The Significance of Pradosham

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Swami may come on November 20th/23rd or December 4th-5th

Few months ago Swami, by His Grace, came in my dream (the dream was very clear) and talked to me in Tamil language. He told me a very important thing:

Swamis words to me in my dream were:

“You come to Puttaparthi (for seeing His Resurrection Darshan) on the Pradhosham day which comes in the month of Karthigai.”

Now, I interpret my dream as follows:

(Please note for reference, Swami was born in the holy Tamil month - Karthigai 8 (November 23rd))

1) Karthigai, the holy Tamil month comes during November-December. In this holy month, big deepam (lamp) is lit in the holy Arunachala hills in Tiruvannamalai.

2) Swami said to me "Come in Karthigai month in the day of Pradosham". Pradosham is a holy day for Lord Shiva when many people in Tamilnadu perform fasting. However, it is interesting to note that the Pradosham day comes twice in the month of Karthigai (Nov-Dec).

November 20th - Karthigai month - 1st Pradosham

December 4th - Karthigai month - 2nd Pradosham

3) However I feel Swami asked me to come in the First Pradosham which falls on November 20th. And I also feel that Swami may appear on November 23rd which is His Birthday. How did I arrive at this date? I interpreted my dream along with Sri Vasantha Sai's vision and the Nadi readings.

Sri Vasantha Sai's Vision:

On 15th October, 2013, Yamadharma Raja told Sree Vasantha Amma during her morning meditation, this - "An Event will happen on the 20th and all the people in the world will know. Swami will come on the 23rd (3 days later)". He did not mention which 23rd.

My interpretation of Sri Vasantha Sai's Vision

In my dream He said that I should come on Pradosham day. From the above vision of Sri Vasantha Sai, we can infer that something will happen on a 20th which I interpret as the 20th of November (Karthigai month 1st Pradosham). Then after three days Swami will come on November 23rd which is His birthday!

Interpretation of my dream with respect to the Sacred Nadi Readings

We can see in many Nadi readings it has been said that Swami would come in the month of November.

Raja Rishi Vishwamitra Nadi

“On the day of the Rohini star, the day of Krishna's birth (In 2014, this day falls on August 17th), He will unite with that body.  Within three months, (which would mean that Swami shall come in November) He will show a vision of Himself.”

Kagabhujandar Nadi

“Then Swami will come in His form in Andhra Pradesh in Prashanthi Nilayam in the same month of His birth...”. (again points to November)

Possibilities concerning the Second Pradosham (December 4th or 5th) 

December 4th is the second Pradosham in the month of Karthigai and the corresponding Tamil date is Thursday Karthigai 18th. The next day, that is December 5th, Friday, is the date of Karthigai deepam in the holy hill of Arunachala in Tamil Nadu. Now we shall compare this date (December 5) with Sri Vasantha Sai's Nadi readings that supports December 5th for Swami's Reappearance.

1) The full moon or Purnima starts on Friday December 5th, evening 6:30 PM and lasts up to Saturday December 6th, 6:08 PM. There are many points in the Nadi readings that support full moon day as Swami's reappearance.

In Sri Vasantha Sai's Nadi readings, Swami Himself had circled the following Nadi lines - “"Within Margashira Shuddha Purnima, The lady's (earth) burden will be finished".  Margashira Suddha Purnima means full moon which exactly comes in Tamil Karthigai month of date December 5th, 2014. (If we consider this possibility, I would like to assume that Swami may have asked me to come on December 4th, just one day before!).

Please note:

"As per ancient traditional Tamil calendar, a fresh day begins on morning Sunrise and it ends only with the next day Sunrise! (However, according to the English calendar, the new day begins after midnight). So even if Swami comes after midnight on December 5th, until the Sunrise on December 6th Saturday, it would be still considered as Friday.

2) Agasthya Nadi:

"After Saturn enters Libra on the day of full moon the Lord will give him vision of Himself in His present form",  (Note - December 5th is a full moon day as well as in the Karthigai month).

3) Many of us know that to some devotees, Swami had said in the dream that He will come on a Friday. (For example - dream of Latha Sairam's son)

4) There is a significance to this date December 5th, Friday, in Islam belief. The Prophet (PBUH) said, "The best day on which Sun rise is Friday. On it Adam was created and the last hour will take place on no other day than Friday." (Courtesy Latha Sairam, thank you!)


