes may take place, but they are not permanent and will not change His course; that the golden age will recur in the era of Sathya Sai and will be heralded by a new coming; a day of awakening, a revelation of the true power of God.

Let us plead and implore Beloved Sai to will His Kingdom to come through soon. Let us entreat Him to make us worthy and deserving. 

Boundless though is He,
Bound to His word is He,
Bound by His devotees,
Bound to return soon is He,
Thereby ending this Divine drama of Samadhi!

Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu.

[Sri Jullie Chaudhuri is a proficient writer of high credentials who has written and published numerous articles and poems about her beloved Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba. She was fortunate to come to the Sai fold at a very young age. For the past 10 years she has been serving as a writer and editor for Sri Sathya Sai Newsletter for Pune Youth Wing. She was blessed to dedicate a book of 85 poems titled Mother Sai at His Divine Lotus Feet in November 2010


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Om Jai Sai Ram

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