The possible dates of Swami's Reappearance according to what Swami said to me in the dream are November 20th/23rd or December 4th-5th.

Sathya Sai Loves All! 

Jai Sai Ram!

Posted by : Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma


KARTHIKEYAN2014-09-16 12:33#
Sairam Dear Sreejith,

Thanks For the Great work done (New Format of Sai kingdom Website). The New Website is very beautiful. Different Sections in the website Helps the devotees to select easily what they like to read. Well planned Website! And thanks to Aanchal Sai Sharma for placing picturesque Pictures of Swami in Every Blog and section of the Sai Kingdom Website. Thanks to the team for their magnanimous effort taken for bringing this New Sai Kingdom WebSite to blossom.

Sreejith Narayan STKC
Sreejith Narayan STKC2014-09-16 14:18#
Thank you dear Karthikeyan. Happy to know you liked the new site.

Thank you for this wonderful post as well.
Sai Dav
Sai Dav2014-11-07 21:04#

Swami too mentioned a FIRDAY to me in a dream on 15/04/2014


The Friday SWAMI is referring to I feel is a Friday He saw...hence "this Friday" is that Friday He saw

Lets Hope and PRAY for a RESURRECTION sooner than later


Sai Dav
Carol Cameron Ramirez
Carol Cameron Ramirez2014-10-13 22:46#
Looking for Swamiji always
he can appear in a trice
be always ready and exemplify his gracious teachings
Carol Cameron Ramirez
Carol Cameron Ramirez2014-10-13 22:48#
Swamiji can appear in a trice.
be always ready and exemplify his teachings

thank you for sharing these dreams with us
ramesh2014-10-14 06:26#
thanks sreejith for posting this but I need a little clarification. In his statement Bro. Karthikeyan has put the resurrection bit in brackets. Was that a part of baba's statement in his dream or did Baba just ask him to come to parthi on the said date. I mean what were Baba's exact words:

“You come to Puttaparthi (for seeing His Resurrection Darshan) on the Pradhosham day which comes in the month of Karthigai.”
PS: the new website is wonderful.
KARTHIKEYAN2014-10-14 16:38#
Sairam Brother Ramesh,

You have asked a good question. I appreciate your thoughts.

The Dream Came to me in Febraury 2014. Swami was around 60 years old. More detailly I can say about this dream.

“When Swami came in my dream, I was seeing him face to face and Heart to heart with Swami”

Swami was giving me a clear instruction in Loud Voice. It was really as if I was talking live. Coming to your point, You have asked Whether the following words said in the bracket was said by Swami or not.

(for seeing His Resurrection Darshan)

The above word in Brackets was my original feeling in my dream. That’s why I put in bracket. Though, that word “said in brackets” was not told by Swami, even in my dream I was carefully watching Swamis Face expecting in my heart,that he gives a resurrection date. What I was expecting in my heart (in my dream about resurrection date) Swami Gave me reply exactly for my expectation. I can say 100 % that I did not frame that word (Resurrection Darshan) after I wake up from the Sleep. The “ Resurrection Darshan Date” was in my heart even in the dream itself. That’s why I confidentally write Resurrection darshan within Brackets.

Then As a reply, I said to Swami in my dream,

“ Yes ! I will come for your Resurrection Darshan ”

Since it was my True Feeling in my dream I put that word Resurrection Darshan in Brackets. I do not have even 1 % doubt in that. This is a “Resurrection date dream” I say with confidence.

But the Other words which Swami said “ You come to Puttaparthi on the Pradhosham day which comes in the month of Karthigai ”are the Swamis Actual Words.

After I wake up from the dream I was happy that Swami had give me “date for Resurrection”. However I have to give a clear and correct interpretation to Devotees. so I Carefully collected further evidences from Sri Vasantha Sais Nadi readings and traditional Calender , that took few months to post in this Divine Website. Sairam

Sathya Sai Loves All

Sai Ram
Sai Ram2014-10-19 08:52#
Karthika Poornima is 6th November according to Telugu calender and 6th December according to Tamil Calender
Ramesh2014-10-15 06:07#
Sai Ram Bro. KARTHIKEYAN, my heartfelt thanks for your very loving explanation. Interpreting dreams (especially Baba's) can be very tricky and one has to be cautious. But as you have described, it was a very vivid experience; you must have been thinking very intensely about Baba and He responded. You are fortunate. As for the rest, let us wait & hope (and pray). My loving Regards - ramesh
SAMY2014-10-16 17:49#
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-10-29 04:20#
Very beautiful. Thank you.
Karthik R
Karthik R2014-12-01 08:44#
sairam brther karthikeyan,

I want to convey an important message to you that i got yesterday.

I was wondering about your pradosham dream and comparing that with vasantha sai's vision of yamadharmaraja.

Based on both of them you concluded swami to be reappearing either on nov 20th and 23rd or dec 5th and dec 8th.

Yesterday when i was wondering about this controversy that nov 20th and 23rd has already passed away and dec 5th and dec 8th are yet to come,I was asking to myself if swami still comes on dec5th or 8th then vasantha sai's vision of an event happening on 20th and 23rd would get contradicted.

I was wondering if swamis visions are true then it should be uniformly true.

Just at that moment, from nowhere i got a message or thought (I myself dont know from where it came in my mind and what is it to be called like) which stated that the dates 20th and 23rd mentioned to vasantha sai are tamil dates and not english date.

I dont have much idea about tamil dates and i seriously dont know how did it flash at that very second.

I guessed it could be swami who hinted me but i still didnt know whether it is really swamis message or just my random thought.

Such a thing has never happened before. I immediately ran to my grandpa and asked him to check and let me know which english dates are equivalent to 20th and 23rd of tamil dates .

And there came a shock when he checked the tamil panchang and informed me that 20th(tamil date) of karthikya month(equivalent to novemeber month as per english calendar) is equiavalent to 5th dec of english date and 23rd(tamil date) of karthikeya month is equiavalent to 8th december.

So vasnatha sai's vision and your dream tallies perfectly moreover 5th dec is a fri and swami himself had marked on vasantha sai's readings that before margashira shuddha pournima the lady's burden will get over. Margashira shuddha pournima falls on 6th dec .

And in one of the latest dreams of tejas viprani, swami says that he will have to come before the moon rises to its peak(FULL MOON OR POURNIMA) which too falls on 6th dec.

All prophecies gets verfied and i feel the way swami hinted me ,i am expecting swami to return on 5th dec.

Karthik R
Karthik R2014-12-01 12:20#
KARTHIKEYAN2014-12-04 10:08#

Sairam To all Devotees,

Today is December 4 – Which is Second Pradosham day in the month of Karthigai. Based on my dream which I have explained in the Main essay, There is a great chance Swami May come between Dec 4 (Pradosham day) – Dec 6. Devotees must note that as per traditional calender, until the Sunrise on December 6 , it should be considered as Friday. The full moon or Purnima starts on Friday December 5th, evening 6:30 PM and lasts up to Saturday December 6th,6:08PM. For more details please study in the above main essay, regarding date corresponding to Second Pradosham.(I got this dream in Feb 2014).

Another important point I was about to write here.But Our Sai Brother “Karthik R” has posted just before my comment what I like to say. (Thankyou Karthick R). surprisingly he had put the same comment, which I was also thinking in my heart! Devotees kindly study the previous comments of our Sai Brother,KarthikR, Which is also an essential evidence that baba may come on Dec 4- Dec 6.

Sathya Sai Loves All

darshnie2014-12-04 18:22#
Aum Sai Ram
My dream was about December 13th.
Jai Sai Ram.
KARTHIKEYAN2014-12-06 09:20#
Today is Date 20 In the Holy Tamil Month Of Karthigai,And also a Fullmoon Day. Hope Some Good Things might Happen!

Reinhard Geith
Reinhard Geith2014-12-07 15:33#
There was a fellow, (good fellow) who suggested a tuesday for the reappearance, that could be 23rd of Karthigai, our latest interpretation of 20th / 23rd.
as reference used:

Then "before full moon" would disprove to be valid for this occasion.
KARTHIKEYAN2014-12-08 13:15#
Dream To Sister Sophia Sai on 6th December 2014


I saw Swami in a gigantic form reaching beyond the skies. There, I saw him write with his right index finger many calculations, with the sky as the board and divine light emanating as strings from his finger forming the letters and numbers. Now writing a particular ratio, he was declaring that the expected ratio of Evil to be eliminated and Good to be retained has finally arrived. While speaking thus , he also proclaimed resonantly that NOW MOTHER MAHA KALI KALKI WOULD DESCEND ( since childhood I was also blessed with darshan of MOTHER MAHA KALI ALONG WITH SRI RAMA KRISHNA PARAMAHAMSA)There I saw a very very gigantic Maha Kali appearing in the sky, as if she was rising from below. When she raised completely, the earth looked like a tiny ball in front of her. I saw that, she was about to embrace the earth fiercely. There I saw the whole sky flickering with multiple colours and rumbling with thunderous lightenings. Suddenly, the whole atmosphere changed and the earth was glowing very positively . Maha kali kalki turned into goddess Gayatri(Maha Durga) who was emanating infinite radiance. She has big red Bindi on her forehead. From her forehead, I saw the whole manifestation emerging out and then merging back into it again.
Later I found myself in Himalayas, where I saw my Guru, Trayee baba, in deep meditation. As I reached there, he opened his eyes and blissfully smiled at me and said, “I know that your are waiting to know the date of Swami’s return. Here he gave the date and he is about to return any time. All the seers and sages are going to Parthi to meet swami. Beta! Will you join me?” Suddenly my guru changed in to Swami. He hugged me and said, “look I am coming back, I kept up my promise, are you ready to join me on the way to parthi?” Instantly I started crying with great ecstasy and said loudly ‘YES’. Then swami said, “don’t cry, I will be with you all for nine more years”, saying thus he showed me his right palm, in which it is written as, “up to 2023”.
Later I followed him up to Parthi, where he climbed up the hill. There I literally saw, Swami’s body transforming into a younger looking radiant body, emanating light from every nerve and cell. An old man walked up to him with a new robe in a golden plate. As Swami, wore the robe, I saw hordes of people rushing towards the top of the hill from below, to reach and have swami’s darshan.
In the next instance, I saw a Divine Mother dressed in a red robe like swami’s, standing alone in a vast expanse of land, gazing at the sky and moon. That was a full moon day with complete lunar eclipse. She stood there, until the occultation finished and the moon was restored to its original lustre. Then a brilliant radiance started emanating from her, spreading all through the globe. Suddenly many women surrounded her appearing from nowhere and started to call her together, “MOTHER, WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU, FROM A VERY LONG TIME.” In the next instance, women around the world started celebrating her arrival, in various creative ways with fruits, rangoli, vegetables, sweets, beautiful floral decoration etc. I had never seen such beautiful decoration anywhere before. I could see only women and women everywhere in very high spirits of joy, that too under the moon light and the mid hours of night moving fearlessly and freely.
The next moment I saw, Swami looking very young with divine effulgence and with Divine Mother (she was dressed in red coloured robe just as swami’s) seated on thrones, in a very huge closed auditorium. There, international and national media and press people were seated in rows, in front of them. As soon as Swami waved his hand as a gesture to start with, a man who looked like a Japanese ( may be from any one of the eastern countries), stood up and asked Swami, that are you the same Satya Sai Baba, who left the body in the year 2011? How can you prove it, that you are the same, as you are looking very young now?
For that, swami said, “GOD IS BEYOND TIME, SPACE AND CAUSATION. GOD IS ALL KNOWLEDGE, ALL POWER, ALL PERVADING. I BEING GOD, CAN DO ANYTHING TO UPLIFT THE HUMANITY AND TO RESTORE THE RIGHTEOUSNESS. I CAN DISAPPEAR AND REAPPEAR AS MANY TIMES AS I WANT AT MY WILL, IN WHICH EVER THE FORM I WANT. AS WHAT I WILL SHALL HAPPEN”. The whole auditorium, echoed with applause and amazement. During that time, that little divine lad from back stage, came out and ran up to swami and sat on the left side of his lap.Here ended my vision.
KARTHIKEYAN2014-12-09 14:48#
Today (Dec 9) is Date 23 in the month of Kaarthigai (Based on Traditional Tamil Calender)
S.NAGARAJAN2015-01-05 07:34#
Sairam! It may be true that Swami entered on earth but visible only to a select few and not to all at a time. As the bud slowly starts opening its petals, It is slow rising of the Sun on the horizon. Let all of us wait since Swami also want to wait until many ascends his bandwagon! Om Sri Sai Ram.
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2018-10-26 06:13#
23rd November 2018 is a FRIDAY and a Full Moon Day & also Karthika Deepam Day!!!
2018 Karthika month Pradosham falls on 20th November, TUESDAY!!
Brother Donald Lenort had a dream in which the NBC television station was running promos for a 60 minutes-type show to air on TUESDAY night all about Sai Baba. The headline was: 'Sai Baba – has He returned?'.
Swami told Sai Rupesh twice in his dreams that HE will come on a FRIDAY!
Let's be ready to celebrate Swami's Birthday on 23rd November 2018 in HIS PHYSICAL PRESENCE!

Jai Sairam!
KARTHIKEYAN2018-11-02 17:00#
Dear Sister Latha Sairam,

Your analysis of various dreams which you have published in visitor posts in sktc facebook page really gives me immense joy, which gives positive possibilities of Baba's reappearance on November 20 or 23. Thank you for your wonderful analysis.Eagerly awaiting his reappearance on his birthday
KARTHIKEYAN2018-11-20 15:13#
Nov 20, an expected date ! Did any one has a dream vision today?
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2018-12-03 07:58#
Sairam Brother Karthikeyan, On 28th November'18 I woke up with a very short but very very sweet dream of Swami ( not related to His reappearance.. sharing Swami's love with STKCians. )

Swami and I were in a park(sitting on a bench made of stone). Swami was young and was wearing a Crown of Flowers (Red and Pink Roses). He lovingly looked at me, smiled and gave me a Rose from the Flower Crown that He was wearing. His Heart was melting.. full of Love! (I felt so happy when Swami's fingers touched mine when He gave me that rose.) The dream ended

My interpretation: Swami is so happy with our(STKCians) unconditional love and the confidence that we have in Him. Like us, Swami is also eagerly waiting with lots of love to reappear and be with us once again. Jai Sairam!
KARTHIKEYAN2018-12-17 02:42#
Thank you Latha sister for sharing this beautiful vision. And liked your interpretation of this dream.
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2018-10-26 06:23#
The importance of Karthika Deepam Day is given in 'Agasthiya Maha Shiva Nadi' @Sacred Nadi Readings by Sri Vasantha Sai (pg: 1 to 4)

*On Karthika deepam day, Vasantha Sai Amma will arrive at the house of Swami.
*The lamp lit on this day will last as long as earth exists.
*People will accept Her on the day of Karthika deepam
*Karthika deepam will be the day on which they will unite...

Jai Sairam!!
Shilpa Sundhar
Shilpa Sundhar2019-02-20 17:42#
I personally believe that there is nothing without SAI. One can check the current Pradosham year here.
Sai Satyajit Sarangi
Sai Satyajit Sarangi2019-03-22 11:33#
Sai Ram. When will Swami come?? Are you all doing a prank?? 2014. Then 15. Then 18. What is this?? WHEN WILL SWAMI RETURN?? WILL HE EVEN RETURN AS YOU SAID OR NOT?? I am a person who believes Swami has never left us. If you say the return means into the physical body, where is it?? Why do you guys torture us in this turmoil?? Please reply. Sai Ram.
KARTHIKEYAN2019-04-06 09:11#
Sairam Sai Satyajit Sarangi, Swami will come when He will come. You have to be patient until then. Yes 2014, 2015, 2018 sktcians are waiting patiently. If someone cant wait, only they are to be blamed. No one is torturing anyone other than their own impatience and unfaith. The different dates mentioned by different members of sktc is only a expected date or an analysis of Swamis return, but no one predicts exact date. you have to wait patiently. if some one expects a date, based on some facts, and Swami does not come on that year or date, no one is to blame, because expectation is normal human tendency. Every sktcians are beleiving in full faith Swami will reappear one day. And hence they, out of interest they expect a year or date based on some facts. If anyone feels the devotees expectations as pranks, no one is forcing anyone to read these posts. You ask the question where is Swamis physical body. Swami only knows.This question we should be asking Swami!
Akshitha2019-04-18 04:17#
Our loving lord shall return folks, indeed have Shraddha & Saburi ! 1/2/3 shared a dream on HIS return v can still dismiss it may or may not be true however, it cannot be the case that SO many of us WORLD over are blessed with dreams and vision on the similar topic and it not becoming true in the near future. Initially I felt restless too when is it was my constant Q, but as days pass I find myself more at peace, in prayer, working at becoming a better person everyday and not worried about HIS timing.
My Q to myself was : When HE returns would I be worthy of HIS presence, His sparsha, sambhashana and that LOVE!
God bless All

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